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UPDATED: 12.21.08


Dog Soliders: Fresh Meat

Pvt. Laurence Cooper (survivor of first film) is picked up by a team of American soldiers who are on maneuvers. Cooper's story of werewolves in the woods is met with skepticism until the soldiers return to the now-destroyed farmhouse and discover evidence that something strange indeed went on. They discover a soldier from Capt. Ryan's special ops team (who were mentioned in the first film, but never seen), who explains that his company was also slaughtered by werewolves and have become the werewolves in this film.



This is a film that many people wanted to happen, myself included. Sadly, for whatever reason, it never did. Not only has this project been removed from IMDB, but production company Kismet has also removed it from their upcoming slate.


In the latest issue of the canadian horror mag Rue-Morgue there's a brief blurb about the film, where Rob Green (The Bunker) is said to be taking over the director's chair. He also had this to say: "Some of the characters actually love being a werewolf because they are so powerful – the ultimate killing machine…it’s a fun spin on the traditional angle that being a werewolf is a curse which damns the person the person no matter what. We also have a very savage she-wolf in the climax who faces against the leader of the pack of Dog Soldiers." He also goes on to say how filming will begin in the fall and that the project was haulted for a while because they wanted to shoot during the "hunter's moon" where the moon appears three times its normal size. Thanks to HorrorMovies.ca.

Deathwatch writer/director Michael J. Bassett is in talks to direct the film, which is slated to begin shooting this Spring.

Producer David Allen briefly spoke with SciFi about the film, revealing various details. He mentioned the above plot and also added the following: "In the first film, it was a family who were the werewolves. In this one, it's an actual team of werewolves who are true military men. So even though they are now werewolves, they act like a trained military unit."

I've added some poster art. Fango posted a detailed storyline courtesy of the American Film Market. Check it below:

"With daybreak comes the next horrifying chapter in the DOG SOLDIERS saga.

"In the misty morning, following his night of werewolf horror in the original DOG SOLDIERS, Pvt. Lawrence Cooper surveys the rubble of the Scottish farmhouse, battered and bruised from the battle. He has lost everything he knew to the werewolf family; his fellow soldiers, his father figure sergeant, his faith in women and his disbelief in the supernatural. Cooper and the only other survivor, Sam the dog, begin their long trek toward civilization, satisfied that the werewolf family was killed in the farmhouse explosion.

"Meanwhile, on the other side of the forest, the U.S. Special Forces team that was originally sent to participate in a series of war games with Cooper’s team waits impatiently. Col. Benjamin Parker sends two of his men off to see if there is any sign of the British team. They return with Cooper, who tells them an unbelievable tale about the night he and his platoon were besieged by a family of werewolves.

"Just as Parker is about to write off Cooper as a mass murderer, a second wounded British soldier is brought into the U.S. camp. He introduces himself as British Special OPS Pvt. Kevin Erickson, lone survivor of the werewolf attack on Sgt. Ryan’s platoon in the original film. Erickson reports the werewolf attack on his platoon to the soldiers. He escaped with a few other soldiers to a cave near a stream. During the night, Erickson watched as one by one his platoon died, only to be resurrected, transformed into werewolves: Dog Soldiers!

"Parker has had enough of the werewolf tales, puts both men under arrest and banishes them to a secured tent until they can all be picked up by a rendezvous ship in the morning. When Cooper reveals his photographic evidence from the farmhouse, Parker sends out three of his men to the shattered farmhouse to corroborate Cooper’s story. The U.S. soldiers arrive at the farmhouse…just at moonrise. They are greeted by a bone-chilling howl that shatters the still of the night.

"What follows is a night of ultimate horror as the U.S. forces, armed to the teeth with modern warfare technology, are about to take on their greatest foe, savage supernatural beasts who think and act like soldiers. The battle for humanity will be fought on this night…Man vs. Beast…Soldier vs. Dog Soldier!"

Fango talked with producer David E. Allen about the film, where he revealed a lot of interesting info. Here's what he said...

"The new movie begins right at the end of the first film. Cooper is picked up by an American team who, we find out, were the real opponents for the war games for Sgt. Wells’ squad. We discover more werewolves that we didn’t know about from the first movie, who may or may not be part of the family. There’s more action, more gore and there are definitely more werewolves. It’s all out in the woods again, with plenty of guns and blood."

He then adds.. "Our idea with the first film was to make it for the fans. We made a small film about werewolves and treated it right. We didn’t put our tongues in our cheeks. We set out to make a real horror film without the SCREAM-like nudges to other films."

He goes on to discuss more sequels... "We’re definitely thinking in terms of a franchise. We have a third story sitting in the background, and we also have an idea for a prequel that would tell the story of the werewolf family. But don’t look for DOG SOLDIERS IN OUTER SPACE or DOG SOLDIERS IN THE HOOD. We’ll only make these movies as long as we can stay true to the nature of what the werewolves are really all about."

First Dog Soldiers' writer/director Neil Marshal talked with UK's Hotdog Magazine and revealed that the sequel will begin shooting sometime early '04 for a release in the first quarter of '05.

roducer David Allen revealed some interesting stuff about the sequel, saying...

"All I can tell you is that it picks up right at the end of the first film and we will have some Americans in it. And it is still being made as a theatrical film, we did sell the first film around the world theatrically, but of course, America did not think that America wanted to see another British film. We will have a bigger budget and be shooting in Luxembourg again. We hope to get the studios here interested in showing it theatrically. We hope once we do the sequel to go back and do a prequel as well."


- Budgeted at $5.5 million.
- Deathwatch director Michael J. Bassett was originally set to direct.
- Set to start filming in April on a 35-day shoot in Hungary.
- Neil Marshal (First Dog Soldiers writer/director) won't be returning, but he will be attached with a "story by" and producing credit.
- It's said that the film will have some Americans in the film this time and it will have the same elements that the first movie had.
- Eric Miller is writing the script.
- Production began in late August.

- A sequel to the first Dog Soldiers.

Comments Page 5 of 5:
Posted 712 days ago
I'm pretty sure there will be a second film because a script and a title has been released. The burning question is when. If Neil Marshall is not the director then I think it should be Sam Raimi. Sam Raimi's evil dead movies were freaking horrifying. If you haven't seen them, you are missing out big time.
Posted 718 days ago
I can't believe their not making a 2nd one. This is a tragedy. If they did it would be amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 737 days ago
I'm definaty agreeing with Eldon Ibeenitingfor this and to find out that its been cancelled is like telling a kid that they have no presets for christmas.
Posted 753 days ago
DAAAANNNNNNNGGGGIIITTT!!!! I have waited so long for this. I wonder if anyone in FILM realizes this was quite possibly the most intense, best special effects, best story line of any WEREWOLF Movie in the last decade.... I am so dissapointed!!!
Posted 775 days ago
I am starting my own idependent film production. I want to make a film similar to the first movie. BUT SET IN AMERICA. i have the props, the uniform and i am working on the creature itself(just looking for a cast). help me make this film a reality!
Posted 786 days ago
Posted 791 days ago
How am I going to get prepared to see the next movie if you guys keep delaying it. Are you aware that all of us are looking forward to this. This is BS

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