2012 Bandy World Championship will be staged in Kazakhstan

The main issue for discussion at the FIB Congress, took place on 28 January in Kazan within the framework of the bandy World Championship-2011, was to choose the host-country for the 2012 Bandy World Championship. As a result of discussion, Kazakhstan awarded the right to conduct this world important event, which will be staged at the “Medeo” outdoor speed skating rink. A few international competitions have been lately staged here. Asian Games will be among the first to refresh its prominent past for the near future.

Kazakhstan will stage the Bandy World Championship the first time in its history, and therefore Asia will join Europe and Northern America, enjoying the honor. 

Besides that, FIB members decided to re-start Youth Bandy World Championships since the year of 2011. The date and place for the next edition of the tournament will be considered by FIB Technical Committee.


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