GenElute™-LPA from Sigma-Aldrich

GenElute™-LPA from Sigma-Aldrich

Product GenElute™-LPA
Company Sigma-Aldrich
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The presence of LPA during ethanol precipitation results in complete recovery of fragments larger than 20 base pairs, whereas most of the DNA is lost if no carrier is used. Very short DNA fragments, less than 20 base pairs, do not coprecipitate with LPA1, allowing separation of labeled DNA from unreacted nucleotides by precipitation after the labeling reaction. • GenElute LPA Linear Polyacrylamide is an efficient neutral carrier for precipitating picogram amounts of nucleic acids with ethanol. The nucleic acid precipitate can be collected simply by centrifugation. LPA offers several advantages for recovering DNA or studying DNA-protein interactions, relative to other carriers, such as tRNA or glycogen. tRNA interferes with DNA during phosphorylation with polynucleotide kinase and glycogen competes with protein in DNA-protein interaction studies. In contrast, LPA is completely inert. LPA is synthesized chemically and, therefore, is not contaminated with biological material. The precipitate is visible immediately upon addition of LPA, thus eliminating wait time and low temperature incubation.

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