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Could Mercury Poisoning Be To Blame For Crematory Scandal?

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    Nearly five years after the discovery of hundreds  of bodies at the Tri-State Crematory in Noble, Brent Marsh's attorney offers a possible answer to why the scandal happened...
     It's a case of mercury poisoning.
     Here are the details of Ken Poston's argument:

-Mercury was present in the dental work of many of the bodies cremated there.
-The crematorium had a leak, exposing both Brent and his father.
-Eventually, the mercury affected Brent's mental abilities.

     Marsh attorney Ken Poston contends he is only trying to answer the looming question... 'why did the crematory scandal happen'?
    The lawyer wants also wants to cast away the perception that Ray Brent Marsh was just lazy.

Ken Poston "Brent Marsh was anything but lazy... To hide up to 334 bodies over a period of five years successfully... That's a lot of work..."
     Poston hopes his theory brings closure to family members of the crematory scandal.

Lisa Cash "I'm glad they're looking, but, they're pulling at straws. I mean, I just don't think dental teeth burning could affect him, enough to do something like that."

     Still, Ken Poston hopes some of the family members will accept the explanation...    
Ken Poston "There's no vindication that's going to happen, but, an explanation would be nice, that's  what most people have told me."
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