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Word-Cloud Generator

A Java application that creates attractive "word clouds" from your source texts.

Date Posted: April 6, 2009

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Update: June 16, 2009
New version adds a single command-line option that lets you send your word cloud to a printer.


What is Word-Cloud Generator?

The IBM Word-Cloud Generator (WCG) is a Java application that creates word clouds from your source texts. It's built on the same technology that powers the popular "Wordle" web application.

How does it work?

WCG is a "command line application", without a graphical user interface. It would be suitable for use in an automated process to generate word clouds from some data source, for example.

WCG works with either unstructured text or tab-separated data files containing weighted words or phrases. When given unstructured text, the program uses a word's relative frequency as its weight. WCG comes with optional "stop word" lists for many languages.

WCG is Unicode-compliant, and therefore able to process text in any language that can be represented in Unicode characters.

WCG uses a configuration file to control all of the settings that affect the output, such as font, layout, the treatment of stop-words, etc. The distribution comes with a well-commented sample configuration file, which documents all of the configuration options and default values.

About the technology author(s)

Jonathan Feinberg is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM Research, Collaborative User Experience, in Cambridge, MA, USA.


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