Asian Forest Sanctuary
Sprawling over five acres, there are six exhibit areas with many viewing points, as well as a waterfall, streams, ponds, mineral licks, and bamboo forest. You will quickly discover why this exhibit is called a sanctuary.

Rocky Shores
Some of the Zoo's most beloved animals�Pacific walrus, sea otters and tufted puffins�live in this award-winning habitat. You can view this exhibit above and below water, offering a "closer than ever" look at these marine animals.

Arctic Tundra
The Arctic Tundra exhibit mirrors a coastal setting near Point Hope, Alaska. Travel along sloping walkways into the "Far North" and encounter reindeer and Arctic foxes as well as massive muskox, known to the indigenous tundra people as "Oomingmak." Then, venture further to see polar bears!

South Pacific Aquarium-Plunge into a tropical world featuring sharks, coral reefs and other fascinating marine life.

North Pacific Aquarium-Tour two floors of exhibits, including the hands-on Marine Discovery Center.  See salmon, jellyfish, octopi and much more.

Red Wolves
We are pleased to provide our visitors with the chance to observe our Red Wolves and learn more about this important recovery program. Learn what Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is doing to save the endangered red wolf from extinction.

Other Exhibits
Birds of Prey,
Tide Pool & Penguins and the
Small Animals Exhibit .

Kids' Zone
This fanciful exhibit engages children in active learning through play. The focus is on fun, movement and learning what animals need to thrive. Explore the Magical Movement area where kids can climb and move or visit Contact Junction and meet live animals up-close. Head over to Animal Avenue to meet meerkats, lemurs and much more!

Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater
The Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater invites you to watch exciting animals showing their amazing talents on the naturalistic stage as the presenters take you on an outdoor adventure.

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