Crockford on JavaScript

Douglas Crockford is Yahoo!'s JavaScript architect and a member of the committee designing future versions of the world's most popular programming language. Over first three months of 2010, Douglas delivered his acclaimed series of lectures on the history of JavaScript, its features, and its use. Links to video, transcripts, and photos from each of the events follows:

  1. Volume One: The Early Years (Monday, January 25, 2010)
  2. Chapter 2: And Then There Was JavaScript (Friday, February 5, 2010)
  3. Act III: Function the Ultimate (Wednesday, February 17, 2010)
  4. Episode IV: The Metamorphosis of Ajax (Wednesday, March 3, 2010)
  5. Part 5: The End of All Things (Wednesday, March 31, 2010)
  6. Scene 6: Loopage (Friday, August 27, 2010)

Allen Rabinovich's full Crockford on JavaScript poster design is available here. At the fifth event, participants donated $90 for Chuck Norris's Project Kickstart; thanks for your generosity.