Celine Dion – Taking Chances World Tour


Pink Paper Magazine
30 April 2010
There are certain schools of thought that would have you believe Miss Dion is, for want of a better word, un-cool. Fair enough she doesn’t appear in the headlines all that often and she’s never been one to seek out the spotlight like some fame hungry, product endorsing, talent show try-hard, but what does remain undeniable is that the woman can sing. And being as how she’s a singer, that’s what matters, right?
Saying that, she’s clearly accrued enough of a fan-base to have recently embarked upon a worldwide tour, playing to an excess of three million avid supporters. And judging by the overwhelming cheers that punctuate every other verse on her newly released live recording, they all seem pretty happy.
So they should: Taking Chances is Celine at her most dynamic. She effortlessly blends together medleys of material spanning the best part of two decades and even indulges in a few inspired cover versions that you’d never see coming. It’s also easy to hear just how much energy is channelled into each and every song - you certainly won’t find any filler tracks on this album.
Alright, she probably won’t be headlining G-A-Y anytime soon, but if you like your music to have a little bit more depth than simply thumping out the same old club beats time and time again then it’s well worth a listen.
And did we mention it comes with a DVD of the tour? Well it does, and she looks great. The woman’s a star. End of.

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