'The music studio was built here in 1994, people from everywhere have been coming here to record since then' (BJ, Warburton 2010).

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Image: Delrick Holland at work, one of 17 Registered Local Producers
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How the Wilurarra Creative Digital Recording Studio works

Special guest musicians in the studio, from 1994 to present

Recording songs in Ngaanyatjarra and other local languages provides a positive framework for cultural maintenance and communication spanning generations. This ongoing development program builds on song-writing, recording and performing.The hot tracks produced in the music studio continue to be heard at discos, at the pools, at the footy and from car stereos across the Lands. You can hear them, too.

Wilurarra Creative is based in the very first music studio to be built in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands, and we are working to setup other local music recording programs in the region.


Below are some recent tracks, recorded and produced in the Wilurarra Creative Music studio.

The local music producers are mostly Indigenous (Ngaanyatjarra) men and women. A few are Non-Indigenous musicians and guest artists.


Artist & TitlePlay Length
You & Me
(Stewart Gaykamangu)

4:43 min

4:09 min
Desert Boys 2010
(Desert Boys)

2:21 min
(Jossiah Porter)

4:58 min
Jossiah - walking down the road

2:49 min
(Trenton Giles)

4:28 min
Trenton Giles and Lee Ward
(trenton giles and Lee ward)

3:32 min

3:28 min
CP KH 2010

1:48 min
DJ Ward May 2010
(DJ Ward)

3:47 min
(Delrick Holland)

2:28 min
(Delrick Holland)

2:34 min
Kyneton and Jossiah
(Kyneton Porter)

4:28 min
leroy 101

3:19 min
luke ward
(luke ward)

2:04 min
(Sherodie Robinson)

3:50 min
Travis West - Untitled
(Travis West)

3:04 min