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It is with great regret that we have learnt that Michael Davies passed away on
25th September 2004.

Please pray for the repose of his soul.


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Synopsis of the author - Michael Davies

Michael Davies, who was born in 1936, was brought up in Somerset, although of Welsh descent, and served as a regular soldier in the Somerset Light Infantry during the Malayan emergency, the Suez Crisis, and the EOKA campaign in Cyprus. He then taught in Catholic schools for thirty years until retiring in 1992 to take up writing full time. He has contributed articles to Catholic journals throughout the English-speaking world, and is the author of seventeen full length books and several dozen pamphlets relating to the Catholic Faith, some of them have been translated into a number of languages. His recent biographies of St. John Fisher and Cardinal Newman have been widely praised throughout the English-speaking world. Cranmer's Godly Order, his account of the Reformation in England is now in its sixth edition. He makes regular visits to Rome for discussions with members of the Curia, including a number of prominent cardinals, and has lectured throughout the world in countries as far afield as the Philippines, India, and Nigeria.

Synopsis of the book "Medjugorje after Twenty-One Years - The Definitive History" by Michael Davies

This website contains the sixth edition of his book which gives the most definitive English-language account available of the events which have been taking place since 1981 at Medjugorje in Herzegovina. Michael's wife Marija, who is Croatian, and his son Adrian, who is bi-lingual, have given him considerable help by translating material from the original Croatian, and the two bishops of the Diocese of Mostar-Duvno during the past twenty-years have made all the necessary official documentation available to him. The present bishop, Dr. Ratko Peric, wrote with regard to the fourth edition of the book:

"You write with Catholic conviction and Christian frankness is quite clear that you are driven by a desire for the truth in your investigations into the phenomenon of Medjugorje... Three episcopal commissions as well the entire Bishops' Conference have already been convinced that on the basis of the investigations that have been carried out to date it is impossible to confirm that there have been supernatural manifestations and messages in Medjugorje, but various superstitions are spreading. In your book you base yourself upon the official documents and teaching of the Church. There are far too many inaccurate versions of events spread throughout the world, above all by the efforts and the agency of those in the service of the so-called apparitions at Medjugorje."

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