dr. Sigurður

This is the home page of dr. Sigurdur Gylfi Magnusson who is a historian and the chair of the Center of Microhistorical Research at the Reykjavik Academy.

The home page includes my curriculum vitae, a detailed summary of my books and selected articles, excerpts from some chapters of my books, and full length articles published in English. It also contains some photographs from my books and drawings from two farmers from the nineteenth century, who became a subject of my studies few years back. Links are also to be found for Icelandic readers on a number of subjects relating to my activity as an chairman of the Reykjavik Academy (1997-2000), the vice-president and later president of the Icelandic Historical Association (1997-2000), and the chief coordinator of a national wide campaign called "the Day of the Diary" (the 15th of October 1998).

This home page will be updated regularly and is connected both to the website microhistory.org which is a center for information on microhistory, and also the home page of the Reykjavik Academy.

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