See The Polar Bears
Then venture further to see polar bears! Watch the bears swim in their 11-foot-deep saltwater pool from the observation platform or go downstairs to come nose-to-nose with them.

The polar bear exhibit earned the 1982 Exhibit Achievement Award from the American Zoo and Aquarium Association for "Best New Exhibit" of the year and is still regarded as among the best in the world.  

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is providing sanctuary for two polar bears, Boris and Kenneth, who were rescued from an abusive situation with a circus in 2002. They are thriving at the Zoo. The other two resident bears, Blizzard and Glacier, have been here since they were cubs.

Great white bears in the Great White North
PDZA staff biologist and polar bear keeper Derek spent a week in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada this fall studying the amazing animals in their natural habitat. Learn more about his trip and read a blog about his adventures.

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