Résumé of Secretary General of Waatasemu Charity


1.      Dr. Aisha Muammer Ghathafi was awarded the licentiate of law by faculty of law of Al Fattah University in 1998.


2.      She was awarded the Masters of International law degree in 2000 by department of postgraduate studies of Al Fattah University.


3.      She pursued the PhD of international law in the Sorbonne in Paris. then she discontinued her thesis - due to violations of international law throughout the world-  uttering her famous words ( it is futile and a waste of time for me to study something that does not exist).


4.      In appreciation of her courageous stance Ms. Dr. Aisha Muammer Ghathafi  was awarded the honorary PhD certificate in 2003.


5.      On 14/01/2008 Al Merghib University awarded her The PhD of Criminal Sciences degree.



Dr. Aisha Muammer Ghathafi  is affiliated with several local and international foundations, being :


1.      Secretary General of Waatasemu Charity.

2.      Chairman of the managing committee of Ghathafi’s project for youth, child and African woman.

3.      The UN’s good intentions ambassador in Jamahiriya.

4.      Honorary Secretary of Civil Associations Union.

5.      Honorary chairman of senior academic commission of international law and civil rights in Iraq.

6.      Honorary Secretary of The Jamahiri Girl’s Office.

7.      Honorary Secretary of Libyan Publishers’ Union.

8.      Honorary Secretary of the legal confederation of assembly of coast and desert states.

9.      Honorary Secretary of Libyan society for safe childhood.

10.  Honorary Secretary of the doctors’ organization ( Assembly of coast and desert states).

11.  Honorary Secretary of general union of  woman’s societies.

12.  Member of defense panel of the late Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.


Dr. Aisha Muammer Ghathafi received numerous  decorations and shields in appreciation of her proactive role in activating the humane voluntary action, namely:


1.      Premium award of the distinguished “coast and desert” girl in 2008.  

2.      The distinguished Libyan girl award in 2007.

3.      The shield of the national union of Tunisian woman in 2007.

4.      Shield of the general union of Arab students in 2007.

5.      The order of Bahrain’s Monarch in 2006.

6.      Shield of the Islamic Center for Quran Sciences in 2006.

7.      Academy’s Golden Medal by Azerbaijan’s Academy of Energy in 2006.

8.      Nominated as the leading Arab personage of 2005 in a poll conducted by the weekly Al Adawaa Newspaper.

9.      Legion of Honor  of the 1st degree of Republic of Chad in 2005.

10.   Award  of the distinguished Arab woman in the domain of public participation. Egypt 2005.

11.  Shield of The international fund for the children affected by Chernobyl’s reactor awarded in 2005.

12.  Shield of woman’s union of The Ukraine, 2004.

13.  Shield of Moslem women’s society of Thailand, 2004

14.  Shield of  Secretariat – General of Woman’s affairs in Jamahiriya in 2004.

15.  Shield of the general meeting of Arab an d African civil organizations in 2004.

16.  Order of contribution and excellence of general union of civil associations for the handicapped care in 2004.

17.  Shield of ministry of health of Republic of Niger in appreciation of her efforts and contributions in eliminating endemic diseases in the republic, 2003.

18.  Shield of general legists union of the coast and desert assembly, 2003.

19.  Shield of faculty of law of Cairo University, 2002.

20.  Certificate of appreciation by Dr. Suleiman Hitich president of Bosnia for her efforts and aid extended to women and children during the civil war in former Yugoslavia.

21.  Legion of Honor of Latin America’s Female lawyers’ union  held in Caracas- Venezuela. This legion of honor is awarded to world illustrious and distinguished personages engaged in the field of human rights.


Dr. Aisha Muammer Ghathafi signed several humane action activation agreements and memorandums, namely :

1.      Signed a third party financial participation agreement between Waatasemu charity and The UN program for the construction of  Muammer Abu Minyar Ghathafi’s school in Gaza Strip.

2.      Signed a memorandum of understanding in 2009 with the resident coordinator of The UN organization regarding AIDS fighting.

3.      Signed a memorandum of understanding in 2006 with The UN’s regional drug & crime enforcement  representative for the Middle East and North Africa.

4.      Signed a joint cooperation agreement with the president of  the international ophthalmic disease treatment organization “Orbis”.

5.      Signed a joint cooperation agreement with Meinz University in Germany for rendering medical services to deaf children.

6.      Singe memorandum of understanding with UNDP ( United Nation Development Programs ) to provide a framework of cooperation and facilitate on a non – exclusion basis in areas of common interest on 2010 . 

Her most significant charity work :

1.      Introducing policewoman sections within police stations.

2.      Founding a special violated women protection program via the hotline 1515.

3.      Established the center for treatment of autistic children.

4.      Established the ICDL license center for the blind.

5.      Established the computer center for youth habilitation and training.

6.      Mobilized health campaigns to several African and Arab countries.

7.      Supervised and contributed to the process of vaccinating three million Libyan children.

8.      Contributed to the diagnosis and treatment of several children affected by Chernobyl reactor.

9.      Sponsored local and regional training workshops for the religious female preachers fighting Aids.

10.  Inaugurated training laboratories and educational classes within the correctional facilities.

11.  Care of nationality strategic  projection to support woman in the LIBYA 2010_2014.