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The Young Concubine

(RTHK series The Heritage)





廿世紀二十年代的新界鄉村, 封建大家庭的大老爺納了個如花貌美的少妄卻不加愛護, 把她當作近身婢女看待, 加之正室是善妒的女人, 對妄侍諸般刻薄。從省城(廣州)回來的少爺(張國榮)與少妄一見投契 憐愛有加, 兩人之間產生了微妙卻純真的感情, 卻不容於周圍壓抑保守的環境。兩人有意離開腐朽的家庭, 到外面重新生活, 卻被鄉民誣告通姦。券妄首當其衝, 被家法審判, 難脫按傳統惡例把女方浸豬籠” (綑綁放置竹製豬籠內, 掉入河中活活浸死)的厄運。最後, 少爺憤而出走。


The Young Concubine has deservedly won much praise wherever it has been shown.  It stars Leslie Cheung as a young progressive student in the year 1920 who returns to his home village and becomes embroiled in a hot love affair with his father’s concubine.  Cheung at first becomes friendly with the young woman due to his sympathy for the downtrodden – a mark of his progressive sensibilities: the woman is treated more like a servant than a concubine by his father.  But Cheung secretly falls in love with the woman and when the villagers discover their relationship, a trial takes place, presided over by the father and other village elders.  The court sentences the woman to death by the traditional mode reserved for adulterous women: she is put inside a pig’s bamboo hutch and thrown into the river.  Outstanding period detail and locations make this a stunning entry in our retrospective.