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Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via OpenGL, and 2D video framebuffer...


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"It was really easy to approach and because of that the WebOS port of our engine took literally only hours to do, great work!"

- Miika Virtanen, Technical Director of Angry Birds


"On every game I work on, SDL is the first tool I reach for. It's saved my butt on everything from triple-A titles that sell millions of copies to fun little indie experiments. It makes hard things easy, it takes care of all sorts of operating system gotchas automatically, and it Just Works on every platform I care about."

- Ryan Gordon


"SDL requires nearly no extra code for supporting 3 platforms, it's awesome!"

- Robin van Ee


"SDL is a mature, cross-platform, simple to use and very powerful API that continues to grow all the time. It is also easy to set up and get started with. Should you however, encounter a problem at any time, SDL has a big fanbase and community ready to help you. Due to its popularity, a lot of interesting projects, source code and tutorials are available online for you to explore and learn from. In addition, several excellent addon libraries extend SDL's functionality even further. All in all, this is a great API that I can only recommend to others."

- NordCoder


"LGP has found things like the window handling and event handling from SDL to be way ahead of that offered by any other package. We always have, and I thoroughly expect always will, use SDL as a core component for every commercial game we produce."

- Michael Simms, CEO - Linux Game Publishing LTD


"Tux Math/Tux Typing/Tux Paint wouldn't exist without SDL. We've provided these free cross-platform educational programs to kids around the world for over a decade now. I can't even hazard a guess how many kids have used our software."

- David Bruce


"SDL allowed me to quickly make my 3D engine cross-platform between OS X, Windows, and Linux, and saved me a lot of time by taking low level screen switching, input, and sounds processing off my hands which allowed me to concentrate on the higher level code."

- Brian Barnes


"I've done some measurements and found the time invested in the native SDL 1.3 implementation was well spent. I measured the time required to complete one cycle (game logic + rendering). On my desktop it takes roughly 16ms per frame with SDL 1.2. With 1.3 and the OpenGL renderer that's down to 0.9ms!"

- Kai Sterker


"Recently I've needed to build a couple of small OpenGL prototype applications and using SDL has made doing this significantly easier. Without SDL I would have spent (wasted) much more time with platform specific details that aren't at the heart of what I'm trying to accomplish and I sincerely appreciate having such a great library to use."

- Harold Hausman