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"Good" War downloadlyrics
A Symbol Of Our Generation downloadlyrics
Christiana downloadlyrics
Cul-de-Sac Conquistadors downloadlyrics
Far Away From Here downloadlyrics
Fulfill It downloadlyrics
Hard Workers downloadlyrics
Heroin Wars downloadlyrics
I'm Growing From It downloadlyrics
Man I Look For downloadlyrics
Perspectives downloadlyrics
Spreading Spirit downloadlyrics
Tea Party downloadlyrics
The Christmas Truce downloadlyrics
White Christian Terrorists downloadlyrics
World Changers in a Changing World downloadlyrics
You May Have the Watches... downloadlyrics
My Country downloadlyrics
Over My Dead Body downloadlyrics

Ordinary Heroes (living room demo)

Album not available

Demo version of a full-release to be expected in early to mid 2011. Recorded August 30th, 2010 at me and Mark's house. The amazing Mike Fox joined me on violin, unrehearsed. Expect his brilliant skills on the full release!

FOR ALBUM downloadlyrics
Elwood Harvey downloadlyrics
Far Away From Here downloadlyrics
We Never Say Bye downloadlyrics
A Symbol of Our Generation downloadlyrics
Tea Party downloadlyrics
Ordinary Heroes (for Howard Zinn) downloadlyrics


Album available! Click here to order.

This album has been in the works for a long time and is finally done! It's sort of a look at the last 30 years, how they've influenced the last 10, and how that reflects on our future as we deal with the consequences of the things our government has done in our names.

Blowback features a bunch of guest artists including Mark Gunnery, Joe Overton (Here's To The Long Haul), Victorio Reyes (Broadcast Live), Lia Rose (Built for the Sea), and Tom Morello (The Nightwatchman, RATM). These folks really helped develop the sound the CD and make it what it is.

FULL ALBUM downloadlyrics
Roulette Wheel downloadlyrics
Addie Polk downloadlyrics
The Slave Boat and the Merchant Ship downloadlyrics
The Gates of Heaven downloadlyrics
The Graveyard of Empires downloadlyrics
American Mythology downloadlyrics
Terry Whitmore downloadlyrics
La Péna downloadlyrics
We Don't Torture downloadlyrics
21st Century Opium War downloadlyrics
Manifest Democracy downloadlyrics
Placing the Blame downloadlyrics
Blowback downloadlyrics

Soldier By Soldier

Album not available

A web-release only, this album is sort of a follow-up to my album The Violence of War. I wanted to write some songs of resistance to war, that gave hope and inspiration to those within the ranks of the U.S. military. These are all true stories or inspired by true stories and changed to protect the individuals involved. The cover art was done by my friend Gabriella Szpunt.

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All Hands Abandon Ship! downloadlyrics
To Be A Killer downloadlyrics
Terry Whitmore downloadlyrics
To Hell With War downloadlyrics
Kick The Door Down downloadlyrics
I'm Going AWOL downloadlyrics
Remember Me downloadlyrics
Soldier By Soldier downloadlyrics

The Good Times and the Bad

Album available! Click here to order.

My second split with Mark Gunnery. These songs were written over a long period of time, combining experiences me and Mark shared and many we experienced seperately. Our combined art sometimes sounds harsh, sometimes lovely, sometimes both. Cover photo was taken by Christa Daring on the roof of the late Ramparts squat in London, summer 2005.

We Ain't Paying Rent downloadlyrics
I'm Always Moving Forward downloadlyrics
Tacoma downloadlyrics
Your First Guitar downloadlyrics
The Partisan Song downloadlyrics
Pray With Your Legs downloadlyrics
Dreams and Thoughts downloadlyrics
A Smile Finds your Face downloadlyrics
Talkin' Mean Machine downloadlyrics
Take Your Money downloadlyrics
See It Through downloadlyrics
Beyond Chutzpah downloadlyrics
Like You Never Seen It downloadlyrics
Dandelions downloadlyrics
The Good Times and the Bad downloadlyrics

The New Enclosures

Album available! Click here to order.

A set of songs focusing on U.S. economic policy, neoliberalism, and global resistance movements for economic independence and justice.

full album download downloadlyrics
Numbers on the Screen downloadlyrics
Legal Theft downloadlyrics
The Baghdad Vatican downloadlyrics
Poisoned Generation downloadlyrics
Gentrification downloadlyrics
Create the Slum downloadlyrics
Your Poverty Is Our Profit downloadlyrics
The Worthington Deportations downloadlyrics
Til It's Worker-Run downloadlyrics
Talkin' Union Busting downloadlyrics
The New Enclosures downloadlyrics
Global Economy downloadlyrics
Stronger Than You Think downloadlyrics
Making The Road downloadlyrics

The Violence of War

Album available! Click here to order.

These songs are almost all written for and about members of Iraq Veterans Against the War, with whom I work closely and share many good and bad times. Their courage and commitment to righting the wrongs which they sometimes participated in are a driving force behind my hope and shared commitment, and their insight into the world of social justice work has been an irreplacable piece of my growth as an organier and artist.

This whole album is dedicated to my childhood babysitter and close friend Austin Koth, killed in Iraq July 26th, 2006. His memory lives inside me and others who knew him, and the gifts he gave to me in his life are an essential part of my being.

What Did You Learn on the News? downloadlyrics
The Day They Caught Saddam Hussein downloadlyrics
November 8th, 2004 downloadlyrics
In the Blink of an Eye downloadlyrics
On a Wednesday Night downloadlyrics
The Violence of War downloadlyrics
This Ain't Hollywood downloadlyrics
The Betrayed Soldier downloadlyrics
Search and Avoid downloadlyrics
Tear This Place Apart downloadlyrics

Give It Time

Album available! Click here to order.

This album is a collection of songs dealing with change, hope, saddness, movement fatigue, burnout, and the history of movements fighting for long-term social change.

It was a long process to develop, accompanying me through a difficult personal struggle with the issues discussed inside. the cover art was done by my very close friend and co-organizer Lily Hughes. Her artistic genius and daily inspiration and commitment is an essential part of this album, and the cover art is itself an amazing story of history and resistance.

View full-size cover art here.

Was It Worth It? downloadlyrics
It's A Long War downloadlyrics
New Orleans Got Iraqed downloadlyrics
Just Like Before downloadlyrics
Knock On The Door downloadlyrics
COINTELPRO downloadlyrics
The Conversation Spreads downloadlyrics
Give It Time downloadlyrics
Remember Me downloadlyrics
Black Bodies downloadlyrics
Ain't Gonna Come Today downloadlyrics
I Can Be That Change downloadlyrics

Government is War

Album not available

split with Mark Gunnery

LINER NOTES downloadlyrics
Activism downloadlyrics
Strangely Like a War downloadlyrics
Oh Yeah?! downloadlyrics
Government Is War downloadlyrics
The Grocery Workers' Song downloadlyrics
Dit Plus facile Que Fait downloadlyrics
What Goes Around Comes Around downloadlyrics
What Did You Do in the War? downloadlyrics
The Rust Belt downloadlyrics
Panic! Everything's Fine downloadlyrics
Fact or Fiction? downloadlyrics
Diving Into the Wreck downloadlyrics
Tout Que Vous Avez Besoin downloadlyrics
Ballad of the Uprising of the Rootless Cosmopolitan downloadlyrics
Ain't Gonna Come Today downloadlyrics
Don't Settle Down Til' you Get what you Need! downloadlyrics

Love and Fear (Split with Shannon Murray)

Album not available

Open Song to the U.S. Occupying Forces downloadlyrics
Mountaintop Mining Song downloadlyrics
I-69 downloadlyrics
If I Had a Rocket Launcher downloadlyrics
Talkin' Homophobic Swimteam downloadlyrics
The Field of Schemes downloadlyrics
The Plan Puebla Panama downloadlyrics
Talkin' Writer's Bloc Blues downloadlyrics
The Ballad of the Hudson Valley Rent Strikes downloadlyrics
That's About the Only Thing that Governments Have Done downloadlyrics

Split with Brenna Sahatjian

Album not available

not available anymore...but enjoy the downloads.

FULL ALBUM DOWNLOAD downloadlyrics
After The War You'll Still Be Poor downloadlyrics
Easier Said Than Done downloadlyrics
Cutting Our Jobs Away downloadlyrics
Northwest Highway downloadlyrics
One-Way Road downloadlyrics
I Quit Smoking Cigarettes downloadlyrics
Talkin' Bad Facilitator Blues downloadlyrics
Talkin' Talkin' Blues downloadlyrics
Our Past's Back Page downloadlyrics
They're Shutting Down the GM Plant downloadlyrics

The Revolution Will Not Be Amplified

Album not available

split with Tom Frampton

[download Ryan's half of the album] downloadlyrics
What Better Time To Rise Then Now downloadlyrics
If We Push Them Hard Enough downloadlyrics
Open Song to George W. Bush downloadlyrics
The Ballad of the Baltimore Rebellion downloadlyrics
When Empires Collide downloadlyrics
The Times They Are Not A-Changing downloadlyrics
The Ballad of the Biscuit Fire downloadlyrics
Kent State Massacre (13 Seconds in May) downloadlyrics
Peace, Justice and Anarchy downloadlyrics
A Window Will Open downloadlyrics

Iraq: Songs of Life and Death

Album available! Click here to order.

Call to Arms downloadlyrics
Cops of the World downloadlyrics
Counting the Dead downloadlyrics
I Heard a Rumor downloadlyrics
I Won't Be Part of It downloadlyrics
I'll Be Crying All My Life downloadlyrics
Iraq downloadlyrics
Iraq For Sale! downloadlyrics
It's Bigger Than a War! downloadlyrics
One More War downloadlyrics
Song for a Fallen Comrade downloadlyrics
South Florida downloadlyrics
Talkin' FTAA Preparations downloadlyrics
The Ballad of NAFTA downloadlyrics
The Illusion of Nothingness downloadlyrics
Thrown Behind Fences downloadlyrics
Until All Their Power's Gone downloadlyrics


Album not available


Album not available

Here's just some of my writings, all are available on my blog Even If Your Voice Shakes.

Breaking Rank: A History Combat Refusal, Desertion, and Mutiny downloadlyrics
Mythology in the Age of Seattle downloadlyrics
Are We Addicted to Rioting? downloadlyrics
Many Different Enemies: Afghan Women Fight for Their Country downloadlyrics
A Tale of Two Empires downloadlyrics
Search And Avoid downloadlyrics
The Irony of Independence Day downloadlyrics
Brainwashed, Or Just Ignored? downloadlyrics
Accounts of the DNC/RNC Protests, 2008 downloadlyrics
Growing Up During "Seattle" downloadlyrics
Invisible Hand/Iron Fist - The IMF in Burma/Myanmar downloadlyrics
Privatizing Iraq - The IMF and the Economic Invasion downloadlyrics
The Scotland G8 Protests (Going to Russia Next Year?) downloadlyrics

Even If Your Voice Shakes #3

Album not available

Even If Your Voice Shakes is my blog, but it also was a bi-monthly zine/CD publication focusing on modern anti-capitalist folk music. The zine contains the writings of its publishers, interviews with musicians and activists, lyrics and chords, reviews of albums and generally anything else we feel like printing. The CD contains a mix of songs from various artists who we’ve run into in radical underground folk circles. Though genres like hip-hop and punk could be called “folk”, we focus on “American Folk” music as a genre because we write and perform it and are familiar with many artists, though sometimes we may throw in some hip-hop, punk, poetry, or whatever, because we dig that too. Our aim is to help revolutionary folk musicians get their words and messages out, to express thoughts on current political situations, and to put out radical critiques and views of the recording-industry, the growing corporatization of radical political music, and some examples of and theories on alternative ways of going about being a radical musician. We’re open to critique, suggestions, and submissions, though please don’t take it personally if you write something and we don’t print it.  Email us at

All Our People sing Together, Music of Vietnam During the American War downloadlyrics
The "Folk Process" VS "Intellectual Property" downloadlyrics
To Sign Or Not To Sign downloadlyrics
Pleng Phua Cheewit: The Story of Thailand’s Revolutionary Folk Music downloadlyrics
The Story of Víctor Jara downloadlyrics
Friends Not Fans: Challening Performer/Audience Roles downloadlyrics