Wheel Horse Snowmobiles
Yes, Wheel Horse really made Snowmobiles
Sometime in the late 60s, someone got the great idea that like many other Lawn and Garden manufacturers, (Bolens, Homelite, Sears and Yardman just to name a few ) Wheel Horse Products, Inc. should get into snowmobiles. In approximately April, 1969, Wheel Horse Products completed a deal and purchased the Sno-Flite line of snowmobiles.   Sno-Flite was a new line in 1967 made in Des Moines, Iowa, manufactured by C.E. Erickson Co.  Wheel Horse finished out the 1969 production of Sno-Flites before changing the product to their own.  In 1970 the snowmobiles were cosmetically changed from yellow Sno-Flites to red Safaris.  The Safaris were manuafactured until 1972, when the line was discontinued and sold off.
Below are just a few of the Wheel Horse snowmobile accessories that I've been able to find photos of.  If you have any of these type of photos that you would be willing to share, please contact me by email, and I'll get them on here.  Some that I know I'm missing are two of the covers (9-2021 and 9-2091), the speedometer (9-2031), the High Speed adjustment kit (9-2041), Primer Kit (9-2051), Electric start kit (9-2071) and the double trailer (9-0511).
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This is a Wheel Horse snowmobile trailer.  It was made by SnowCo of Omaha, and distributed as Wheel Horse model number 9-0501.  There is also a model 9-0511 that was a two-place trailer, but I've not yet been able to acquire a photo of one.

This trailer was restored and is owned by a gentleman named Dennis in Ohio.
This is an original cover for a Wheel Horse snowmobile.  Accessory model number 9-2011.  I would imagine that there could be a good number of these tucked away in old barns and garage attics, nicely folded just waiting for someone to find them.  This one is on a Safari 309 that was on ebay from Minnesota.
These are pictures of a NOS quart of oil marketed for Wheel Horse snowmobiles.  It was found by a guy around St. Paul, MN who was cleaning out a barn and put it on ebay.
Left is a sample of Wheel Horse Snowmobile Patches.  During the Snowmobiling boom of the early 70s, patches to put on your snowmobile suit were a must, so like other companies, Wheel Horse had some made.
On the right is a photo taken by Russ MacNeil of a semi that may very well have carried snowmobiles from the factory to dealers at one time. I don't know that for sure, but this is the style of truck Wheel Horse had in the late 60s and early 70s.  I just thought it looked pretty neat and rare, and wanted to include it.
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