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Even in modern combustion engines, most of the energy stored in the fuel is lost as waste heat. Depending on the operating unit and driving conditions, up to 90% of the fuel energy is found in the exhaust gas and the cooling water.
Amovis GmbH has patented a unique system which uses a large part of the waste heat and recycles it as mechanical or electrical energy. This provides considerable savings in consumption and reductions in emissions.
In close cooperation with the Technical University in Berlin and with the support of the Berlin senate, Amovis GmbH is developing an APU system on the basis of the Amovis waste heat recovery system (SteamCell). An APU (auxiliary power unit) provides electricity in a motor vehicle, independently of the engine. A prototype vehicle has already been made and the tests are being carried out. The results are extremely promising! Depending on the area of use, the Amovis SteamCell has clear advantages over other APU systems, such as the fuel cell.

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