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(Left)Connie Menger and Contactee
Howard Menger: Authors of several books.
(Above)is a painting by Howard Menger
of his contacts in Highbridge,
New Jersey in 1956.


February 17th,1922-February 25th, 2009



The shell has been discarded yet the essence remains of one of the most extraordinary individuals I have ever had the pleasure to know. UFO Contactee Howard Menger, left his body today, February 25th, 2009 at 11:11 PM in the company of his loving and supportive family, children and grandchildren and especially his wife and loyal partner of over fifty years, Connie Menger. Howard lived an extraordinary life, yet came from a humble background and was a simple man, with very few needs and many friends worldwide. He is responsible for having brought into this world one of the most creative, talented and loving families of the likes I have never seen anywhere else. I have been fortunate enough to have been a part of the family and regarded as their eldest daughter, a privilege I will always be grateful for.


The extraordinary love and faith this family bestows upon all who meet them is unparalleled, the show of support they have for one another is immeasurable, in their presence one feels aglow and basks in the light of the love they have for each other. To have entered into their inner sanctuary and been a part of the family has been one of the highlights of my life, aside from having three wonderful children and a supportive and loving husband.


We will all miss Howard, his energy and personality, his laugh and sense of humor, his wisdom, his innovative inventions, his interesting stories about the numerous experiences during his visitations with people from other planets, depicted in his books, “From Outer Space To You”, “The Highbridge Incident” and “Threads of Light To You”. He served his country when there was a need, he was a son of America, a loyal citizen, he loved this land and the freedom it represents for all, adored and cherished his wife and loved and served his family till the very end, and they responded to him in kind, as did his loyal and loving friends.


Howard you are one of a kind and we will all miss you, we will keep your message and essence within our minds alive, forever and the knowledge and information that ETs do visit Earth and have contacted 1000's of people similar to you. God bless you and may he keep you close to his heart, as we will keep you in ours, forever. Amen.


Susan L. Cerdan


The FURST Group

The Florida UFO Research & Study Group-Vero Beach, FL



Welcome to the MENGER website. We hope you find this website informative and enjoyable.

Howard and Connie wish to extend their sincere greetings to all who enter here. We are in a time of rebirth on this planet and we are very honored to have contributed to the beginnings of this rebirth. We are the pioneers of UFOlogy and hold great hope for the future of Earth.

God Bless all who dare to seek the Truth.

Stay in the Light,
Heidi Menger Evans and
Howard and Connie Menger


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