What have Singapore and Malaysia requested the ICJ to decide in this dispute?

Singapore and Malaysia have requested the ICJ to determine who has sovereignty over (a) Pedra Branca; (b) Middle Rocks; (c) South Ledge.

What happened after Singapore and Malaysia submitted the Special Agreement to the ICJ in July 2003?

In accordance with the terms of the Special Agreement, the ICJ scheduled three rounds of written pleadings, which were to be exchanged simultaneously. These were duly submitted on 25 March 2004, 25 January 2005 and 25 November 2005.

In May 2006, the ICJ decided that no further written pleadings were required, thus closing the written proceedings phase of the case.

The case then moved to the oral proceedings phase. Both Singapore and Malaysia made oral arguments before the ICJ from 6-23 November 2007. These hearings were open to the public and were held at the ICJ's Seat at the Peace Palace at The Hague (Netherlands).

Transcripts of the speeches are available on the ICJ's website.

How can I obtain more information on the ICJ?

For more information, please see: http://www.icj-cij.org/.