DIR 2011 will be held on February 4, 2011 in Amsterdam

The primary aim of the Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval (DIR) workshop is to provide an international meeting place where researchers from the domain of information retrieval and related disciplines can exchange information and present innovative research developments. DIR 2011 will put special emphasis on interaction - by focusing on poster presentations and creating space and time to meet and discuss new ideas.


  • Forensic Search
  • Privacy aspects of IR
  • Retrieval models, language models
  • Natural language processing for IR, text summarization
  • Information extraction, question answering
  • Machine Learning for IR
  • Query processing, thesaurus construction, user models
  • Multimedia IR, video retrieval, audio and music retrieval, cross-media retrieval
  • Multilingual and cross-lingual retrieval
  • Structured document retrieval, XML-IR
  • Image processing for IR, audio processing for IR
  • Processing and search of e-mail, spam, blogs
  • Categorization, topic tracking and event detection
  • Web IR, distributed IR, enterprise search, search of digital libraries, intranet search, desktop search
  • Collaborative filtering, recommender systems
  • Efficiency and performance
  • IR evaluation

Important Dates

26 Nov 2010 (extended) Short papers and compressed submissions due
16 Dec 2010 (extended) Demo papers due
20 Dec 2010 Notification of acceptance
4 Feb 2011 DIR 2011

For further questions about DIR 2011 email dir2011 (at) list.uva.nl.


DIR 2011 is over, and we thank everyone who helped making it a success!

The proceedings of DIR 2011 are available for download: proceedings