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Punto GT

The information about the Fiat Punto GT is still under working. There is plenty of information, but in some cases it has not been updated and could be obsolete. I invite anybody to be a bit patient and browse several pages in the site.

Performance facts and characteristics

Engine Position: 4 cylinders in line, fitted transversally
Capacity: 1372 cc

Max power: 136 HP at 5750 rpm (1st series)
Max power: 133 HP at 5750 rpm (2nd series)
Max power: 130 HP at 5600 rpm (3rd series)
Torque: 204 Nm at 3000 rpm
Tyres 185/55 R14

Consumption At 90 kmh: 6.1 l/100 km

Performance Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 7.9 seconds

Acceleration 0-1000m: 28.9 seconds
Gear Speeds

1st: 48 km/h

2nd: 83 km/h

3rd: 121 km/h

4th: 162 km/h

5th: 205 km/h

reverse: 48 km/h

Body colours

The appearance of colours depends on your browser's ability to show correctly the tones. If you could set your monitor to thousands of colours or more, you should get better tones. Anyway I chose the colours from the 216 standard Web-compatible ones. Metallized colours could vary because the lights change their look when spotting them.

Colour Italian
Metallized Appearance
White Bianco no  
Red Swift Rosso Swift no  
Red Etna Rosso Etna yes  
Red Bright Rosso Bright yes  
Yellow Broom Giallo Ginestra no  
Yellow Exploit Giallo Exploit yes  
Green Valley Verde Valley yes  
Blue Midnight Blue Midnight yes  
Grey Carbon Grigio Carbon yes  
Grey Trend Grigio Trend yes  
Grey Steel Grigio Steel yes  
Black Nero no  

Prices of Punto GT and its optionals

This part shows the prices applied to Punto GT by Fiat in Italy. The Italian prices are a bit increased after Italian government has introduced the Wreck law, that helps the drivers with 2.000.000 liras (= 1.173 US$) if they demolish an older-than-10-years car and they buy a new car from 01/01/97 to 09/30/97. This law should promote car industry, especially the Italian one, and it should even remove lots of oldest cars from Italian roads.

That's why Fiat Punto overtook Volkswagen Golf in European sold units during the first two quarters of 1997.

Summing up the basic Punto GT in Italy may cost:

These values are taken from Quattoruote:

Current prices are taken from Quattroruote's July 97 issue, the most popular Italian car magazine. The prices include VAT.
OptionalItalian LirasUS Dollars
1 US$ = 1705 ITL.
Fiat Punto GT 32.000.000 18.768
Rear restraints 160.000 94
Car Stereo High 4x30W 990.000 580
Speakers preinstallation 220.000 129
Leather upholstery 2.560.000 1.501
Electrical roof 1.180.000 692
Passenger airbag 370.000 217
Metallized painting 350.000 205

Prices are taken from popular magazines.
Where it's sold DateITL. US$DM. UK. Notes
Italy 07/01/97 32.000.000 18.768 32.887 - -

Price over the years

Fiat Punto GT's Italian price substantially increased since Punto's introduction in November '93 on the Italian market. This chart shows the price enflation.

Punto GT prices increased over the years...

The three Punto GT series

Punto GT production spots three series of the most powerful Punto Mk1 car:

  • 1st series (1993-1995)
    most powerful engine, rear badge not different from other Punto Mk1
  • 2nd series (1995-1997)
    revised engine, rear badge with bigger GT red logo
  • 3rd series (1997-1999)
    less powerful engine, ECU maps updated to more severe emissions, dark grey wheels