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download .kkrieger: chapter 1 beta here (96k)
but remember this is a beta version, and there are a lot of known bugs. in case you have problems, you might want to have a look at the compatibility section.

UPDATE (August 2006): Recently several users report that their Anti-Virus Software reported the file to contain a trojan. This is a false detection, based on heuristics.
We are in contact to ACG and Avira to get this solved.


giZMO, chaos and Joey at the official Awards Cerenomy in Essen, after winning two German Developer Awards!

See details on www.deutscher-entwicklerpreis.de.


(click thumbnails to see full-size version)

Snapshot 1 Snapshot 2 Snapshot 3 Snapshot 4 Snapshot 5


The "official" minimum specs for .kkrieger: chapter 1 beta are:

  • A 1.5GHz pentium 3 / athlon or faster.
  • 512MB of RAM.
  • a GeForce4Ti (or higher) or ATI Radeon8500 (or higher) graphics card supporting pixel shaders 1.3, preferably with 128MB or more of VRAM.
  • some kind of sound hardware.
  • DirectX 9.0b.

however, there's bad news: due to an unnoticed build error in the actual released version of .kkrieger, there are severe shadow bugs on Geforce4 and Radeon8500/9000 cards. the game should be playable, but everything will be way to dark.

the full list of known bugs (which will of course be fixed in the final version) is:

  • shadow bugs on GeForce4 and Radeon8500/9000 cards.
  • "everything is red" bug on some NVidia Card/Driver combinations.
  • sudden big framerate drops that go away when a certain monster gets killed.
  • several collision bugs.
  • alt-tab doesn't work properly.
  • crashes during the "loading" phase.

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