EVOLVE 3 Results (Spoilers)

May 3rd

EVOLVE returned with "EVOLVE 3: Rise Or Fall" on May 1st at the Rahway Rec Center in Rahway, NJ. The DVD will go into production next week. The theme of this card was that several bouts would feature wrestlers with similar records. Some would rise and others would fall. Here are the quick results:
Since this event was focused on winners and losers, it was ruled that there would be no time limits. If the match ended with a double countout on the floor, the first competitor into the ring would be declared the victor. These rules only apply to this show with the "Rise Or Fall" theme.
1) Sami Callihan (1-0) defeated Adam Cole (0-1) in both athlete's debut match.
2) Johnny Gargano (2-1) defeated Ricochet (1-2). This match went to a double countout. Gargano made it back into the ring first.
3) Mercedes Martinez defeated Brittney Savage in a WSU Title Match. After the match, Martinez cut a passionate promo challenging Amazing Kong to come fight her in EVOLVE.
4) Aeroform (1-2) won a Three-Way Match over Team Beyond (0-1) and Up In Smoke (1-0). Team Beyond took the fall, so they will be credited with a loss. Up In Smoke will not have their Record affected since they weren't involved in the fall. There were words between Up In Smoke and Aeroform after the match.
5) Drake Younger (1-0) defeated Jon Moxley (0-1). This was just the start for both fighters in EVOLVE.
6) Chris Hero (1-1) defeated Bobby Fish (0-3). Brad Allen checked on a knocked out Fish after the match, raising the ire of Hero.
7) Brodie Lee (1-1) won a Four-Way Match over Chris Dickinson (0-3), Hallowicked (0-1) and Gran Akuma (0-1). Lee get a win, Dickinson takes a loss and Hallowicked and Gran Akuma do not have their Record affected.
8) TJP (1-1) defeated Kyle O'Reilly (2-1). TJP challenged Munenori Sawa to a rematch.
9) Jimmy Jacobs (3-0) defeated Brad Allen (2-1). This means Jacobs is the EVOLVE Wins Leader at 3-0. We'll have more on what it means to be the EVOLVE Wins Leader soon at EVOLVEwrestling.com. There is obviously something brewing between Jacobs and Johnny Gargano.
10) Chuck Taylor (2-0) defeated Claudio Castagnoli (1-1). It took Taylor only three cards to go from the now defunct Qualifying Match to pinning an international world class competitor in Castagnoli in the main event. In his post-match interview, Taylor said that things are about to change in EVOLVE.
The most important thing is that we need to thank the fans that supported us and attended this event. You are here from the start with us. We will never forget you. Thank You.
"Great effort all around, and if you could have made it to this show and didn't, you really missed out on a great event and should make a point of trying to get to EVOLVE 4." - Stuart Carapola at Pwinsider.com