egs01 spacemen 3
"walkin' with jesus" demo 45 (SOLD OUT)

egs02 the hidden cameras
"ban marriage" coloured vinyl numbered 7" (LAST COPIES)

egs03 the besnard lakes
"vol. 1" CD and 100 copy vinyl LP, numbered in a deluxe gatefold sleeve

egs04 "where the sea meets the sky" compilation
featuring sonic boom, fuxa, kinks, the hidden cameras, flotation toy warning and more!

egs05 echoboy
"elektrik soul psymphonie" CD

egs06 sara and the earlies
a new earlies 45 with sara lowes covering the webb brothers' "i've got a feeling"...

listed below are the original, pre-Earwom Gold Series releases. all these releases are now sold out and unavailable from the label...

regular releases

worm 1 hood “secrets now known to others” 7”
worm 2 novak “silver seas” 7”
worm 3 damon and Naomi “the navigator” 7”
worm 4 yo la tengo “blue / green arrow” 7”
worm 5 electric sound of joy “total turn” 7”
worm 6 ma cherie for painting “extra bille” 7”
worm 7 mount vernon arts club / omit / clockwork 7”
worm 8 a.m.p studio “mistype dolittle” 7” (clear vinyl 1 sided 45)
worm 9 electric sound of joy “play away” 7”
worm 10 providence / terrastock festival 10”
worm 11 stars of the lid “manouvering the nocturnal hum” 12” (hand silk screened sleeves)
worm 12 appliance “outer” 7” (some on blue vinyl)
worm 13 split label Wurlitzer jukebox 45 w/ hood and sadder bazaar (hand done sleeves)
worm 14 gerbils “lucky girl” 7”
worm 15 avrocar “screen” 7” (some on white vinyl)
worm 16 chuzzlewit “snowflakes fly” 7” (numbered sleeves)
worm 17 the lazily spun “double b side” 7” ep
worm 18 metrotone “shimmer” 7” ep
worm 19 maps of jupiter “6 stereo recordings” 7” ep
worm 20 chuzzlewit “a map of maybes” cd (numbered hand made booklets)
worm 21 metrotone “the less you have the more you are” cd 10”(clear vinyl) lp sold out
worm 22 e.a.r “transistor music” 7” ep (some on clear vinyl)
worm 23 octal / azusa plane laithe cut mailorder 7”
worm 24 ma cherie for painting “my next girlfriend lives in London” 7”
worm 25 pipedream “setting the snare” 7”
worm 26 magnetophone “you should write music” 7” (all on red vinyl)
worm 27 ma cherie for painting “una producion pop” cd –lp sold out
worm 28 metrotone / isan flexi disc in sleeve given free with ‘honey thunder’ fanzine in u.s
worm 29 gnac “the moustache” 7” (some on toffee coloured vinyl)
worm 30 national park “great western” 10”
worm 31 avrocar “hold” 7”
worm 32 the music tapes “television tells us” 7” (all in pop up hand crafted sleeves)
worm 33 gerbils “are you sleepy” lp
worm 34 tank “gunnar” 12”
worm 35 e.a.r “data rape” 7” (earworm etching by savage pencil on reverse+1st 400 in special stickered sleeves for mailorder only)
worm 36 orange alabaster mushroom “the slug” 7” (1st 50 with oam sticker)
worm 37 fridge / portal split 7”
worm 38 the minders “right as rain” 7”
worm 39 cul de sac “the portalnd cement factory…” 7” (in booklet pack sleeves)
worm 40 avrocar / magnetophone gig / mailorder laithe cut 7”
worm 41 left hand “piero manzoni” (ltd mailer pack sleeves and sleeveless fingerprinted edition made by the band to use up remining copies without covers…)
worm 42 echoboy “scene 30” 10”
worm 43 “the tell-tale signs of earworm” dbl cd of sold out 45s and exclusives…
worm 44 southall riot / george split 7”
worm 45 the apples in stereo “her wallpaper reverie” cd clear vinyl lp sold out
worm 46 tank “upwards at 66 degrees north” cd
worm 47 the minders “cul de sacs and dead ends” lp
worm 48 avrocar “cinematography” cd
worm 49 magnetophone debut cd –appeared on 4AD
worm 50 “from inside the chocolate coffin” v/a dbl 12” w/ tank, echoboy, mcfp and more (one disc orange, the other green with sticker and balloon in clear packaging)
worm 51 summer releases / gig poster for tank, minders and ma cherie for painting uk shows
worm 52 finery scrawled “life can be beautiful” 7”
worm 53 ma cherie for painting “salut salut” 7” (clear glitter vinyl in tracing paper sleeve)
worm 54 earworm japan sampler 4 track 7” in jap style insert sleeve w/ cuts from worm43
worm 55 “songs for a crimson eggtree” lp psych pop comp. w/ bright eyes, essex green, elf power, dressy bessy, of Montreal and more (poster w/ early copies)
worm 56 tank “bedtime for rio” lp
worm 57 the wee turtles “this land is your land” lp
worm 58 tompaulin “slender” (withdrawn but some copies escaped, label sent some free to longtime friends of the label, individually dedicated and numbered. some on white vinyl)
worm 59 kimonophonic 7” ep (some with free floppy discs containing music and visuals)
worm 60 of Montreal “an introduction to..” lp
worm 61 the busy signals “baby’s new beats” lp
worm 62 earworm t shirt in 4 different colours, same design
worm 63 orange alabaster mushroom “space and time” lp
worm 64 the apples in stereo “beneath the waterfall” 7” (some on mustard vinyl- all in fliptop sleeve design)
worm 65 lenola “slipping under the shadows” 7” (single sided lemon vinyl 45)
worm 66 screen prints “her name I don’t remember” 7” (some on green vinyl)
worm 67 calvin, don’t jump! “crystal clear ,mississippi” lp
worm 68 sunray / sonic boom “music for the dreamachine” 12” (clear vinyl, clear package)
worm 69 elk city “freeze two over eight” 7”
worm 70 “more tell-tale signs of earworm” dbl cd of sold out 45s and exclusives
worm 71 “outta’ town / outer space” 10” a 6 trk west coast pop art exp band covers ep
worm 72 sunray “shake it” 7”
worm 73 jumbo “double super buzz” 7”
worm 74 green pajamas “dreams of rhonda” 7”
worm 75 screen prints “perfect city” cd
worm 76 “witch hazel tales” cd electronica comp. feat. FortDax, EU and roricat
worm 77 catalogue number assigned for possible collaboration with “safe home” and steve “fierce” gregory in Holland, late 2002.
worm 78 the clientele “lost weekend” 10”
worm 79 the acid mothers temple “do whatever you want, don’t do whatever you don’t want” triple cd
worm 80 cranebuilers aborted 45
worm 81 salvatore aborted 12”
worm 82 the shimmer kids underpop association aborted 7” ep
worm 83 “a charabang trip to the lights” cd containing all the tracks from aborted releases above plus lots more… (50 in dvd casing w/ inserts sold at farewell earworm gig 6/02)
worm 84 “earworm soup” 7” 40+ earworm tunes merged and mixed for 2 sides of a 45 with sleeve credits concluding 6 years…

subscription series

wormss1 jon and dave 7” (pre fsa)
wormss2 mount Vernon arts club / electroscope 7”
wormss3 cagney and lacee 7” (mr. and mrs. dean wareham)
wormss4 future pilot aka versus national park 7”
wormss5 superfluid / alphane moon lp
wormss6 southall riot / magnetic north pole lp
wormss7 windy and carl / sadder bazaar lp (some on red vinyl)
wormss8 screen prints christmas 10”
wormss9 landshipping laithe cut 5” single
wormss10 v/vm / portal 7”
wormss11 nik turner / 46000 fibres 7”
wormss12 peter daltrey “love song for annie” 7”
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