**** The Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton, London, N1 Until 3 May

Pink Paper Magazine
7 May 2009
The Courtyard's intimate setting lands you slam bang in the middle of a living room in small-town Derbyshire, where prim matriarch Millicent (Kath Perry) is preparing for her son's wedding. Little does she know that her brassy trollop of a sister, Lydia (Helen Worsley) is about to arrive with her flaming son, Justin (Dan Tawse) in tow. Worse still, it turns out Millicent's buttoned-down offspring, Sam (Harry McQueen) still has the hots for his cousin after a childhood fling, and with three days to go to 'til the wedding, there's precious little time to work out on which side he'd like to have his Hovis buttered.

Jason Charles' new play, which follows his well-received Rupture and Counterfeit Skin, is a sharp, snappy observation on family dysfunction, and as the two pairs of mothers and sons confront each other and themselves, the will-he, won't-he coming out drama is played out against frequently cringing laughs and wincing one-liners.

The players manage to keep their characters the right side of larger-than-life, and Tawse and Worsley make a formidable double-act.

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