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MEMBERSHIP -- Faculty & Honorary

The ANAK Society also recognizes honorary and faculty members who have enriched the Georgia Tech community and who have gone far beyond the normal call of duty.  In the tradition of the student members of the Society, faculty and honorary members are revealed only upon their retirement from Georgia Tech.

Gregory B. Abbott Director, DramaTech; Instructor, LCC
Forest Adair Jr.   
Fred W. Ajax  Placement Director; Public Relations Director; Assistant Dean of Men
Jamie Anthony  Vice President-Controller
E. Jo Baker  Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs 
Ewell I. Barnes  Vice President for Business and Finance
Walter L. Bloom  Professor
Earl E. Bortell  Professor of Physics
Henry C. Bourne  Interim President and Vice President for Academic Affairs
James E. Boyd  Acting President 
Karen D. Boyd  Senior Associate Dean of Students 
Linda P. Brady  Chair and Professor, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs 
James Earl "Jimmy" Carter President of the United States; Diplomat; Author; Philanthropist
Lloyd W. Chapin  Regents' Professor of English; Registrar; Dean of Faculties
Alfred J. Ciraldo  Football Commentator 
Robert C. "Charlie" Commander  Secretary of the Georgia Tech YMCA 
G. Wayne Clough Tenth President of Georgia Tech
Helen A. Crawford  Honorary Member 
Vernon Crawford  Professor of Physics; Dean of the General College; Chancellor of the University System of Georgia 
Bobby Cremins  Head Basketball Coach
Sherman F. Dallas  Regents' Professor of Industrial Management and Dean of the College of Industrial Management 
J. Narl Davidson  Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Associate Dean of the College of Engineering 
Hubert E. Dennison   
Mario Di Lella Minister of the Catholic Center
Marie W. Dodd  Honorary Member
Robert L. "Bobby" Dodd  Head Football Coach and Director of Athletics 
James E. Dull  Dean of Students 
Paul D. Ellis, Jr.   
Norman E. Elsas  "Oil Recovery System" Inventor
Herman K. Fulmer   
Mario J. Goglia  Regents' Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Dean of Graduate Division; Vice Chancellor for Research of the University System of Georgia
Robert E. Green  Professor of Management 
Frank F. Groseclose  Director and Professor of Industrial Engineering 
Joe W. Guthridge  Vice President for Institute Relations and Development
Arthur G. Hansen Seventh President of Georgia Tech 
Edwin D. Harrison Sixth President of Georgia Tech 
Drew Hearn  Honorary Member
Jim Herod  Professor of Mathematics
Sarah E. Jackson  Professor of English 
Cecil G. Johnson  Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering (BS '47, GE '47, MS IE '57) 
Edwin P. Kohler Associate Vice President for Student Affairs 
William Landiss  Minister of the Wesley Foundation
Ronal W. Larson
Ivenue Love-Stanley Honorary Member (Arch '77) 
Jesse W. Mason  Dean of the College of Engineering
Paul G. Mayer  Professor of Civil Engineering 
David J. McGill  Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics; First Director of CETL; Best Liar in Georgia
Ralph McGill  Editor of the Atlanta Constitution; Author
Robert C. McMath, Jr.  Professor of History, Technology and Society; Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Academic Affairs
Joseph E. Moore  Professor and Director of Psychology
Dwane A. Morrison  Coach of Men's Basketball
Raymond Larry Naylor   
John J. Pershing  Associate Dean of Students
Parker H.  "Pete" Petit  Honorary Member (ME '62, MS ME '64) 
Joseph M. Pettit  Eighth President of Georgia Tech 
James L. Priest  Associate Vice President of Facilities  
Glenn W. Rainey  Professor of English
Hugh Ratliff  Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Homer C. Rice Director of the Georgia Tech Athletic Association
George P. Rodrigue  Regents' Professor of  Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Terry Sichta  Director of Housing; Special Assistant to the Associate Vice-President of Auxiliary Services 
Rosita Jackson Smith  Associate Director of Career Services 
William J. "Bill" Stanley, III  Honorary Member (Arch '72) 
W. Miller Templeton Director of International Programs Emeritus; Assistant Dean of Men; Author (PHYS '62)
Richard H. Truly Vice President and Director of the Georgia Tech Research Institute; Astronaut and NASA Administrator (AE '59)
A. J. Walker  Director and Professor of English
Paul Weber  Acting President; Dean of Faculties; Vice President for Planning
Fred B. Wenn  Professor of Management 
John A. White Dean of the College of Engineering
Fred Wilby   
R. B. Wilby  

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