Patrick Michaels CV Plain Text File-Climate Change Guide/Skeptics and Contrarians


Patrick J. Michaels  					
10 Hildebrand Church Road					
Waynesboro, Virginia 22980				
DOB: 2/15/50					      
Berwyn, Illinois

SSN: 347-42-5847					      


	A.B.  Biological Sciences, l971, University of Chicago
	S.M.  Biology, 1975, University of Chicago
	Ph.D. Special Graduate Committee on Ecological Climatology, 1979
		University of Wisconsin-Madison
		Dissertation: Atmospheric Anomalies and Crop Yields in
		North America


	Center for Climatic Research, University of Wisconsin, 1976-1979.
	Research  and Project Assistant;
	Department of Environmental Sciences
	University of Virginia
	Assistant Professor, l980-1986
	Associate Professor, 1986-1995
	Professor, 1996
	Virginia State Climatologist l980-present
	Senior Fellow in Environmental Studies, Cato Institute, 1992-Present
	Visiting Scientist, Marshall Institute, 1996-Present


	Sigma Xi, The Scientific Honor Society
	American Meteorological Society
		(Program Chair, Committee on Applied Climatology, 1988-9)
		(President, Central Virginia Chapter, 1986-87)
	American Association for the Advancement of Science
	American Association of State Climatologists
		(President, 1987-88; Executive Board, 1986-89)
      Association of American Geographers
	Who's Who Worldwide/Platinum 1992-present
	American Library Association: "Best Government Publications Worldwide" 
	award in 1994 for Virginia Climate Advisory
	Association of American Geographers, 2003, co-author of climate science
	"Paper of the Year".


	EVSC 100A/USEM 172: The Greenhouse Effect and Public Policy
	EVSC 451: Undergraduate Synoptic Analysis
	EVSC 447: Applied Climatology
	EVAT 794: Climate-Ecosystem Dynamics
	EVAT 796: Advanced Climatology

ACADEMIC COMMITTEE SERVICE (Completed or Current Major Professor Only)

	Paul J. Knappenberger, MS 1990
	David Stooksbury, PhD 1992
	Harry Lins, PhD 1992
	Peter Schwartzman, PhD 1997
      Steven Gawtry, PhD Program


	Senior Author unless otherwise noted

*Refereed Serial Publication, Book, or Book Chapter
**Conference Proceeding with Prescreened Review
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	Debates Canada [Ottawa] 12/02
	American Legislative Exchange Council [Denver] 1/03
      Southeastern Regional Climatologist Conference [Tallahassee] 1/03
      Virginia Tech, Virginia Forage and Grassland Council [Dublin VA] 2/03
	Maine Legislature [Augusta ME] 3/03
      Montana Legislature [Helena MT] 3/03
	Virginia Community College Science Teachers Association [Roanoke] 4/03
	George Mason University, Department of Envi. Sci. and Policy 4/03
	American Legislative Exchange Council Annual Energy Summit [Miami] 4/03
	Atmospheric Science Seminar, University of Virginia 5/03
	Millersville University (PA) 5/03
	U.S. House of Representatives, Capitol Hill Briefing 7/03
	American Legislative Exchange Council, Annual Meeting [Washington] 7/03
	American Association of State Climatologists [Portland OR] 8/03
	Virginia Christmas Tree Growers Association [Natural Bridge] 8/03
	Michigan Attorney General Staff [Lansing] 9/03
	University of Virginia College Republicans 9/03
	American Legislative Exchange Council [Boston] 9/03
	Virginia Tech, Commonwealth Governor's School [Orange] 10/03
	Virginia Tech, Department of Forestry Seminar 11/03
	German Academy of Engineering [Koln] 11/03
	Ball State University, Geography Week Keynote [11/03
	Virginia Coastal Commission [Williamsburg] 12/03
	Cato Institute [Washington DC] 12/03
	American Legislative Exchange Council [San Francisco] 1/04
	University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science 1/04
	Shenandoah Valley Regional Governor's School 2/04
	Connecticut Legislature [Hartford] 2/04
	Virginia State Feed Association [Charlottesville] 2/04
	Connecticut Legislature [Hartford] 3/04
	Staff Briefing, U.S. House of Representatives 3/04
	Randolph-Macon University [Ashland VA] 4/04
	Competitive Enterprise Institute [Washington DC] 6/04
	American Association of State Climatologists [Ithaca NY] 8/04
	Eris Society [Aspen CO] 8/04
	Virginia Manufacturers Association [Richmond] 12/04
	Cato Institute Book Forum [Washington DC] 12/04
	Virginia Corn Growers Association [New Kent VA] 1/05
	Virginia Dairymen's Association [Staunton] 1/05
	Duquesne University School of Law [Pittsburgh] 1/05
	American Legislative Exchange Council [Seattle] 2/05
	Western Reforestation Association [Coeur d' Alene ID] 2/05
	Cato Institute Club 200 [Grand Cayman] 2/05
	United Nations Association [Washington DC] 3/05
	James Madison University [Harrisonburg VA] 3/05
	National Generation and Transmission Managers [Pinehurst NC] 4/05
	Fundacion Rafael de Pino [Madrid] 5/05
	Oxford Union Debating Society [Oxford] 5/05
	HBSC Bank Leadership Forum [London] 6/05
	Virginia Forest Products Association [Hot Springs VA] 7/05
	Virginia Maryland Delaware Electric Cooperative Association [Norfolk] 7/05
	Tennessee Farm Bureau [Nashville] 8/05
	HSBC Bank Leadership Forum [London] 9/05
	Salisbury University, Distinguished Speaker Series [Salisbury MD] 10/05
	Bridgewater College, Distinguished Speaker Series 10/05
	Washington and Lee University, School of Law 10/05
	Virginia Governor's School for Arts and Sciences [Staunton] 11/05
	Western Business Roundtable [Carefree AZ] 11/0
	Virginia Tech, Program in Natural Resources [Alexandria VA] 2/06
	American University, Issues Forum [Washington] 2/06
	Marshall Institute Briefing, House of Representatives 2/06
	Piedmont Master Gardeners [Charlottesville] 3/06
	University of North Carolina College Republicans [Chapel Hill] 3/06
	North Carolina Climate Commission [Raleigh] 3/06
	John Locke Foundation [Raleigh] 3/06
	HSBC Bank Leadership Forum [London] 4/06
	JLT Insurance Institute [Lugano, Switzerland] 5/06
	Virginia Academy of Sciences Negus Lecture 5/06
	Albemarle County Farm Bureau 8/06
	Bavarian-American Exchange Program [Washington] 8/06
	Virginia Manufacturers Association [Richmond] 9/06
	Heritage Foundation [Washington 9/06]
	Cato Institute, Club 200 Seminar [Greenbrier WV] 9/06
	Heritage Foundation [Washington] 10/06
	Oberlin College General Lecture Series [Oberlin OH] 10/06
	Richmond Rotary 10/06
	North Carolina Forestry Association [Southern Pines NC] 10/06
	University of Georgia, Geography Department Seminar [Athens GA] 11/06
	Western Business Roundtable [Beaver Creek CO] 11/06
	Chesapeake Bay Foundation [Edgewater MD] 12/06


	*Top Ten Speaking Platforms in the U.S. (According to Fortune 250 CEOs)


The Advisory is a quarterly publication of the State Climatology Office,
targeted for Education, Governmental Agencies, and the educated layman.
Current circulation is approximately 4,000.In 1993, the Advisory was
selected by the American Library Association as one of the 60 "best
government information sources" in the world.

	1980. 4 (1) Degree-days and energy usage in Virginia.  27pp.
	l980. 4 (2) Modelling soybean/climate relationships.  24pp.
	l980. 4 (3) History of tropical cyclones in Virginia.  33pp.
	l981. 4 (4) History of drought in Virginia.  27pp.

	1981. 5 (1) Satellite climatology.  26pp.
	1981. 5 (2) Acid rainfall in Virginia. 26pp.
	1981. 5 (3) Winter severity over Virginia. 26pp.
	1982. 5 (4) Coastal cyclogenesis. 26pp.

	1982. 6 (1) History of tornadoes in Virginia.  26pp.
	l982. 6 (2) Lightning and damaging thunderstorms in Virginia.  26pp.
	l982. 6 (3) Thunderstorm patterns over Virginia.  26pp.

      l983. 6 (4) Virginia wind patterns.  26pp.

	l983. 7 (1) Virginia fog frequency and distribution.  26pp.
	l983. 7 (2) Origin and distribution of summertime haze over
	Virginia. 26pp.
	l983. 7 (3) Mountain temperature regimes.  26pp.
	l984. 7 (4) The Carbon Dioxide controversy. 26pp.

	1984. 8 (1) Precipitation and Elevation. 30pp.
	1984. 8 (2) Improvements for Virginia Thunderstorm Forecasts. 30pp.
	1984. 8 (3) Vineyard Microclimate. 30pp.
	l985. 8 (4) Objective Improvement of Local Temperature Forecasts. 30pp.

	1985. 9 (1) Radar Climatology of Piedmont Thunderstorms. 30pp.
	1985. 9 (2) Cumulus Clusters. 30pp.
	1985. 9 (3) Hurricane Gloria. 30pp.
	1986. 9 (4) Winter History since 1890. 30pp.

	1986. 10 (1) Climate and High-Level Nuclear Waste Disposal. 30pp.
	1986. 10 (2) Carbon Dioxide/Climate Revisited. 30pp.
	1986. 10 (3) Virginia Acid Rain Research. 30pp.
	1987. 10 (4) Hurricanes, Drought, and Va Agriculture. 30pp.

	1987. 11 (4) The Ozone Hole and Nuclear Winter. 30pp.
	1987. 11 (2) Virginia Evaporation Regimes. 30pp.
	1987. 11 (3) Virginia Snow Phobia. 30pp.
	1988. 11 (4) Updated Climatic History. 30pp.

	1988. 12 (1) Historical Floods. 30pp.
	1988. 12 (2) Acid Precipitation Trajectories. 30pp.
	1988  12 (3) Eastern Shore Hurricane History. 30pp.
	1989  12 (4) Eastern Shore Northeaster History. 30pp.

	1989  13 (1) Testimony on Greenhouse Effect. 30pp.
	1989  13 (2) Hurricane Camille.  30pp.
	1989  13 (3) Hurricane Hugo.  30pp.

	1990  14 (2) Scales of Temperature Variation.  30pp.
	1990  14 (3) Climate of Saudi Arabia.  30pp.
	1990  14 (4) Sleet and Freezing Rain in Virginia.  30pp.

	1991  15 (1)  Virginia Growing Season Trends.  30pp.
	1991  15 (2)  Heat Stress. 30pp.
	1991  15 (3)  Autumn Color Change. 30pp.
	1992  15 (4)  15 Years of the Advisory . 30pp.

	1992  16 (1) Northeasters. 30pp.
	1992  16 (2) Ligthtning. 30pp.
	1992  16 (3) Hurricane Andrew. 30pp.
	1993  16 (4) Annual Temperature Regimes. 30pp.

	1993  17 (1) Blizzard of 1993.  30pp.
	1993  17 (2) Tree Mortality.  30pp.
	1993  17 (3) Cyclones and Climate Change.  30pp.
	1993  17 (4) Regional Visibility.  30pp.

	1994  18 (1) Rainfall Recurrence Intervals.  30pp.
	1994   18 (2)  United Nations Climate Treaties.  30pp.
	1994   18 (3) Anticyclonic History.  30pp.

	1995   19 (1) Improving Ice Storm Forecasts.  30pp.
	1995  19  (2)  Hot Weather Mortality. 30pp.
      1995   19 (3)  Internet Weather.  30pp.
      1996   19 (4)  Forecast Model on  Internet.  30pp.

      1996   20 (1)  Winter of 1996.  30pp.
      1996   20 (2)  Annual Rainfall Climatology.  30pp.
      1996   20 (3)  Annual Snowfall Climatology.  30pp.
      1997   20 (4)  Extreme Temperatures in Virginia.  30pp.

	1997   21 (1) Extratropical Cyclones. 30pp.
      1997   21 (2) Regional Rainfall Extremes.  30pp.
      1997   21 (3) Lack of El Nino influence in Virginia. 30pp.
	1998	 21 (4)

	1998   22 (1)
	1998   22 (2)
	1998	 22 (3)
	1999	 22 (4) Snowfall and Winter History. 30pp.

	1999   23 (1) Indications of Climate Change. 30pp.
	1999   23 (2) 1999 Drought in Perspective
1999 Virginia Climate Advisory Online, beginning December, 1999.

2000 Online:  
    Weather vs. Infrastructural Droughts
    Virginia Climate: 1999 in Perspective
    Book Review:  The Global Stupidstorm 
    The Current Wisdom (Recent research in climate science)
    Cherry Blossoms in DC 
    Growing Climate Concern
    Just the Facts Please (Spring weather history)
    A Closer Look at Visibility
    A Careful Look at the New National Assessment 
    Wet, Cool Weather Doesn't Bug Asian Tiger Mosquito
    Record Cold Comparison 
    October Sets All-Time Record Low for Precipitation 
    Cold Turkey (Cold Thanksgiving History)
    Luke-Cold Leftover Turkey (2000 in Perspective)
    Dreaming of a White Christmas? 
    Inaugural Weather 

2001 Online
    Too Cool for Words (Historical Perspective on Winter Cold)
    Energy Usage vs. Cold Winters
    Drought Task Force Makes Rain
    Doppler Radar and Local Moisture Monitoring
    National Academy Report on Global Warming
    The Current Wisdom
    Urbanization vs. True Warming in Virginia Records
    Long Range Forecast Models
    Precipitation and Water Shortages in Perspective 
2002 Online
    (Virginia Drought Emergency in 2002 shifted Advisories to Drought Updates)
    1932:  The Year Without a Winter
    Drought Report from the State Climatology Office:  3/12, 4/10, 5/1
    Summer of 1930:  Harbinger of 2002?
    Drought Report from the State Climatology Office
    6/3, 7/2, 8/16, 8/19, 9/23, 10/22, 11/21.

2003 Online
     Snowfall Records
     New Plant Hardiness Zones
     Twenty Days and Twenty Nights -- excessive rain days
     In a Rainy Daze?
     Isabel and Virginia's Vegetation Problem
     Record Annual Virginia Rainfall


In January, 2003, the State Climatology Office switched largely to video Advisories, broadcast statewide on Public Television, Local Access, and Commerical broadcast (the last as PSA's). Spots vary between 1.5 and 2.5 minutes.  Advisories are produced by the Virginia Farm Bureau.

Sleet and Freezing Rain in the Mid Atlantic (Jan)
El Nino/La Nina (Feb)
Transitional Season Weather (Mar)
Tornadoes in Virginia (Apr)
Moisture and Temperature (May)
Hurricane Season Forecasts (Jun)
Dew Point Temperatures (Jul)
Wet Start to 2003 (Aug)
History of Excessive Virginia Precipitation (Sep)
Jet Stream and Precipitation (Oct)
Isabel Damage (Nov)
White Christmas Probability (Dec)

The Farmer's Almanac (Jan)
Precipitation Records in 2003 (Feb)
Virginia Temperature Histories (Mar)
Virginia Crop Yields (Apr)
Virginia Precipitation Histories (May)
Trends in Extreme Temperatures (Jun)
Hurricane Season Outlook (Jul)
Home Weather Instrumentation (Aug)
Summer Temperature Departures (Sep)
Summer Precipitation (Oct)
Perceived Winter Cold (Nov)
Record-Breaking Hurricane Season (Dec)

Heating Degree Days (Jan)
Snowfall and North Atlantic Oscillation (Feb)
Late Season Snows (Mar)
Late Spring Frost (Apr)
Spring Moisture Status (May)



The Southeastern Climate Review is a technical and public service
publication of the Southeast Regional Climate Center.  Circulation is
approximately 4,500.

1989  1 (1) Background on Climatic Change.  30pp.
1989  1 (2) Hurricane Camille.  30pp.
1989  1 (3) Hurricane Hugo.  30pp.
1989  1 (4) Severe Cold Outbreaks.  30pp.

1990  2 (1) Drought Preparedness.  30pp.
1990  2 (2) 1990 Atlantic Hurricane Recap.  30pp.
1990  2 (3) El Nino and Florida Wildfires.  30pp.
1991  2 (4) Southeastern Growing Seasons. 30pp.

1992  3 (1) Heavy Rainfall Events. 30pp.
1992  3 (2) Climate Change and Fishery Harvest. 30pp.


A quarterly  national publication with a circulation of 15,000 reviewing
current science and policy trends relating to Global Climatic Change.
Publication began in Fall, 1992, and terminated in Spring, 1995. Each issue
averaged 26 pages.


	Governor's Inquiry--l980 drought
	Governor's Inquiry--l981 drought
	Virginia Farm Bureau--l983 drought
	Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer
	Services--Avian Influenza, l983-4
	Virginia Air Pollution Control Board--Acid Precipitation, l984-1987
	Governor's Task Force the Disposal of High-Level Nuclear Waste, l986.
	Governor's Task Force on Drought, l986-present
	Virginia Office of Economic Development, l986-present
	Virginia Film Office, l986-present
	Virginia Division of Forestry, l982-1987
	Virginia Water Resources Research Center, 1986
	U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Global Change Initiative, l987
	U.S. Geological Survey, l988, 1991
	United Nations, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
(Reviewer, 1990; Contributor and 	Reviewer, 1992; Contributor, 1995
	Governor's Representative, Southern Appalachian Mountains Initiative
	Virginia Cooperative Extension Service
	Virginia Institute of Marine Science
	Virginia State Police
	Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy
	Virginia State Viticulturalist
	Virginia Department of Transportation
	Virginia Division of Emergency Services
	Virginia Department of Health
	Virginia Medical Examiner's Office
	Virginia Museum of Natural History
	Governor's Cabinet
	Virginia Department of Commerce and Resources
	Virginia Disaster Assistance Program
	Various Commonwealth's Attorney Offices
	Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
	James Madison University
	Henrico County Police Department
	Chesterfield County Police Department
	Richmond Police	
	Cities of Charlottesville and Newport News
	For Further listings, see Annual Reports on file at University of Virginia


1980-Present.  Research Faculty and Staff Support, State Climatology
Office.  $2,500,000 (est).  Current biennial (Active) portion:  $170,000 [Active]
1981-l985.  United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service.
Prediction models for Southern Pine Beetle Outbreaks.  $133,000.
l981-l982.  United States Department of Agriculture, Economics Research
Service.  Statistical-Dynamic Models for Virginia Corn and Soybean Yields.
l982-1984.  United States Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration, Sea Grant Program.  High Resolution Weather
Forecasts for Chesapeake Bay and Estuarine Virginia. $84,000.
l983-l985.  National Aeronautic and Space Administration.  Sea
Breeze-Induced Mesoscale Systems and Severe Weather.  $26,000.
1985-1986. United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service.
Historical fluctuations of Gypsy Moth  Populations and Climate. $18,000.
1986-1987. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Objective
Characterization of the Relationship between  Seasonal Wind Regimes and the
Recruitment of Croaker and Flounder. $41,000
1986-1988. Commonwealth of Virginia, State Air Pollution Control Board.
Origin and Destination of Pollutant-bearing Airstreams Entering and Exiting
the Commonwealth of Virginia. $140,000.
1989-1990.  Jet Stream Alterations Induced by Anthropogenerated Sulfur
Emissions.  Cyprus Minerals Company. $40,000.
1989-1993  U.S. Department of Commerce/Southeastern Regional Climate
Center. Research Publication for the Southeastern Climate Center. $135 ,000.
1991-1992. Anonymous.  Research Support for Climatic Change. $50,000.
1992-1995. Edison Electric Institute.  Literature Review of Climatic Change
and Updates. $25,000
1992-1993. Western Fuels Association. Research  on Global Climatic Change.
1994-96. Gesamtverband des Deutschen Stenkohlenbergbaus, Fed. Rep. of
Germany, $98,000
1995-2000.  Commonwealth of  Virginia, Department of Environmental Quality.
Research on science and policy on global warming.  $195,000 
1996-1999.  U.S. Department of Commerce. Cold Air Volume and Persistence in
the Mid-Atlantic Region. $90,000.
1996-1998.  U.S. Department of Energy.  Greenhouse Influences on Diurnal
Warming and Cooling Rates. $100,000 
1998-2000. Virginia State Air Pollution Control Board.  Development of Operational Ozone Forecasts for the Commonwealth of Virginia. %35,986. 
1998-2000.  Cato Institute.  Support for writing of The Satanic Gases. $78,000
2001-2003.   Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.  Atmospheric Transport and Concentrations of Mercury in Virginia Fish Samples.  $75,400 
2003-2005. High Resolution Drought Impact Monitoring.  Virginia Department of 
Environmental Quality $99,471
2004-2005. Integrated Climatic Database for Shenandoah National Park. $40,826
2006-2007.  Air Quality Climatology for Shenandoah National Park. NOAA SHENAIR Program, Subcontract from James Madison University  $100,505

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