How To Add Subtitles With DivXland

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Subtitles With DivXland

There are many software which support you to make a subtitle for a movie, a video clip to create a DVD such as Subtitle Workshop or DivXland Media Subtitler. These are some easy steps for making a subtitle with DivXland.

DivXLand Features

DivXLand Media Subtitler key features:

Create subtitle files from plain text files

Preview subtitled video immediately without saving file

Save partially edited files to resume subtitling process later

Automatic caption timing features

Multiple subtitling modes available

Support for basic text formatting

Support for at least 30 subtitle formats (open and save)

Keyboard shortcuts available to control subtitle process

Spell check using the Ms Word component

Embed subtitles on AVI video

Extract audio streams from AVI and MPG videos into MP2, MP3 and WAV formats

Check for product updates directly from Help menu

Quick Start Guide in several languages included as PDF and online

Support for all East Asian and Right-to-Left languages; more info

Subtitle formats currently supported:

Adobe Encore ● Advanced SubStation Alpha ● CSV (Excel) ● DKS ● DVD Subtitle System ● DVD Subtitle ● FAB Subtitler ● JACOSub 2.7 ● Karaoke LRC ● MacSUB ● Mac DVD Studio Pro ● MicroDVD ● MPlayer ● OVR Script ● Pinnacle Impression ● PowerDivx ● PowerPixel ● QuickTime Text ● RealTime ● SAMI ● SonicDVD ● Sonic Scenarist ● Spruce DVD Maestro ● Spruce Subtitle ● SubRip ● SubStation Alpha ● SubViewer 1.0 ● SubViewer 2.0 ● Tabbed values (generic) ● TMPlayer ● TurboTitler ● Ulead DVD Workshop ● ViPlay ● ZeroG

How To Add Subtitles With DivXland

  • Step 1: Download DivXland from this site: or Click here to download the newest version
  • Step 2: Run and install the DivXland. You can see the working scene of this software like this:

Image:Subtitle making 1.JPG

  • Step 3: Create a new subtitle from the File> New subtitle or Ctrl+N. Right click on the first subtitle and choose Edit Caption. Type your subtitle there.You can also upload your plain text subtitle (*.txt) from your computer by choosing File> Open Text or Subtitle

Image:Subtitle making 2.JPG

  • Step 4: Open your video from File> Open Video. Click play to run through the video.
  • Step 5: When you finish typing your all subtitles or upload subtitles, you have to set up time for them by clicking on Apply when a sentence starts playing and spit out your mouse when a sentence ends. Click Apply and spit put your mouse again for other sentences.

Image:Subtitle making 2-1.JPG

  • Step 6: When you finish all, tick Preview Only to watch your subtitle again. You can change your time if the subtitle does not fit the sound.

Image:Subtitle making 3.JPG

  • Step 7: Save your subtitle by choosing File> Save/ Save as. You can choose your subtitle file format, the most common format is *.srt (SubRip). You should choose the *.ssa (SubStation Alpha) if you want to embed subtitles to your video. Watch this following video to know how to embed subtitles.

How To Add Subtitles With DivXland Video

How To Embed Subtitles Video

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