Red Wolf Woods
More on Red Wolves
The Red Wolf had nearly vanished from the wild in the 1970s. By 1980 the Red Wolf population was down to 14 pure wolves, which were brought to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium as part of the recovery program, known as the Species Survival Plan (or SSP), a program managed by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association.

All species that are part of the Species Survival Plan are carefully managed through scientific methods. As such all the Red Wolves are known by unique number designations given to them when born. The use of number designations for each wolf helps in the tracking and management of the Red Wolf population.

Thanks to the efforts of Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium and other organizations, the Red Wolf population has grown from 14 to over 250 wolves. Red Wolves have even been reintroduced to the wild and are continuing to grow in numbers to this day.

More information on Red Wolf history and conservation is available here.

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