Alco Export Lists

This is a comprehensive list of the Alco exports as well as their licensed products made in other parts of the world. Thanks to Martin Gonzalez for compiling it! Also - thanks to Andy Dunnett and Andrew "Flossy" Jones and the rest for their huge help in additions, etc. If you find any errors or places where there is a question mark and have the information to fill it in, let us know and we'll update it as soon as possible. It is set up using Excel and Adobe with three different options, list by date in English and Spanish, plus a listing for each individual country (English only). The final one choice is a little bit more up to date, we'll try and get the rest filled in with the corrections added to that one soon. Note - if there are enough requests we'll being work on an expanded Mexican section to include units not designed for export...

[both from fall 02]

Alco Export List - Excel xls (download 182 kb)

Alco Export List - Adobe pdf (download 115 kb)

Large Update!

Mark Bristow has been hard at work updating and adding to the list. It isn't complete by any stretch but it is heavily modified to include many more units and fill in a lot of gaps. He is currently working to keep up on the news from smaller or less known fleets. He also has requested help with the ever-changing Aussie scene as the Alcos in Oz are shifting hands faster than ever. If anyone out there has updates on current where-abouts of any export Alco units, additions, or clarifications, he'd be happy to hear the news - click the link below to email him.

Please note that the list is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION and that is it too large to post unzipped at this time (download 600 kb)

Updated 5 - May 03