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VA Research Linux Systems announces support for The Linux Beer Hike.

For Immediate Release

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., November 12, 1998--VA Research Inc., the global leader in Linux systems and Linux systems research, is proud to announce their support for the Die Linuxbierwanderung, the Bavarian Linux Beer Hike, a week-long trip scheduled for August 1999 in which Linux users will hike the hills and caves of Bavaria to learn Linux on their laptop computers and visit the local brewpubs.

"We were thrilled to learn that VA Research wanted to support the Linuxbierwanderung as they are clearly the leader in Linux Systems and this gave it the credibility and support needed to continue the effort.", said Jim Gleason of ElectricLichen LLC, "The people of VA Research have done such a good job of blending fun in with tier work and so were a natural match for the hike."

VA Research Linux marketing director Chris DiBona: "The Linux Beer hike exactly captures the combination of fun, engineering and excitement that has fostered the Linux operating system revolution. VA Research is proud to be the first sponsor of the event."

For more information about the hike, go to http://www.electriclichen.com or call ElectricLichen at 718-858-4349

About VA Research:

VA Research Inc. (http://www.varesearch.com), First in Linux Systems, is a privately held company which specializes in powerful, reliable, state of the art Linux based systems. Founded in November, 1993, the Mountain View, Calif. based VA Research has been at the forefront of Linux development and engineering and is the recognized world leader in Linux-based computing solutions.