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  • Mellow Gold: AC's Top 50 Artists Ever

    Don't knock it: Adult Contemporary is home to hall of famers, big-belters and hard rockers. To celebrate our chart's 50th anniversary, we've ranked the format's top 50 artists.

  • Photos of the Week

    Chris Brown dazzled Rockefeller Center, Justin Bieber rocked Danica Patrick's racing duds and Lady Gaga brought the drama to Sydney. See the week's best pics.

  • Bruno Mars: The Billboard Cover Story

    Millions in global singles and album sales. A Grammy and sold-out tours. Bruno Mars is a certified superstar. Read about his hard-fought rise and his golden future.

  • Vintage Adele: Watch Her Sing At Billboard

    We've pulled vintage Billboard video of Adele performing "Chasing Pavements" in our studio, years before she was the chart-topping sensation she is now. Guess what? She was awesome then too.

  • What's On Harry Potter's iPod?

    With the final Harry Potter film afoot on Friday, we've imagined the perfect soundtrack for Harry, Hermione and Ron, plus Draco, for a little taste of the dark side. Have a listen.

  • LMFAO's 'Party' Rocks the Hot 100

    The duo's "Party Rock Anthem" remains at No. 1 on the Hot 100, while Lil Wayne and OneRepublic make great gains. Find out who else made big moves on the chart this week.

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