Welcome to the common website of four Belgian masonic Obediences (Jurisdictions)


Masonic website objectives

The four Obediences, signatories to the 1989 declaration,

have decided to open this website in order to inform the profane world of the fact that the Belgian adogmatic Freemasonry is inspired by the following principles:


Freemasonry is a universal society of brotherhood of all men and women, aiming at the progress and perfection of mankind.

To achieve this, Freemasonry uses the architectural symbolism of the medieval operative masons, to which it owes its specific terminology. Its essential characteristic is initiation, which for the freemason is a means of self-understanding and improvement.

Freemasonry offers anyone the opportunity to increase their knowledge, to learn how to learn, how to appreciate, how to share, how to listen, always with complete respect for anyone's discretion and learning pace.

Since it is neither a church nor a school, it does not adhere to any doctrine, nor recognize dogma of any kind. It wishes to propagate tolerance and contribute to the greatness of man, whose noblest task is becoming man.

The Freemason 

A freemason is he/she who has been initiated into a regular and perfect Lodge and who is recognized as freemason by his/her brothers and sisters. Freemasons must be sincere and free in their thoughts, speech as well as in their actions.

To be initiated means to be a citizen of the world and to live according to a universal ethic.

The Lodge

Working in lodge implies being able to bring together knowledge, tradition and progressivity and being prepared to participate in the spiritual and humanitarian enrichment of our era.

The Freemason is a man or woman who fits this definition :

Feet on the Earth
Love in the heart
And head in the stars

The stonemason,
by Martine Schlitz

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