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Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord

The Devil Wears Prada Aug 22, 2006 Rise Records
# Title Duration
1 The Ascent
2 Gauntlet of Solitude
Here lies my pride don't come back
Here lies my pride just die
Don't come back
Mass chaos is our weapon of mass unification
Tied are you by he scarlet thread
Death harmonizes with your walk
Oh how I yearn to dismiss these memories
3 Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over
Welcome to the war; a martyr's challenge
Chainsaw brutality tornado strength
King of the diamond; king of the grave
Lawlessness stains black on whitewashed tombs
We're too strong to compromise
Don't be ashamed of your faith
Dear Lord - deliver me from hypocrisy and surcease the scarlet desire
He wears a slick jacket and gold watch
Her dishonesty has scarred hands
4 And the Sentence Trails Off...
Hold diamonds to the sun.
Sparkling misconception.
"We're the ones that aren't afraid to die." Ashes.
After this battle we'll laugh at the thought of innocence.
"Remorse!" I scream for.
Pride roses platinum gold rubies.
A transparent portrait.
The grave widens and the masses are mindlessly marching to the necropolis.
There is no mystery here.
Nothing to grasp but adjacent bodies.
The cessation movement is synchronized.
Emotional poorness cannot be hidden by ivory.
We can't let this come between us.
Here I lie myself down.
I surrender. At what I've done,
I'm ashamed.
On this raised platform I compose the memoir of unworthiness.
Drunken with the spirits of Godlessness.
Spirits of doom.
Devil jaws on your throat.
Onward period die.
Emeralds hold no hope. [Hope yeah]
5 Rosemary Had an Accident
You were nothing but an obstacle in my pathway.
tripping me with my own trust without your hood of falsification.
your beauty is found to be nothing.
nothing but true revulsion.
and that's the only true thing about you.
this melody of my heart points to the composer of my regret.
look north, the sun is still gleaming.
and the moon and the stars still retain these eyes.
you're falling now as I move forward.
fueled by the hope you couldn't take from me.
and scarred by knowledge of painful winters.
Christ still stands perfect in my mind.
Christ still stands perfect in my heart.
Jesus is the beautiful structure of love.
repent me.
to hope and love.
beware nihilists.
you shall fall by the sword.
[oh God]
bringeth the day of judgment
6 Redemption
7 Swords, Dragons, and Diet Coke
Be gone with you, articles of nothingness.
I don't know what I have to do to prove myself,
This audience is stern.
Gray is what rises from the pits,
Choose a new medicine to control it.

You thought you had me fooled,
The gray is what rises from the pits.
You thought you had me fooled,
The gray is what rises from the pits.

My lady, let us waltz.
We can ignore the firearms,
Guns manufactured by fear.

And I will never be forgotten.
I will never forget you.
And I will never forget you.
I will never forget you .
I will never forget you.

With dead tongues and lonely hearts, we cough the poison out.
And yet I sing a song of hope.

With dead tongues and lonely hearts, we cough the poison out.
I sing a song of hope.

Your final days approach.
This will be our final confrontation.
This will be our last.
This will be our last.
8 Who Speaks Spanish, Colon Quesadilla
This cold floor we know too well. hearts poisoned with pride.
black blood dotting our warmth.
ending our contentment.
this place is a contorted altar.
I must seek strength from somwhere,
for I've reduced myself to nothing. we've been here one thousand times.
cold idle hands, floor-welcomed knees.
hello autumn, I'd die for your companionship.
doubtless I stand; laying my heart into the hands of eternity.
revive me doctines!
await the day, when all our blood will wash away.
the world's balance I'm too familiar with;
selfishness outweighs genorosity
blindness produced by your own hands afront your face.
lips bleeding with guilt.
frightful little fiends.
if these words mean nothing; than where is the conclusion?
lyricism aside, Christ is the deduction
9 Texas Is South
Good evening, miss.
All I ever do is wish things were different.
This envy is destroying me,
and it is obvious.
I'm looking to put a bullet into the tile floor. Mark this.
I want to say something:
We were blessed, but now I wet my lips and wait for them to dry.
The lust of the dress.
The thought of her lips' reverent smile.
These letters I've wrote are shackled to my chest.
Her tantalization.
She is misconception.
Good evening, miss
10 Modeify the Pronunciation
Now that it's here,
It's too late.
The whole wide world
Is fearing the wrong things.
Falling down a cold staircase.
And persistently I darken my shadow to cover up regret,
But the train tracks still lie straight.
It'll be the end of deception.
Vertical to the horizon.
It'll be the end of deception.
This is the gun to the manipulation.
Bring the end
Architecture is falling denial,
A repetitive trait.
the walls.
A repetitive trait.
I thought this died so long ago
This reoccurring shame eats at me.
She eats at me.
She walked away.
I'm hoping for forgiveness one more time.
I'm slurring a compilation of words.
I plea only for your forgiveness from you
I ask for forgiveness one more time.
I plea for this one more time
I'm asking for your forgiveness, God.
Lay her to rest.
Lay her to rest.
11 Salvation
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