South Pacific Aquarium
The next best thing to a tropical vacation, the South Pacific Aquarium features dozens of brightly colored tropical fish and eels swimming in the 24,000-gallon Lagoon exhibit. Dive deeper to discover the Blue Hole, where deeper-dwelling fish peek at you from their hiding places in the life-like artificial coral. Come face-to-face with dozens of sharks as they explore their 240,000-gallon Outer Reef environment. Watch staff biologists feed the sharks or dive with them.
Click here to see a schedule of dives and shark feeding times.

Shark species:
Lemon shark, Nurse shark, Sandtiger shark, Black-tip reef shark, Wobbegong shark, Sandbar shark
Other large species: Crevalle Jack, Grouper

North Pacific Aquarium

Puget Sound is home to fascinating and beautiful creatures that you can see up close at the North Pacific Aquarium. View Northwest native species, including salmon, rockfish, jellies, bay pipefish, giant Pacific octopus and much more. Enjoy the large community exhibit from above, or explore the lower level of the North Pacific Aquarium where familiar landmarks and marine habitats are portrayed in the Around the Sound exhibit gallery. Outside the aquarium building, peer into the cool waters of the North Pacific Tidepool to find urchins and anemones. These newly renovated exhibits are now open!

Marine Discovery Center

Visit the Marine Discovery Center inside the North Pacific Aquarium to discover firsthand what a sea star or sea urchin feels like. Take part in a squid dissection, try on a costume, make a fun art project and learn how we can all protect Puget Sound habitats for the marine critters in our own backyards. Find out more.

Once Upon a Tide: A Seahorse Odyssey

Take a magical journey through three seahorse kingdoms with your tour guide, Potbelly Seahorse. Discover the kelp, coral reef and eelgrass kingdoms, home to seahorses and their relatives. This exhibit, located on the upper floor of the North Pacific Aquarium, features four different kinds of seahorses, as well as leafy and weedy sea dragons, pipefish, trumpet fish, clown fish and more. On your journey, you'll also learn about Project Seahorse, an international conservation effort that is helping to protect seahorses in their fragile environments.
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