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Arizona WPA Pioneer Interviews

Did you know that the Works Project Administration (WPA) put many people to work interviewing early pioneers in Arizona? Are you asking if these records are available? Jeannie Rogers, a fellow genealogist, and I are creating an index of the data from the Arizona WPA records. We had originally set out to glean the names, birth dates, birth locations, and other genealogy-specific data, and get this published in a couple of days. Well, as we started reading the stories, we got engrossed in reading the stories of hardship, indian raids, outlaws, and courage that it has taken more than just a couple days to collect the information.

Biographical Sketches & Pioneer Interviews

If you think you have found an ancestor on the list and the information is not included on these pages, you can get the information by contacting the Arizona History and Archives Division of the Arizona Department of Library, Archives and Public Records.







WPA - Arizona Names Index - A thru C

bulletAbbott, Lyle
bulletAbet, Adam
bulletAdams, John D.
bulletAguirre, Epifanio B. (Interview)
bulletAkers, Bryan
bulletAkers, Harlow
bulletAlexander, Robert
bulletAllen, Alma (Interview)
bulletAllen, Elizabeth Adelaide Hoopes
bulletAllen, Orville Morgan (Interview)
bulletAllison family
bulletAlsap, John T.
bulletAnderson, Andreas S.
bulletAnderson, Arthur
bulletAngle, Elizabeth
bulletAnton, Jose
bulletApache Kid
bulletApache Kid (Interview)
bulletArana, Eulalia
bulletArdrey, Eldon A.
bulletAremijo, Pauline Maymie Barall
bulletArkills, Lucy M.
bulletArmbrust, Edna Price
bulletArmer, Laura A.
bulletArmstrong, Clara
bulletArmstrong, Frank (Interview)
bulletArmstrong, Thomas Jr.
bulletAshurst, Henry F.
bulletAtkinson, Charles R.
bulletAtwood, Julius W.
bulletAyer, Edward E.
bulletAyer, Frank
bulletBabbitt, Charles J.
bulletBabbitt, George
bulletBabbitt, James E.
bulletBaker, A. C.
bulletBaker, Albert A.
bulletBall, Elmer D.
bulletBallard, Julia Johnson Smith
bulletBanta, A. F.
bulletBarnette, Josephus R.
bulletBartee, James E. (Interview)
bulletBartlett, Oscar C.
bulletBatailleur, Claude
bulletBates, Josiah (Interview)
bulletBates, May
bulletBates, Pauline E.
bulletBates, Ralph E. (Interview)
bulletBaumgartner, Creston F.
bulletBeal, Richard S.
bulletBeckett, Percy G.
bulletBell, Jim (Interview)
bulletBenedict, A. C.
bulletBenson, Minnie C.
bulletBentley, Evalyn A.
bulletBerryman, Evangeline S.
bulletBetts, Amos A.
bulletBetts, Darrow
bulletBeumler, Henry C. (Interview)
bulletBill, Curley (Interview)
bulletBirdsall, Alice M.
bulletBjerg, Estelle B.
bulletBlake, Beth
bulletBock, Charles P.
bulletBoehringer, C. L.
bulletBoice, Henry S.
bulletBooth, Alvin
bulletBourland, Nathan N.
bulletBourne, Frieda Zeigler
bulletBoweman, Herman (Interview)
bulletBowman, John
bulletBoyer, John J.
bulletBoyer, Mary G.
bulletBoyer, Rachel M.
bulletBrady, Pete
bulletBrainard, J. H.
bulletBright, John W.
bulletBrinkerhoff, James
bulletBrodie, Alexander
bulletBrophy, Ellen A.
bulletBrophy, Frank C.
bulletBrown, Ella Emily Burk Merrill
bulletBrown, Estelle
bulletBrown, Flore
bulletBrown, Frances L.
bulletBrown, James G.
bulletBrown, John F.
bulletBrown, Orville Harry
bulletBuff (Old)
bulletBuffalo Bill in Arizona
bulletBugbee, Miriam Greenhaw
bulletBullard, George P.
bulletBurgess, Paul S.
bulletBurnaugh, Juelda C.
bulletBurns, Mike
bulletBurr, George E.
bulletBurton, Catherine Barlow
bulletBurton, William Austin
bulletBush, Nellie T.
bulletBushby, Don M.
bulletButler, Bert S.
bulletButler, Burridge
bulletButler, Gurdon M.
bulletCahullo, Ignacio
bulletCaldwell, Mary E.
bulletCalvillo, Ignacio
bulletCameron, James
bulletCameron, Ralph H.
bulletCampbell, Thomas E.
bulletCampbell, Thomas E.
bulletCarr, Alfred B.
bulletCarson, Charles A.
bulletCarson, Kit
bulletCartwright, J. M.
bulletCase, Charles O.
bulletCase, Chas O.
bulletCasillas, Ilarias
bulletCassidy, Lysander
bulletCassidy, Michael E.
bulletCastillo, Carmen
bulletCate, Maude P.
bulletCauthen, Bill
bulletChandler, Alexander J.
bulletChilders, James W.
bulletClark, Ben R.
bulletClarson, James W.
bulletClaypool, W. D.
bulletClosson, Esther M.
bulletClum, John P.
bulletColby, Will W.
bulletColter, Fred
bulletColter, Frederck T.
bulletColton, Mary R.
bulletContzen, Fritz
bulletCorbett, Hiram S.
bulletCornick, Howard
bulletCory, Kate T.
bulletCosper, James E.
bulletCosper, Toles
bulletCosulich, Bernice
bulletCosulich, Gilbert
bulletCowden, Minnie R.
bulletCoxon, William
bulletCrane, Leo
bulletCreighton, James E.
bulletCronin, Con P.
bulletCrook, George
bulletCrosby, Henry
bulletCull, John P.
bulletCummings, Byron
bulletCunningham, Donnell

WPA - Arizona Names Index - D thru G

bulletDalton, Ann Casbourne Williams
bulletDana, Isaac
bulletDavenport, W. E.
bulletDe Niza, Marcos
bulletDecker, May Hatch
bulletDecker, Z. B.
bulletDeJoy, Jean
bulletDeKalb, Frances
bulletDodge, Ida
bulletDonnelly, Thomas W.
bulletDouglas, Andrew E.
bulletDouglas, James S.
bulletDouglas, Lewis W.
bulletDouglas, Lewis W.
bulletDove, Algernon
bulletDow, Rabbi
bulletDowiatt, Dorothy
bulletDoyle, Mary E.
bulletDunshee, Jay Dee
bulletDurham, Jack
bulletDuval, Louis J.
bulletEarp, Wyatt
bulletEhlig, Charles
bulletEhrenberg, Herman
bulletElder, Martha M.
bulletEllenwood, Everett E.
bulletElliott, Arthur N.
bulletElmore, Robert E.
bulletEly, Sims B.
bulletEmmet, Cathern Overton
bulletEsgate, Arthur
bulletEtzweiler, Albert
bulletEvans, H.
bulletEvans, Jessie
bulletEwing & Goshorn
bulletFaires, Clifford
bulletFarmer, Hugo
bulletFaulkner, Jesse W.
bulletFavour, Alpheus H.
bulletFegtly, Samuel Marks
bulletFellows, Juanita Gonzales
bulletFish, Frank Wakefield
bulletFish, Joseph
bulletFlake, Lucy Hannah White
bulletFlake, Prudence Jane Kartchner
bulletFlynn, Carmen
bulletFlynn, Frank Earl
bulletForbes, Robert
bulletFourr, William
bulletFraizer, Isaac P.
bulletFreeman, George
bulletFritz, Fred
bulletFritz, Fred (Triple X Ranch)
bulletFrohmiller, Ana
bulletGammage, Grady
bulletGarcia, Amelia H.
bulletGarcia, Benito
bulletGarcia, Mrs. Y.
bulletGardner, Eugene D.
bulletGatewood, Chas B.
bulletGercke, Daniel J.
bulletGibson, Vera E.
bulletGilimor, Frances
bulletGill, Frank
bulletGill, Frank
bulletGilland, James M.
bulletGilmore, W. G.
bulletGiragi, Columbus P.
bulletGittings, Ina E.
bulletGoetz, Charles
bulletGoldwater, Robert W.
bulletGooch, Vitoria Fredona
bulletGordes, Charles
bulletGoshorn & Ewing
bulletGray, Adeline
bulletGray, Columbus H.
bulletGreen, Samuel
bulletGreenhaw, Elizabeth Amy Barton
bulletGreenwalt, Mary Elizabeth
bulletGreenway, Isabella
bulletGreenway, John C.
bulletGreenwell, Dr. Earl E.
bulletGrosse, Garnet D.
bulletGuerin, William
bulletGung'l, John C.
bulletGunter, Clarence

WPA - Arizona Names Index - H thru K

bulletHaagenson, Lars
bulletHackney, Aaron H.
bulletHale, Joe
bulletHall, Dick Wick
bulletHall, Sharlot M.
bulletHall, William G.
bulletHamblin, Jacob
bulletHancock, James C.
bulletHancock, Miriam Dalton
bulletHancock, Wm. A.
bulletHansen, Emma S.
bulletHansen, Loretta Ellsworth
bulletHansen, Mary Adersen
bulletHardy, W. N.
bulletHarper, Louisa Park
bulletHarrison, Frank
bulletHayden, Carl
bulletHayden, Carl
bulletHayden, Chas T.
bulletHayhurst, Samuel
bulletHazeltine, Moses B.
bulletHeard, Dwight
bulletHeard, Maie
bulletHechtman, John F.
bulletHedges, William Henry
bulletHefley, Belle
bulletHendrix, Herman E.
bulletHernandez, Isabel
bulletHeydon, C.
bulletHicks, Mark
bulletHicks, Mark
bulletHiggins, Sarah A. Packer
bulletHill, Lawrence
bulletHillman, Carmen
bulletHinton, Arthur E.
bulletHodgson, Joseph P.
bulletHoffmeister, Louis
bulletHohstadt, Louis
bulletHorell, Ed
bulletHorn, Tom
bulletHoward, O. O. (General)
bulletHoyal, Wilma
bulletHuber, Miriam B.
bulletHuffaker, Carl
bulletHughes, Edwin A.
bulletHughes, Josephine
bulletHughes, Louis
bulletHughes, Samuel
bulletHunt, George
bulletHunt, Happylonia Sanford
bulletHunt, John Addison
bulletHunter, William
bulletHutchinson, James S.
bulletIvy, Vernettie
bulletJack the Ripper
bulletJackson, Lambert
bulletJacobs, Fred C.
bulletJaeger, L. J. F.
bulletJamieson, Wm. J.
bulletJeffords, T. J. (Captain)
bulletJenckes, Joseph
bulletJennings, Virlenda
bulletJewell, Olive
bulletJewell, Olive
bulletJohnstun, Ellen Jane Parks
bulletJones, Evelyn
bulletJones, Jack
bulletJones, Levi
bulletJoy, Kid
bulletJuan, Jose
bulletJudd, Walter
bulletKartchner, Annella Hunt
bulletKartchner, Margaret Jane Casteel
bulletKartchner, Rebecca Steward
bulletKeating, John C.
bulletKeegan, Cora Lee Milford
bulletKelland, Clarence
bulletKenton, Simon
bulletKerby, James H.
bulletKetchum, Black Jack
bulletKeyes, Charles R.
bulletKibbey, Joseph H.
bulletKimball, Caroline Marion Williams
bulletKimball, David P.
bulletKimball, Heber Chas
bulletKimball, Thomas S.
bulletKino (Father)
bulletKirkland, W. H.
bulletKirkland, William
bulletKitchen, Pete
bulletKitchen, Peter
bulletKitchen, Peter
bulletKitt, Edith
bulletKitt, Katherine
bulletKlah, Hosteen
bulletKnapp, Cleon
bulletKnight, Alfred
bulletKnott, William
bulletKnox, Mertice
bulletKoerner, William
bulletKorrick, Abraham
bulletKorrick, Charles
bulletKrause, Allen

WPA - Arizona Names Index - L thru O

bulletLa Gaurdia, Fatty
bulletLa Porte, Rollo
bulletLa Prade, Arthur
bulletLaman, Tolbert
bulletLambert, Carrie
bulletLampland, Carl
bulletLamson, Richard
bulletLane, Edwin
bulletLarison, Arthur
bulletLarison, Carmen
bulletLarson, Ellen
bulletLarson, Ellen Malmstrom
bulletLarson, May Hunt
bulletLayton, Albert T.
bulletLayton, Christopher
bulletLayton, Christopher
bulletLee John A.
bulletLee, Bert
bulletLee, John
bulletLee, John D.
bulletLee, Lady
bulletLeeper, John P.
bulletLeonard, Ida R.
bulletLewis, Orme
bulletLewis, Walter B.
bulletLieberman, Muriel
bulletLing, David W.
bulletLinville, William H.
bulletLockwood, Alfred C.
bulletLockwood, Francis
bulletLockwood, Francis C.
bulletLoper, John D.
bulletLouis, Kid
bulletLowdermilk, Romaine
bulletLutrell, Estelle
bulletLyman, Frank
bulletMabry, E. L.
bulletMacDougal, Daniel
bulletMachell, Cora Lee
bulletMachell, Montague Arthur
bulletMaclennan, Francis W.
bulletMalony, Thomas
bulletManning, Reginald W.
bulletMarkey, Dan
bulletMartenson, Merton
bulletMartin, Barney
bulletMathews, Clifton
bulletMathews, William
bulletMathewson, Edward P.
bulletMatthews, Arthur J.
bulletMauk, George A.
bulletMaxwell, George H.
bulletMaytubby, Ben W.
bulletMcAlister, Archibald
bulletMcClintock, James H.
bulletMcClure, Imagene
bulletMcCluskey, Henry
bulletMcCullock, John G.
bulletMcDonald, Amy
bulletMcLaws, Sophie De LaMore
bulletMcNary, James G.
bulletMcNeil, Mary Ann Smith
bulletMehren, Edward J.
bulletMendoza, Apoline
bulletMercado, Santiago
bulletMerill, Emma Perry
bulletMerill, Sarah Emma Kartchner
bulletMerrill, Effe Isabell Kimball
bulletMerrill, Miles W.
bulletMerrill, Richard N.
bulletMetcalf, Charles
bulletMickelson, Mike
bulletMiller, Andrew J.
bulletMiller, Henry H.
bulletMillett, Margaret Lavina Brundage
bulletMills, Charles W.
bulletMills, Harlan
bulletMills, Sarah McNeil
bulletMilton, Jeff D.
bulletMitchell, Walter
bulletMitke, Charles A.
bulletMoeur, Sidney B.
bulletMohr, John H.
bulletMoore, Annie
bulletMoore, Fred
bulletMoore, John M.
bulletMorgan, Henry A.
bulletMorris, Eleanor C. Roberts
bulletMorris, Hyrum
bulletMorris, Hyrum Bowles
bulletMowry, Sylvester
bulletMunk, J. A.
bulletMurdock, John Robert
bulletNaylor, Norvin Lee
bulletNeighbor, Arthur G.
bulletNelson, Charlotte Ann Tanner
bulletNelson, Edmond
bulletNelson, Fannie A.
bulletNelson, John
bulletNelson, William
bulletNichols, Claud
bulletNoble, Ann Peel
bulletNorton, James Collier
bulletNorwegians (Biography)
bulletO'Brien, Thomas H.
bulletO'Neill, Bucky
bulletO'Neill, Bucky
bulletOakley, Lousia Jones
bulletOatman, Olive (photo:
bulletOchoa, Rafael
bulletOesting, Doris
bulletOglesby, Edwin B.
bulletOldaker, Elizabeth S.
bulletOliver, Harriet J.
bulletOpenshaw, William F.  (titled: History of Mesa)
bulletOrme, John P.
bulletOsborn, R. E.
bulletOsborn, Sidney P.
bulletOsborne, Ethelinda Murray
bulletOtis, Louise
bulletOury, Granville H.
bulletOverlock, Charles A.

WPA - Arizona Names Index - P thru S

bulletPackard, Burdett A.
bulletPalmer, Alzada Sophia Kartchner
bulletPalmer, Errol P.
bulletPalmer, Ralph E.
bulletParks, James V. Sr.
bulletPatterson, Mary Alice
bulletPattie, Sylvester (also James Pattie) - excerpts from other articles
bulletPattie, Sylvester and James (Titled: Trappers)
bulletPattison, Marylka M.
bulletPaxton, William A.
bulletPayne, Harry Lorenzo (Titled: Mormons In Arizona)
bulletPearlman, Nellie
bulletPearson, Gustaf
bulletPease, Rollin
bulletPelton, Roger T.
bulletPenford, Joyce
bulletPennington, Elias J.
bulletPerez, Pedro
bulletPerkins, Cordelia
bulletPerrin, Clarence V.
bulletPerry, Allen
bulletPerry, Rufus
bulletPeter, William W.
bulletPeterson, Berry
bulletPeterson, Charles
bulletPeterson, Elwood P.
bulletPeterson, Joseph
bulletPhelps, Arthur L.
bulletPhelps, Marlin T.
bulletPhillips, Claire D.
bulletPhillips, John C.
bulletPhillips, Lucy
bulletPincham, Dick
bulletPitt, Mary Langdon
bulletPomeroy, Joseph
bulletPomeroy, Thelma Emerson
bulletPorter, Nina Malinda Leavitt
bulletPost, Mary E.
bulletPoston, Charles D.
bulletPoston, Chas D.
bulletPotter, Delbert
bulletPowell, J.
bulletPrather, Nina
bulletPreston, Adelaide
bulletRak, Mary
bulletRalston, Oliver
bulletRamsay, Mary Ann Cheshire
bulletRandall, Ruth Campkin
bulletRasbury, Milton
bulletRasbury, Norma
bulletReed, Howard S.
bulletRichards, Mary Willis
bulletRichards, Ramona
bulletRichardson, John H.
bulletRider, Jane H.
bulletRiesen, Emil
bulletRiggins, John A.
bulletRiggs, Charles
bulletRingo & the Cattle Thieves
bulletRingo, John
bulletRippey, Edwin
bulletRobinette, Eva A.
bulletRoca, Stella
bulletRock, C.
bulletRockfellow, Annie
bulletRodger, Luther
bulletRodgers, Luther
bulletRogers, Anne
bulletRogers, Clara Mari
bulletRogers, Eliza Snow Smith
bulletRogers, Henry
bulletRogers, Louisa Bee Harper
bulletRogers, Lydia Ann Herbst
bulletRogers, Minnie Alice Woolley
bulletRomero, Lola
bulletRomero, Matilde
bulletRoosevelt in the Rough
bulletRoss, Henry D.
bulletRoss, John M.
bulletRoss, Margaret
bulletRothenhausler, Joe
bulletRussell, Leonora Allen
bulletSafford, A. K. P.
bulletSafford, A. P. K.
bulletSames, Albert M.
bulletSanders, George S.
bulletSanders, W. T.
bulletSands, Lila
bulletSantee, Ross
bulletSawtelle, William H.
bulletScheerer, Virginia Smith
bulletSchieffelin, Ed
bulletSchnebly, Mary Luella Higbee
bulletSchuster, Rosa
bulletScott, R. S.
bulletSerna, Miguel
bulletShantz, Homer L.
bulletShattuck, Lemuel
bulletShaw, James A.
bulletShaw, Phillips
bulletShook, Samuel M.
bulletShreve, Forrest
bulletShropshire, Albert Sidney Johnson
bulletShults, Andrew
bulletShults, Henry
bulletShultz, Max
bulletShumway, Maria Annanettie Hatch
bulletSieber, Al
bulletSieber, Al
bulletSimmons, Mary
bulletSinger, Harold Ralph
bulletSkinner, George
bulletSkinner, Harley
bulletSlaughter, John H.
bulletSlipher, Vesto
bulletSloan, Richard
bulletSmith (Walking)
bulletSmith, Anson
bulletSmith, Augusta Outzen
bulletSmith, Ellen Johanna Larson
bulletSmith, Emma Larson
bulletSmith, George
bulletSmith, Henry
bulletSmith, J. Y. T.
bulletSmith, Janet Mauretta Johnson
bulletSmith, Jessie
bulletSmith, Lannie Mitchell
bulletSmith, Lillian
bulletSmith, Margaret
bulletSmith, Nellie
bulletSmith, Nellie M.
bulletSnow, M. P. S
bulletoicer, Betty
bulletSolve, Norma Dobie
bulletSparkes, Grace M.
bulletSpear, John W.
bulletSt. Charles, Kean
bulletStacey, May Humphrey
bulletStanford, Rawghlie
bulletStauffer, Charles A.
bulletStein, Lee
bulletStevens, George H.
bulletStewart, H. R.
bulletStewart, Sherman
bulletStocks, Mary Kirby
bulletStokes, George
bulletStratton, Martha Jane Layne
bulletStrode, Muriel
bulletStrode, Reginald
bulletStrouss, Charles L.
bulletStruckmeyer, Frederick
bulletStuart, William
bulletSullivan, John L.
bulletSutter, Fred
bulletSweatman, Ralph
bulletSwilling, Jack

WPA - Arizona Names Index - T thru Z

bulletTaheny, John J.
bulletTanner, Eliza Ellen Parkinson
bulletTaylor, Adelinah
bulletTaylor, Walter
bulletTenney, Rebecca Reed Hancock
bulletThayer, Dean
bulletThornber, John J.
bulletTillotson, Ramond
bulletTombstone Characters
bulletTompkins, Ida Elizabeth McEwen
bulletTovrea, Ed
bulletTovrea, Harold
bulletTownsend, Fred
bulletTrott, Frank
bulletTruman, George
bulletTucker, Billie
bulletTully, Belle Maley
bulletTurley, Delilah Willis
bulletTurley, Mary Agnes
bulletTurley, Sarah Ann Salina Smithson
bulletTuschka, Yetta
bulletTuthill, Alexander
bulletTuttle, L. T.
bulletUdall, Eliza Luella Stewart
bulletUdall, Ida Francis Hunt
bulletUdall, Joseph
bulletUpdegraff, Milton
bulletVabre, Cyprian
bulletVail, Alice
bulletVail, Edward L.
bulletValenzuela, Casimira
bulletVan Wagenen, Anthony
bulletVinson, Albert
bulletVorhies, Charles
bulletVos, Bert
bulletVukcevich, N.
bulletWallingford, Vere
bulletWalz, Jacob
bulletWeaver, Pauline
bulletWebster, Clara
bulletWelch, E. D.
bulletWest, Albert
bulletWest, Julia Ellsworth
bulletWest, Mary Jane Robinson
bulletWestover, Annie Woods
bulletWestover, Joanne Matilda Ericson
bulletWetherill, Mary
bulletWhipple, Annie Catherine Hanson
bulletWhipple, Rowena Celeste McFate
bulletWhisler, Lois
bulletWhiting, Edwin
bulletWhitmore, Mary Louisa
bulletWickenburg, Henry
bulletWickenburg, Henry
bulletWillard, Charles
bulletWilliams, James
bulletWilliams, Mattie
bulletWilliams, Old Bill
bulletWillis, Artemesia Stratton
bulletWillis, Charles
bulletWillis, Ellen Oakley
bulletWillis, Fannie Jane Roundy
bulletWillis, Nancy Cedenia Bagley
bulletWills, Tom
bulletWilson, Ida
bulletWinchester, H. F.
bulletWinsor, Alonzo
bulletWinsor, Joe
bulletWinsor, Mulford
bulletWirries, Mary M.
bulletWittig, Edward
bulletWolf, James G.
bulletWood, Lucy Jane Flake
bulletWood, W. A.
bulletWoods, Annie Chandler
bulletWoolsey, King S.
bulletWoolsey, King S.
bulletWright, Harold
bulletWright, Lee
bulletWupperman, Mary A.
bulletWyatt, Bernard
bulletWyatte, Emma Eliza Bryon
bulletYett, Charles B.
bulletYoungblood, Susan Hamilton
bulletZander, Claudius
bulletZook, Lola