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1. OdinĀ“s Gift - Norse Mythology Poetry Collection
Historical, classical and modern poems, songs & MP3 relating to Old Norse mythology and religion, and its "revival" religion Asatru. All Rune Poems, e...
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2. GeorgianWeb
Georgian history, religion, culture, list of Georgian kings and patriarchs.
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3. Islamic Alchemy
The site is devoted to describe the science in old Egypt and Islamic times, in more than 20 articles covering, chemistry, mathematic, medicine and oth...
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4. 19th Century Programs
19th Century Programs provides the user to learn more about Norwegian immigration and how schools were conducted in the 1800s. It provides contact in...
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5. Conceive Believe Achieve
A nonprofit organization that provides tools to Conceive the concept of diversity, by experiencing the rich history of different ethnicities. We Bel...
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6. Chester: a Virtual Stroll Around the Walls
To all who are interested in our lovely city, we present 'Chester: a Virtual Stroll Around the Walls'- It's an...
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7. Theoi Project, Guide to Greek Mythology & the Ancient Gods
Detailed biographies of the gods, spirits and fantastic creatures of Greek mythology with quotes from the classical texts and images from ancient art....
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8. Leon Kilat and the Revolution in Cebu
How the native inhabitants of Cebu at the turn of the 20th century organized themselves to resist Spanish Colonial rule, using indigenous weaponry and...
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9. - Tyneside's Favourite Music From The 80's And 90's
Online radio station broadcasting to the UK classic hit's from the 80's and 90'S live from Tyneside, UK
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These pages feature two stories told by my grandfather, and written down when he was 89 in 1984. These stories were told by Barney Jacobs, as he gr...
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11. Hickok Sports
Sports history, biography, rules, quotations, glossaries, calendar, trivia, and marketplace
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12. Photo Journalism of Civil Rights Garden
The Civil Rights Garden honors Dr. Martin Luther King and his american dream. The Civil Rights Garden also depicts the civil rights movement. Most of ...
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13. Jewish-American Hall of Fame
Take a Virtual Tour through 500 years of Jewish-American history -- from the Jews who helped Columbus to Barbra Streisand - illustrated by medals spec...
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