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Hikarunix CD
Reviewed by JC Chetrit

        After hearing through the French Go Federation that there was a free go player's CD that boots Linux, I tried it recently and am very impressed. I downloaded the ISO image from the website (see above) and burned a CD with that. I then rebooted my computer, letting it boot from the CD. The Linux operating system loaded itself in RAM (non-permanent memory) and discovered all my hardware, including the internet connection. The Operating System treats the hard disk as read-only, which means that you cannot harm your PC.
        The desktop is very attractive and the applications available are all free and contain almost anything a go player would ever need: introduction to the game, learn to play, go encyclopedias, software to surf the web (with prominent links to the best go websites), 5000 go problems, 14,000 professional games, Gnu Go which will play go against you, an sgf editor, 6 clients to play go on the internet, your own go server, Kombilo (a database to organize your sgf files), etc.
        Should you have a slow connection to the Net, or not want to burn a CD from an ISO image, or want a CD with a very attractive logo, your cost will be an enormous $5 + $1.50 for shipping from Hikarunix. Did I mention that this could also be used to learn about Linux, since you have a perfectly good operating system that may work on your PC even if your hard disk dies. Power users actually use such CDs to repair broken Windows machines (see article in Tom's Hardware).
        For more details, contact Jean-Claude Chetrit at jc@BrooklynGoClub.org

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