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Late breaking news: Contour at the MeeGo Conference 2011
basysKom is gold sponsor of the MeeGo conference, may 23 - 25. 2011 in San Francisco and will be showing Contour as a showcase. Come and visit us at booth number 7 to see Contour running on MeeGo on a wetab.

Meego Conference 2011

Live demonstration of Contour by basysKom



Contour Open Source Project announced - a new and innovative usage paradigm for digital devices

April 11th 2011 – basysKom announces Contour, a new usage paradigm for digital devices based on adaptive activities and recommendations.

Contour will contribute a new usage paradigm using adaptive activities and intelligent recommendations. The aim is to create a context-sensitive user interface that adapts to current context, current activities and behavioral patterns of the user. The overall goal is to create a data-centric user interface which is not concerned with applications but rather offers intelligently combined data through a context-sensitive recommendation manager.

Contour is part of Plasma Active, the new user experience for all kind of devices like Tablets, Smartphones, in-car or Set Top Boxes. Plasma Active uses existing free desktop technology and brings it to a spectrum of devices through a desirable and innovative user interface.

Todays application-centric approach

Smartphones, tablets or PCs in general handle a huge amount of data like phone call logs, contact data, videos, photos, and much more. The classic approach on mobile systems is based on the idea that the user first chooses the application to reach his goal. He has to search for data and sort the information himself. This creates a very static and application-centric user-experience.

Vision: Activities and Recommendations

Contour sets out to break with this tradition and to combine the available data with personal usage patterns and context information. The Contour project aims to provide different entry points for different situations and contexts, called activities. In a work environment for example users have different preferences than they have on the train or at the opera. So the activities can contain different resources like files, contacts, applications, information etc.
The system provides smart recommendations based on the current context like the current geo location, time but also the current activity, active files and applications or recent action history. So the provided resources depend not only on the context, but also on the previous behavior of the user. The system tries to learn those patterns and adjust them to the users' needs in every situation.
Read more about the vision of Contour in our KDE Wiki page at


Screenshots of current UI


Activity Browser

activity with a slideIn

Select activity with slideIn

activity screen

Activity Screen


Recommendations Overlay


To see the first prototype in QML up and running, watch our youtube video:


Contour is Open Source

The Contour project is part of the Plasma Active Project in KDE. With Plasma Active the KDE community creates a desirable user experience encompassing a spectrum of devices. basysKom wants to share our ideas, sources and development with the KDE community and develop it as an integral part of KDE. Read more information about the Contour project in our Contour Wiki.

Contour to be available on real world platforms

It is the goal to make Contour available and test on real world platforms. In order to receive valuable user feedback basysKom and open-slx cooperate on providing packages to go. Initial target platforms are MeeGo and the Balsam Professional live image.

Join Contour

Visit our Contour wiki at KDE:
The Plasma Active (and Contour) Team:
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IRC: #active groups: contour


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