Poof, Yarael

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  • Homeworld:
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  • Size:
    2.64 meters
  • Weapon:
  • Affiliation:
    Jedi Council

From the Movies

Yarael Poof's appearance would be comical to most if not for the powerful presence in the Force he exuded. The alien Jedi was a member of the High Council on Coruscant during the Republic's final years. He was present when Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn brought young Anakin Skywalker before the Council to be trained. Poof was a tall being with spindly limbs and a long, slender neck which supported a bulbous head.

From the Expanded Universe

Hidden beneath his traditional robes were four delicate arms which granted Yarael Poof remarkably dexterity. He is a member of the Quermian species, a race of sentient invertebrates related to the Troiken of Xexto. Poof's sensitive olfactory glands were located in his hands. Poof had two brains, one located inside his skull and the other in his chest cavity.

A sly Jedi Master, Poof was a master of Jedi mind tricks and could use the Force to quickly befuddle and mislead targets by conjuring false images in their minds. This is Poof's preferred method of combat, though like all Jedi, he carried a lightsaber.

About five years prior to the Clone Wars, Yarael Poof was killed by the Anoo-dat radical, General Ashaar Khorda, stabbed by a vibroblade. With his dying breath, Poof used the Force to contain the power of the ancient artifact, the Infant of Saa.

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