Television Production Music Museum

Progress report on the search for the music from WHEW!

Executive Producers

Bud Austin (aka Harold Augenblick)

Deceased, his daughter also did not have the music..

Burt Sugarman

Checked all the material from WHEW! and absolutely does not have the music, only 100% of original video masters.

Created & Produced by

Jay Wolpert

Extremely nice fellow. Spent over seven years, on and off, looking for the master reel while writing the three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, found nothing.

Directed by

Chris Darley

Contacted Chris while he was directing Hollywood Squares. He said normally directors don't save production elements from their shows. He had nothing.

Associate Producer

Sarah Rolfe Hadeler

Can not locate

Art Director

James J. Agazzi

Discussion in progress...

Creative Consultant

Roger Speakman

Can not locate

Music Composed by

Alan Thicke

Did not save a master reel. He didn't even remember doing the show. After much discussion he gave the museum a written release so we can aquire anything the US Copyright office has reguarding WHEW! (see WHEW! US Copyright tab)

Supervised by

Mike Malone

Mike had a 7 inch reel marked "WHEW! - Raw Cuts". We thought the 30 year search had ended. We played the tape on two machines including the deck it was recorded on.....Blank!, Nothing!

Contestant Coordinator

Kerry Newlin Hecht

Could not locate

Written by

Jay Wolpert

See above...

Gary Jonke

Could not locate


Laurie Levit-Ades

Could not locate

Joel Hecht

Could not locate

Jerrilyn Klein

Could not locate

Jim Kahlert

Could not locate

Production Assistants

Marla Rochlin

Could not locate

Tammy Plant

Could not locate

Program Staff

Chris Plourde

Could not locate

Michael Klubock

Could not locate

Jo Stone

Could not locate

Thomas F. Childers

Could not locate

Jerry Gilden

Could not locate

Sarah Preece

Could not locate

Associate Director

Ray Ball

Awaiting a response

Production Supervisor

Gordon Ferris

Could not locate

Lighting Director

Bob Hallsworth

Could not locate

Technical Director

Clive Bassett

Could not locate


Shawn Murphy

Discussed this with him on several occasions and after a long search he confirmed that he saved nothing


Al Latter

A nice guy who still works for CBS, he did not save anything from WHEW!

Stage Managers

Buddy Borgen

Could not locate

Melinda Casey

Could not locate