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We are film lovers: we work with moving images, sound and design. We apply cinema concepts to every single thing we create (whether it be advertising, communication, design, film or breakfast).

We believe in: People over money. Cinema over money. Doing better than saying.
Communication with our audience and clients as a “must do” among our “to do” list.

We like: risk and innovation in everything we do ("no play, no gain", we say).
Change (we love plan B). Culture (better if it’s free). Our team.


The Cosmonaut

Feature film

A SCI-FI feature film about a soviet cosmonaut lost in Space (and Earth), produced by lots of people (like you) starting from 2€. It's Creative Commons-licensed so that you can edit, copy remix and share it as you wish. Free.


Visit The Cosmonaut website

Cosmonauts -
The Concert Spots


Spanish filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo got all suit-up so we could film these spots to help us advertise the amazing music-festival we put together to raise money for the film The Cosmonaut.

View the second video


Advertisement, client: Filmin

The world moves forward, so do we. Filmin is one of the first bricks in the future of cinema and we helped them to tell you why in this two delicious spots and a comunication campaign.

Our grandmas were really proud of the results!


Advertisement, client: Minube

We can build a cardboard city... and make it real. How? We're no magicians but check out this video we made for


Advertisement, client: BeBanjo

Find out why Mr. Wadus sometimes gets a bit stressed out. Sequence is a brilliant tool to manage your media operations. We made a video where you can see why.


Advertisement, client: Unience

We love old as much as new. An 8-bit introduction to the latest social feature: Unience, the real investor's social network.

Poster Digital

Advertisement, client: Poster Digital

We took our clients from Poster Digital to an anti-stress weekend in a small town where they drove in wheat lands, played football, drank from the barrels and ate ribs like the world was ending. In the meantime, we shot a video for them.


Advertisement, client: Openfinance

5 hours shooting at zero degrees in an flat roof of Madrid... Totally worth the results! Here you have: our spot for Openworkplace.

Fair play & Dawn Raid

Advertisement, client: Linklaters

During a period of three days we invaded (not once, but twice) the headquarters of the international law firm Linklaters in Madrid with our 80 people crew. After all the chaos, when all the lawyers arrived at their desks the following Monday, it seemed as if nothing had ever happened. A few months later those two shortfilms were shown to them... That was Riot. First two national films about antitrust laws and inspections related to them.

Un buen chaparrón

Music video, client: Zipper-Cremallera

Do you hate winter? This is for you. A music video for the awesome Bubblegum-pop by Zipper-Cremallera. They are fun and we love them.

Las gentes de la sal

Client: Junta de Andalucía & Acuamed

A documentary. The salt mines in Cabo de Gata used to employ more than three hundred workers. Today, only three remain. What happened with all those workers that remained living in the town that the company provided for them to live?

El rapto de la mujer N°14


Love. Passion. Jealousy. Tango.



A young woman wakes up in a hotel room. She doesn't recognize the man beside her. Soon, they will find out all the secrets that hotel rooms hide: Empty spaces, when you are inside, nothing about your previous life matters.

Watch with English subtitles

En el viaje a Dios


A 40 year old writer and a teenager set out in a journey to find god, when in truth what they were looking for was each other..

Watch with English subtitles

Dream of a house


"Four weeks ago, my house came to life. My house doesn't like me..."

Cosmonauts Dossier

Transharmonic Nights &
The Cosmonaut dossiers

Print Design for Movies

We love design. These are some samples of our graphic work.

Download dossiers (ZIP, 73.7 MB)

The Collective

All the people behind Riot Cinema Collective

Nicolás Alcalá

Real workaholic, he once broke a record: 48 non-stop hours. He loves cinema so much he eats celluloid and projects it through his eyes. Ocasional bad poet, he deals with most of the management work and writes cool stuff for the screen with his odd visions (like cosmonauts burning in the edge of precipices). Oh, and by the way, he loves bitten apples.

Bruno Teixidor

Trapped since 1999 in all kinds of low-fi formats, he loves to shoot with Pixelvision, a small camera sold by Fisher Price in the 80's, targeted for kids aged between 8 and 16. Astonishing designer and story writer, his knowledge about the most bizarre and beautiful things is unlimited.

Carola Rodríguez

The production pillar of the team is, to put it bluntly, bipolar: During the day she's like a nazi officer's mum. She's organized, efficient and the best in her field. At night she's a complete party animal and beats all of us dancing 'till dawn. She has also the wonderful ability of making everybody smile (by hook or by crook)..


Awesome interaction design studio with an obsession for simplicity. They work for big boys like Google, but love small projects involving a challenge to make something beautiful. They collect Braun radios and dance to Bloody Beetroots every Friday. We work together - they even have a share of the riot.

Carla Jovine, Wendy Espinal & Miki Avila

Carla & Wendy are dominicans. They set-up a production team that is as good as hell and we love them. Miki started with us as an internship. But with such an excellent taste for pictures, music, cocktails and t-shirts we never let him go.

Jelly Reel

Rubén is a Stoner music fan, Larra loves the funk. They have ultrasonic powers, a cat and furry microphones. They´re our ears and both play awesome guitars.

We riot with all these cool people from time to time:

Pendiente de título · Eduardo Milewicz · Instituto de Promoción Turística de Castilla-La Mancha · Velasco Broca · Nacho Vigalondo · Juan Passás

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