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During the last half of May, the upper Missouri River basin received nearly a year`s worth of rainfall. In addition, the estimated snow melt runoff was 212 percent of normal across the upper portion of the river system. These conditions resulted in Missouri basin reservoirs across eastern Montana and the Dakotas nearing their maximum levels. Record releases are ongoing at Gavin’s Point dam located to the west of Yankton, South Dakota. Current releases are at 160,000 cubic feet per second (cfs). At this time releases of this magnitiude are expect to continue well into August. The previous high release at Gavin’s Point was 70,000 cfs in 1997.


These extremely high flows, combined with normal rainfall, have resulted in near-record flooding along portions of the Missouri River. At this time, flooding in the immediate Kansas City area is expected to be within the minor to moderate category, with the potential of flood walls being closed in the central industrial district if the crest nears 39 feet.


For the most up to date information on likely long term stages based on Gavin's Point releases, please see the 


Corps of Engineers Long Range Forecast



Please Note: The following table is a long-range Missouri River forecast from the US Army Corps of Engineers, assuming normal summer precipitation along with the expected peak releases of 160,000 cfs (Updated June 24th) from Gavin’s Point dam. Record and recent significant flood crests have been included for reference. This product will be updated when the long-range forecast is modified as a result of rainfall events and potential adjustments to releases at Gavin’s Point. It is suggested that persons also check the US Army Corps of Engineers Omaha District and Kansas City District webpages.


Table of the potential range of river stages with 160,000 CFS (cubic feet per second) of water released plus normal rain fall for the coming summer months
Location Flood Stage Long Range Forecast Preliminary 2011 Crest (historical rank)** Record Crest 2010 Crest 2008 Crest 2007 Crest
Brownville 33 ft. 43 to Above 44 ft. * 44.79 ft (1st) 44.79 ft. in 2011 ** 42.89 ft. 40.15 ft. 38.80 ft.
Rulo 17 ft. 27 to Above 27 ft. * 27.26 ft (1st) 27.26 ft. in 2011 ** 26.63 ft. 24.98 ft. 25.09 ft.
St. Joseph 17 ft. 28 to 32.5 ft. 29.97 ft (2nd) 32.07 ft. in 1993 26.17 ft. 25.10 ft. 25.26 ft.
Atchison 22 ft. 30 to 34 ft. 31.00 ft (2nd) 31.63 ft. in 1993 29.83 ft. 28.85 ft. 29.15 ft.
Leavenworth 20 ft. 28 to 34 ft. 30.80 ft (2nd) 35.34 ft. in 1993 25.50 ft. 25.65 ft. 26.82 ft.
Kansas City 32 ft. 31 to 40 ft. 32.65 ft (56th) 48.87 ft. in 1993 Below Flood Below Flood 35.37 ft.
Sibley 22 ft. 29 to 33.5 ft. 31.10 ft (5th) 35.91 ft. in 1993 29.00 ft. 28.10 ft. 32.80 ft.
Napoleon 17 ft. 26 to 29.5 ft. 27.60 ft (2nd) 28.86 ft. in 2007 25.25 ft. 24.60 ft. 28.86 ft.
Waverly 20 ft. 28 to 31 ft. 30.75 ft (2nd) 31.15 ft. in 1993 28.47 ft. 27.35 ft. 30.10 ft.
Miami 18 ft. 27 to 30.5 ft. 28.80 ft (4th) 32.60 ft. in 1993 28.50 ft. 26.75 ft. 29.48 ft.
Glasgow 25 ft. 32 to 37.5 ft. 31.78 ft (23rd) 39.50 ft. in 1993 33.81 ft. 31.79 ft. 34.25 ft.
Boonville 21 ft. 27 to 33 ft. 28.00 ft (27th) 37.10 ft. in 1993 30.16 ft. 27.95 ft. 29.99 ft.

* The upper ends of the rating curves in the reach from Nebraska City to Rulo are very uncertain due to rapidly

changing channel conditions from anticipated upstream and downstream levee overtoppings.

Therefore, an estimate of the higher range stage was not computed.

** NOTE: 2011 crest data is provisional and subject to revision.

 Corps of Engineers Travel Times of Flow on the Missouri River from Gavins Point to Saint Louis 

Approximate Travel Times for Water Released from Gavin's Point dam

St Joseph

Kansas City


3.5 Days

4 Days

4.5 Days



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