Unpersons - Sept 13, 2011

The Pack a.d.
The Pack a.d. Unpersons
Out September 13th from Mint Records!

In 1962, Neil Sedaka said, “Breaking up is hard to do.” Well, breaking up just got a whole lot easier with Unpersons, the full-on fourth album in The Pack a.d.’s indomitable catalogue. This is the album to vaporize those who shall not be named, and erase any trace of their existence with a dense cloud of fuzz bomb riffs, tribal rhythms, and hard (legal) drugs.

Braving a bombardment of devils, ghosts, mutants, and arseholes, the determination and prowess of drum demolisher Maya Miller and belligerent guitarist/vocalist Becky Black has never been so palpable. The Vancouver duo’s confidence in the studio and skill as musicians has grown exponentially between records, culminating with an epically fierce explosion of blues, punk, and garage rock that dwarfs all those before it. Neither mythological beast nor unrepentant dipstick stands a chance of surviving the aural onslaught of Unpersons.

Like their last two albums, The Pack a.d. recorded Unpersons at the legendary Hive Studios with engineer Jesse Gander. However, where famed Detroit producer Jim Diamond (The Dirtbombs, The Paul Collins Beat, The White Stripes) mastered 2010’s we kill computers from afar, he flew in - on his own insistence - to produce Unpersonsfirst hand. After these sessions, the band went back with him to Michigan to perfect the mixing together.

The result is a flawlessly produced and performed record that projects all the snarl, piss, vinegar, venom and vitriol heard on their first three albums into a realm that is distinctly their own. Any reference one may wish to make to The Kills or White Stripes is no longer relevant. When Unpersons hits stores on September 13 of 2011, The Pack a.d. will have inarguably established themselves as a band by which to compare others.

Long live The Pack a.d.!

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Press for 2010’s We Kill Computers:
It’s pretty easy to pigeonhole Pack A.D., much harder to describe in words just how much you need them in your life…The Pack A.D. make you want to go out and drink a million beers while leaping about recklessly and spilling said beer all down your front. The Pack A.D. sound like they’d like to come and do that with you. Pack A.D. forever.
- ‘Sup Magazine, May 2010

we kill computers, is convulsively exciting. Raucous, even.  They’ve pulled off a killer, riff-stunner of an album…
- The Take Media, May 2010

Barnstorming duo The Pack a.d. have made an album so vital to any true rocknroller that you’ll be scorned by friends and relatives if you don’t have it…Sexy and swampy, dirty and tough, ‘we kill computers’ is a raucous bar fight of an album that bursts into your brain and legs like an epileptic’s nightmare fit. Awesomely mahoosive tunes ‘Math, The Stars’ and ‘Big Anvil’ nearly crack your skull with sheer noisy brilliance. Also included is the spooky ‘They Know Me’, which has echoes of Nico at her most haunting, but kicks on into ‘K Stomp’, a crazy and aggressive number that defines what rock music should be.
- Red Hot Velvet (UK), May 2010

The Pack A.D. are a gift to our city for several reasons. Obviously they write great garage-blues stompers that get stuck in your head. And to be sure they put on a great live show, evoking the kind of debauchery that made the Gun Club and The Cramps legendary. But what’s really great about this band is that they’re able to tap into so many of Vancouver’s various social scenes, bringing them all together for a sweaty, beer-soaked party. Going to their show at the Biltmore this Friday you’ll find guys and gals of all stripes, all backgrounds and all scenes. This band reminds us what going out to catch a great bar band’s live show is all about: dancing, singing along, and spilling beer with people you’ve never met before who are your new best friends.
- Zulu Records via Scout Magazine, April 2010

Stomping out of the gate with a renewed sense of frustration and a petulant desire to get even with everything, We Kill Computers takes the scruffy, groovy hate-fucking dirty shirt blooz rawk that the band has been chipping away at since forming in 2006 to phenomenal and potent new levels. Sounds cool right? It is – but, really, the game hasn’t changed here for the band, they’ve simply gotten better at it…it’s pissed off, a little horny and just looking for a reason – and The Pack a.d. does it in such a way that makes listeners feel like they’re invited to come along for the ride or fuck off. It’s beautiful…
- Bill Adams, Ground Control Mag, May 2010

Black’s vocals are perfectly slotted in the low tenor/high alto range, and Miller’s beats are totally aggro, covered in the scuzz of garage rock, a male-dominated aesthetic if ever there was one.  So the music doesn’t really bend gender - it ignores the distinction completely, kicking The Pack A.D. into the level of post-feminist hard rock…None of which would matter, of course, if the music weren’t this good, and We Kill Computers is a dirty jewel, a record that rocks hard and keeps getting more interesting the longer you listen to it.
- Eric Waggoner, Blurt, May 2010

Known for explosive live performances, these ladies are guaranteed* to make even the most jaded hipster start dancing. (*Fuck what Legal says. We are putting it in writing.)
- BH, Sled Island, June 2010

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