The Amsterdam Brewing Company is your community brewery located in the heart of Toronto. Although we've moved a couple of times over the years and our name doesn't sound like we're from this great city, we're Torontonians through and through. We brew good beer, right here. Check out our Amster'Dam good story to understand where we came from, where we've been, and where we are today.

Toronto's first brew pub.

In the fall of 1985, Dutchman Roel Bramer purchased a run-down tire retreading plant at 133 John Street in downtown Toronto. His initial plan was to open up a restaurant, but part way through the renovation, the Ontario government passed legislation that allowed restaurants to brew and sell their own beer. Named after the city in the country of Bramer's birth, The Amsterdam Brasserie and Brewpub was born in September of 1986 and was the first of its kind in Toronto. A leader of the craft beer revolution, The Amsterdam brewed a variety of beers including Nut Brown Ale, Bitters, Lagers, and a number of seasonal and specialty brews.

King Street Days

In 1988, Bramer opened a second brew pub called The Rotterdam, located at 600 King Street W. As the largest brew pub in the world at the time, The Rotterdam was equipped with a $500,000 brew house in anticipation of legal changes that would allow brew pubs to bottle and sell their products for home consumption. When the law never changed, Bramer decided the Rotterdam's large capacity would be best utilized as a microbrewery. In order to focus on this new venture, the Amsterdam on John St. was sold in the fall of 1993 and the following spring saw a new microbrewery emerged in Toronto under the name "The Amsterdam Brewing Company".

Welcome to Amsterdam

Two great brew pubs became one, and one brewery became great. Over the next few years, The Amsterdam Brewing Company introduced Torontonians to the fine craft lagers and ales that are available right now. In 2002, Roel Bramer handed the brewery over to Jeff Carefoote who now leads The Amsterdam in our quest to make the best in craft beer. Today, our brewery can be found downtown at 21 Bathurst Street where we continue to make the freshest and finest in beer for you. So come over sometime to say 'Hi', take a tour, or sample our unique brews. We'll welcome you to our Amsterdam, your Amsterdam, and Toronto's Amsterdam Brewing Company.