This list contains information about those expeditions from which the SIO Geological Collections holds sample materials.
Acapulco Geological Expedition  AGE, AGEX R/V S. F. Baird 1956 Cores  
Acapulco Trench Expedition (See Chubasco) CHUB        
Agassiz 1967 A1GC R/V Agassiz 1967    
Agassiz-ES-66-1 (Also known as Student Cruise - 1966.)  ES-66-1, ES, ES66 R/V Agassiz 1966    
Agassiz 69-06-1  AG-69, AG-69-06, AG-69-06-1, AG-69-6 R/V Agassiz 1969 Dredges  
Alarcon ALAR R/V Roger Reville 1998 Cores and Dredges Cores received from Miriam Kastner/Barbara Ransom (SIO). 
Albatross  ALB USFCS Albatross 1882-1921    
Alcyone  ALCY R/V Melville 1985 Dredges Several samples (all?) with Harmon Craig Collection.
Alpha Helix  (None) R/V Alpha Helix 1975 Dredges Marcia Rottman, previously of the University of Colorado, is contact. 
ALVIN Submersible (Core Samples)  ALV ALVIN Submersible ? Cores  Only 3 cores in the Collections: ALV-907, ALV-911, ALV-920.  
ALVIN Submersible - 1979    ALVIN Submersible/Lulu (Deployment Boat)/Melville ("Dormitory" Ship) 1979 Rock Samples Only Samples collected between legs of the IndoMed expedition.
ALVIN Submersible - 1987 (See also A2-124-6). WOK     Rock Sample Only The Woods Hole ship, A2 was the mother ship for ALVIN. Part of A2-124-6 expedition. "WOK" derived from appearance of sediments in sampler, "like food being cooked in a wok." 
Amigo-74  AMGO, AMI, SM  Valdivia   1974 Cores Cores placed in the Collections by Gustav Arrhenius in 1976. Apparently from a German expedition: Helmut Richer of Hannover is contact. 
Amphitrite  AMP, AMPH R/V Argo  1963-1964 Cores and Dredges  
Antipode  ANT, ANTP R/V Melville  1970-1971 Cores and Dredges  
Aphrodite  APRO R/V E.B. Scripps  1968 Neither  
Argo-3-65  ARGO-3-65 Argo  1965 Cores 32 heat-probe samples.
Arguello ALO, ARG, ARGL, ARGU  R/V Horizon  1957 Cores  
Ariadne  ARIA R/V T. Washington  1982 Cores All cores taken by Margaret Leinen to the University of Rhode Island.
Aries  ARIES, ARES R/V T. Washington  1970-1971 Cores and Dredges  
Atlantis II 93-5  A2-093-5, A2-93-5  R/V Atlantis II  1978 Cores WHOI ship, Atlantis 2, Expedition 93, Leg 5. Bob Fisher is an SIO contact. 
Atlantis II 112-4  A2-112-4, A2, A2-112 R/V Atlantis II  1984 Core, Dredge Samples, AlVIN-Dive Samples WHOI ship, Atlantis 2, Expedition 112, Leg 4.
Atlantis II 112-24 A2-112-24, A2, A2-112 R/V Atlantis II  1985   WHOI ship, Atlantis 2, Expedition 112, Leg.24.
Atlantis II 112-29 (Also known as Guaymas-85) A2-112-29, Guaymas, Guay-85 R/V Atlantis II  1985 Cores  
Atlantis II 124-6 (See also ALVIN-1987) A2-124-6, WOK, A2-124 R/V Atlantis II  1987 Dredges WHOI ship, Atlantis 2, Expedition 124, Leg 6. contact: Jim Hawkins.
Atlantis II 131-10 A2-131-10  R/V Atlantis II  1994 Cores WHOI ship, Atlantis 2, Expedition 131, Leg 10.
Avon02  AVON02 R/V Melville  1999 Dredges  
Avon03 AVON03 R/V Melville  1999 Dredges  
Avon04 AVON04 R/V Melville  1999 Dredges  
Bacanyon  BAC R/V Argo  1962   Name thought to be derived from "Baja Canyon."
Bache BACHE USC&GSS Bache 1872-1901, 1914   Dry raw samples are in T-42 (SeaWeed Canyon) as of 1993. See also for "Grampus" samples.
Bahama Canyon BAHCAN, BC R/V T. Washington 1964, 1965   Sea-floor canyons surrounding the Bahamas. Studied by Francis Shepard.
Baja 69  BAJA69, BAJA-69, BJ69 R/V Oconostota  1969 Dredges  
(Baja Peninsula 94) BAP94 B/O El Puma 1994 Cores Contact: Juan-Carlos Herguera.
Baja Peninsula 96 (See Comments) BAP96 B/O El Puma   Cores Contact: Juan -Carlos Herguera. (Herguera gives May 1994 as collection date.) 
BANZARE  BANZARE, BANZ  Discovery, Norvegia, Kilfinora 1929-1931   Expedition name is acronym for British/Australian/New Zealand/Antarctic/Research/Expedition. 
Bathyl 2  BATHYL R/V New Horizon  1982 One Core Only  
Benthic  BENTH, BNTH R/V Melville  1982-1983 Cores and Dredges  
Benthic Impact Experiment BIE        
Benthiface02  BNFC R/V Melville  1973 Cores  
Bepra  BPRA R/V Moana Wave  1989 Cores Acronym = Biological (Evaluation) of a Protected Reserve Area. A NOAA supprted expedition with primary objective to characterize the benthic macrofauna.
Blanco Trough  BLTR R/V Melville  1987 Dredges  
Bonacca  BONA, BON-A, BON A, BON R/V S. F. Baird  1963 Core and Snapper Samples   
Bonanza BONZ R/V T. Washington  1982 Dredges  
Bongol        Core? Dry Samples Contact: Ed Goldberg (SIO)
Boomerang02 BMRG02, BMRG R/V Melville 1995 Dredges  
Boomerang03 BMRG05, BMRG R/V Melville 1995 Cores  
Boomerang05 BMRG03, BMRG R/V Melville 1996 Dredges Sent to Curator, College of Oceanography, Oregon State University.
Boomerang08 BMRG08, BMRG R/V Melville 1996 Dredges  
Boomerang09 BMRG09, BMRG R/V Melville 1996 Dredges Two dredge samples (122D and 124D) from BMRG09 went to Pat Castillo, Jim Hawkins and Jerry Winterer directly from the ship.
Cabrillo (Shepard)  CAB R/V S. F. Baird  1960 Dredges  
California Basins  CAB, CABS, CABS12 R/V New Horizon  1990 2 Box Cores Only  
Calmar01  CLMR01 R/V New Horizon  1992 Cores Name derivation - California Margin. 
Calmar02  CLMR02 R/V New Horizon  1993 Cores Name derivation - California Margin. 
Capricorn -Horizon CAP, CAPH, Zodiac sign for Capricorn R/V Horizon  1952-1953 Cores and Dredges  
Capricorn-Baird CAP, CAPB, Zodiac sign for Capricorn R/V S. F. Baird 1952-1953 Cores and Dredges  
Carmarsel  CARM, CRM, CRMS, CRS, NOVA-H R/V Horizon  1967 Core, Blasted and Dredge Samples Cores labeled Nova-H (Carmarsel).
Carnegie  CARN N-MY Carnegie  1909-1929    
Carnaval94  CRNA94, CARNA94 R/V Francisco de Ulloa 1994 Cores Contact: Juan-Carlos Herguera.
Carrousel II  CARR, CARO, CARR2, CARR II R/V S. F. Baird  1964 Cores and Dredges  
Carsat II  CRST R/V T. G. Thompson  1975 Cores Donated to SIO by Ed Ruth of UCLA 25 June 1975.
Cascadia  CAS, CASC,  USS Epce (Marysville ?) 1952 Cores and Dredges  Dredges 1, 2, 6, 7 and 10 reported missing.
Catalina Basin  CAT-BAS, CATBAS R/V Melville  1970 Cores and Dredges  
Cato (Leg 3)  CATO R/V Melville  1972 Cores and Dredges  
Center  CENT, CNTR R/V T. Washington  1978 Dredges  
Ceres  CERE R/V T. Washington  1982 Dredges  
Ceride CERD, CRDE R/V Oconostota 1972 Cores and Dredges  
(CGA) CGA        
Chain 100  CHAIN, CHAIN 100 R/V Chain (WHOI)  1971 Cores  
Chaneel  CHAN, CHNL, OA, OA68, OA-68 R/V Oconostota  1968 Cores and Dredges Contact: Joe Curray (SIO).
Chepr CHEP, CHEP02 R/V New Horizon  1985 Dredges Contacts: Rody Batiza, Charles Langmuir, John Bender.
Chil19VG (Also known as Gormaz Test.) CHIL19VG, Gormaz Test R/V Vidal Gormaz nee R/V T. Washington 1992   The ship, R. V. Washington was transferred to the Chilean government in 1992(?) and renamed the R/V Vidal Gormaz.
Chinook  CHIN, CK R/V S. F. Baird  1956 Cores  
Chubasco (Also known as Acapulco Trench Expedition and Champarico.)  CH, CHUB, CHAM R/V S. F. Baird, R/V Horizon  1954 Cores  
Chubasco 94  CH94 B/O El Puma 1994 Cores  
Circe  CIRC R/V Argo  1968-1969  Cores and Dredges Some samples sent to Oregon State University and the University of Edinburgh.
Climax I,II (SCAN),IV,VII,VIII  CLX, CLMX R/V Argo, Baird, Horizon, Alpha Helix, Agassiz  1968-1973 Cores  
CNP  CNP 1986    
Center  CNTR R/V T. Washington      
Cocotow  CCTW, COCO R/V Melville  1974 Cores and Dredges  
Corner02 CRNR02 R/V New Horizon 1998 Cores and Dredges Also known as NAVO9806NH.
Coronado Bank CB R/V E. W. Scripps 1950-1951 Cores  
Craters  CRATERS R/V Atlantis II  1984 Dredges  
Crisscross  CRCS, X-Cross, XCROSS R/V S. F. Baird  1963 Cores and Dredges  
Crossgrain (01,02,03)  CRGN R/V T. Washington  1987 Cores and Dredges  
Cusp  CUSP R/V S. F. Baird  1954 Cores  
Danish Expedition (See Galathea)  GALA, GALATHEA HMS (?) Galathea 1951    
Davidson  DVDS USC&GS Davidson 1967 Dredges (?) Not a conventional SIO expedition. 
Deep Pacific, Japan Trench (See also Zetes, Leg 4b) DEEPAC X, ZTES4b R/V Argo 1996    
Deep Sea Drilling Project  DSDP D/V Glomar Challenger  1968-1983 Cores  
Deep Sea Ventures  DSV R/V Prospector 1976 Cores Mn nodules previously on the surface of the box-core samples have sunk into the sediment.
Deepsonde  DPSN R/V Washintgon  1976 Cores and Dredges  
Deepstar Dives DEEPSTAR Deepstar Submersible  1966 Dredges Contact: Jerry Winterer (SIO). 
Deloneer  DELO R/V Oconostota  1972 Cores  
Discoverer (Not an SIO expedition; but samples in Special Collections)   USC&GSS Discoverer 1922-1941   Smear-slide data available. 
Dittow  DITW, DTTW R/V T. Washington    Cores  
Dodo  DODO R/V Argo  1964 Cores and Dredges  
Dodo Tow        Cores  
Doldrums  DLDR R/V S. F. Baird,Stranger,Horizon  1958 Neither  
Dolphin  DOLP, DOLPH, DO R/V Horizon  1958 Cores  
Downwind - Baird  DNWB, DW, DWB, DWN R/V S. F. Baird  1957-1958 Cores and Dredges Samples labeled DWBG = Downwind-Baird Gravity Core. 
Downwind - Horizon  DNWH, DW, DWH, DWN R/V Horizon  1957-1958 Cores and Dredges Samples labeled DWHG = Downwind-Horizon Gravity Core, DWHH = Downwind-Horizon Hydrographic Phleger Bottom Sampler, DWHD = Downwind-. Horizon Dredge Sample.
Dragon DRAGON R/V Agassiz  1969 Cores and Dredges   
Drill  DRIL R/V T. Washington  1990    
East Pacific Long Line EPLL, EPLL01WT R/V T. Washington  1977 Cores  
EBS-1-76-SC EBS-1, EBS, EBS-1-76 R/V E. B. Scripps  1976 Core (Dart) Only Joint SIO and USGS expedition.
EBS-82 (Also know as Student Cruise - 82) EBS-82,  R/V E. B. Scripps  1982 One Core Name derived from ship name, E. B. Scripps.
Echo  ECHO, ECHO-1 R/V Melville  1983 Cores Box cores originally labeled H347-H362 (Bob Hessler's numbering system.)
El Tempranillo  ET97 B/O El Puma 1997 Cores From CICESE.
Eniwetok  ENIW R/V Alpha Helix or H. M. Smith?  1971 Cores  
Equatow  EQU, EQUA, EQUT,  R/V T. Washington  1969 Cores  
ES-66-1  ES, ES66, Agassiz-66-1, ES-66-1 R/V Agassiz  1966 Dredges  
ES-81  ES-81, Earth Science 81, Student Cruise-81 R/V E. B. Scripps  1981 Cores  
Eurydice (02-08)  ERDC R/V T. Washington  1974-1975 Cores and Dredges  
EW Scripps - 1938  EWS, EWS38, E. Wl Scripps E. W. Scripps 1938 Cores and Dredges Name derived from ship name,  E. W. Scripps. Fields note apparently taken by Francis Shepard.
EW Scripps - 1940 EWS40 E. W. Scripps 1940    
Experimental Mohole  EM, EXP-MOH R/V Horizon, R/V S. F. Baird, Orca, D/V Cuss I  1961 Cores The 'Moho" in Mohole relates to the Mohorovicic discontinuity, the ultimate coring objective (not realized) of that project. 
Explorer Expedition 60 - US Coast and Geodetic Survey  EXP60, EX60, USC + GS, USCGS, Project 08700 USC&GS Explorer 1960 Cores  
Fanfare - Baird  FANB, FANF, FAN R/V S. F. Baird  1959 Cores and Dredges Cores labeled FAN BG-1, FAN BG-2 are gravity cores.Those labeled BD-1 are dredge samples. FAN BP samples are piston cores (maybe also piston/gravity, i.e trigger cores).
Fanfare- Smith FANS, FANHMS, FAN-HMS, FAN R/V H. M. Smith 1959 Cores Cores labeled FAN BG-1, FAN BG-2 are gravity cores.Those labeled BD-1 are dredge samples. FAN BP samples are piston cores (maybe also piston/gravity, i.e. trigger cores).
Flip  FLIP, FLHE, FL, WRS-5  R/V Horizon  1963 Cores  
Francis Drake - 1975  FD75, FDRK, F. DRAKE, F. DRAKE-3 R/V Melville  1975 Cores and Dredges   
Francis Drake - 1977  FD77 R/V Melville  1977 Cores  
Galathea (Not an SIO expedition; Special Collections, only.) GALA, GALATHEA Galathea 1950-1952   Danish (2nd) Deep-Sea Round-The-World Expedition.
Geosecs  GECS R/V Melville, R/V T. Washington, R/V Knorr  1973-1974 One Core (Dredge ?)  
Gloria (04, 07, 08) GLOR, GLOR04, GLOR07, GLOR08 R/V Melville  1992-1993 Dredges Another contact: Mary Ann Lynch
Gormaz Test (Also known as Chil19VG.)  CHIL19VG R/V Vidal Gormaz nee T. Washington 1992 One Dredge Sample The ship, R/V. T. Washington, was transferred to the Chilean government in 1992(?) and renamed the R/V Vidal Gormaz.
Gulfcal (See also Vermilion Sea)  L, L-Series R/V H. M. Smith 1961 Core Only  
Gulf of California Mid America Trench GMAT-70, GMAT USNS DeSteiguer 1970 Dredges Naval Undersea Research Development Center. 
Guaymas- 78 GUAY-78, GUAY03WT, GUAY03,GUAY3 R/V Thomas Washington 1978 Cores and Dredges  
Guaymas-85 (See AII-112-29)  Atlantis II 1985  
Guide (Not an SIO expedition; but samples in Special Collections)+A85 GUIDE USC&GSS Guide 1923-1941    
Hawa Canyon  HAWA R/V S. F. Baird  1959 Neither  
Helios01  HELI R/V Melville  1987 Dredges  
(HES-30) HES-30     Dredge   
Hilo  HILO R/V Stranger  1962 Cores  
HMS Challenger (Not SIO expedition; Special Collections, only.)  CHAL HMS Challenger  1873-1876    
(HT) HT        
Hydros06  HYDR R/V Melville  1989 Cores Samples to WHOI.
Hypogene  HYPO R/V Melville  1972 Cores and Dredges  
Indomed (01-17)  INMD R/V Melville  1977-1979 Cores and Dredges Potential contact for dredge samples: Bob Fisher (SIO)
Indopac  INDP R/V T. Washington  1976-1977 Cores and Dredges  
Japanyon  JPYN, JAP, JPN, JYN, JYN2, JYN4, JYN5 R/V S. F. Baird  1961 Cores  
Jasper Seamount (Sea Seatomato          
Kayak KYAK R/V Oconostota  1964    
La Paz (01,02)  LPAZ, LAPZ  R/V Melville  1980 Cores and Dredges  
La Jolla Bay  LJ        
La Jolla Canyon Student Cruise 82 - (See also Student Cruise - 82) EBS82 R/ V. E. B. Scripps 1982    
La Jolla Canyon Survey  LCS, LC R/V Army T-441  1959-1961    
La Jolla Fan (also Montcan2, Leg3) MTC2, LJF R/V Argo  1965   A Francis Shepard designation.
La Pared LAPD, LAP  R/V Argo  1965 Cores  
Leapfrog LFGS, LPFG R/V H. M. Smith, R/V Stranger  1961 Cores  
Llave  LLAV 1986 Cores  
Lucan Fan  LF R/V Horizon  1964 Neither  
Lusiad - Argo LSAD, LSD-A, LSD, LUSI  R/V Argo  1962 Cores Salhulsh III is part of the Lusiad-Argo expedition. Station (core numbers) have both LSDA and V designators.
Lusiad - Horizon LSDH, LSD, LUSI,  R/V Horizon 1963 Cores Salhulsh III is part of the Lusiad-Horizon expedition. Station (core numbers) have both LSDH and V designators.
Lusian (South China Sea) LSDA-SCS, SCS        
M-4-70 M470, M-4-70  R/V Melville  1970 Cores Name probably derived from Melville, 4th cruise, 1970
Magdalena Bay  MAGBAY R/V Horizon  1964    
Magma  MAGM R/V Melville  1982 Dredges  
Magval MAGVAL        
Marathon  MRTN R/V T. Washington  1984-1985 Dredges  
Marezine MARE Paolina-T 1961 Cores  
Mariana (04-11)  MARA R/V T. Washington  1978 Cores and Dredges Most cores to Sandia Labs. 
Marine Vertebrates  MV 65-1, MV 66-III R/V Horizon  1965    
Marvel-2000 AT3-60 R/V Atlantis 2000    
Marvel-2000/ALVIN ALV NUMBERS D/S ALVIN 2000    
Mechanical Devices  MEC        
Mendocino  MEN, MEND R/V S. F. Baird  1960 Cores and Dredges  
(Mero)  MERO     Cores  
Midpac  MDPC, MP R/V Horizon, USS EPCE(R)-857  1950 Cores and Dredges A joint U. S. Navy Electronics Lab. And Scripps Institution of Oceanography expedition.
Mid Pacific 68 (See Styx07) MPE68, STYX07 R/V Agissiz 1968    
MN74 MN74   1974 Cores "MN" in name probably derived from manganese or manganese nodules.
MN7402 MN7402   1974   "MN" in name probably derived from manganese or manganese nodules.
MN75, Bomdrop MN75, Bomdrop R/V Kana Keoki 1975 Neither "MN" in name probably derived from manganese or manganese nodules.
MN76 MN76, MN7601,PLDS-4 R/V Melville  1976 Grab Samples "MN" in name probably derived from manganese or manganese nodules.
Mohole Project  MOHO, MOH, EM, EXP-MOH R/V Orca  1961 Cores The ship "CUSP" was named for its owners, Continental, Union, Shell and Superior Oil companies.
Monsoon  MSN, MONS  R/V Argo  1960-1961 Cores and Dredges  
Montcan (See also Pifan.) MTC  R/V Horizon 1964 Cores and Dredges Name derived from Monterey Canyon. contact: Bill Normark (USGS, Menlo Park).
Montcan2 MTC2, MTC II, LJF R/V Argo 1965 Cores Name derived from Monterey Canyon. contact: Bill Normark (USGS, Menlo Park). Three box cores (LJF 86,87,88) taken from La Jolla Fan. Shepard used regional designations MTC and LJF rather than traditional expedition sequential numbering. 
Mukluk  MUK, MUKB, MK, MKLK R/V S. F. Baird  1957 Cores  
Mukluk  MUK, MUKH, MK, MKLK R. V. Horizon 1957 Cores  
Naga  NAGA R/V Stranger  1959-1961 Cores Stations numbered with NH prefixes. Sahul Shelf expedition is part of Naga.
NAVO9806NH (See Corner02)          
Nazcopac Dive  NAZCO Nazcopac submersible 1988 (?) Dive/Dredges Contact: Peter Lonsdale.
NEL-Guadalupe  NEL-G, NG R/V Argo ? 1953 Cores Name derived from Naval Electronics Laboratory.
NEL-Hawaii  NEL-H, NH   1953 Cores Name derived from Naval Electronics Laboratory.
Nemo  NEMO R/V Melville  2000    
NH 1285 (also NH 0186) NH1285, NH, NH0186 R/V New Horizon  1985-1986 Core and Bulk Material NH1285 and NH0186 derived from ship name, New Horizon - December, 1985 and January, 1986.
No Faculty Student Cruise  NOFAC, NFAC, NOFC R/V Melville  1980 Cores  
Northern Holiday  NO HOL, NH, NTHL R/V Horizon  1951 Cores  
Nova - Argo NOVA-A, NOV-A, NOV R/V Argo  1967 Cores and Dredges  
Nova - Horizon, Legs 1B,2,3,4) (See also Carmasel Notes.)  NOVA-H, NOV-H, NOV, CARMASEL R/V Horizon  1967 Cores and Dredges  
North Pacific Studies NPS, NPS 8 CGC Acushnet 1970 One Core Contact: David Muus.
OA 67 (See also Wildcat) OA 67 R/V Oconostota  1967 Cores OA67 derived from Oconastoga, 1967
OA 68 (See also Chaneel) OA68 R/V Oconostota  1968 Cores OA68 derived from Oconastoga, 1968
OA69 (See also Triple Junction) OA69 R/V Oconostota  1969 Cores OA69 derived from Oconastoga, 1969
OAOA03  OAOA03, OAOA R/V New Horizon 1999 Cores and Dredges
Oasis  OASI, OSIS R/V Melville  1982 Gravity Core Only Core 6G given to "Mexican Observer."
Ocean Drilling Program  ODP D/V JOIDES Resolution 1985 -     
Orca ORCA     Core Only (?) Cores numbered C-268 - C-505. Contact: Joe Curray (SIO).
(Pacific Volcanics- See Comments)  PV (Several) 1953-1964 Dredges Name (after Pacific volcanics) given by Al Engel to samples from several expeditions. 
PacMexico00 PACMEX00 B/O El Puma 2000   Name derived from Pacific - Mexico - 2000. Juan Herguera, contact.
Panorama01  PANR01 R/V Melville 1997 Cores  
Panorama04  PANR04 R/V Melville 1998 Dredge Samples   
Panorama06 PANR06 R/V Melville 1998    
Papagayo  PAPA, PAP R/V Argo  1965 Cores and Dredges  
Papatua (03,04,05,06,11)  PPTU R/V T. Washington  1985-1986 Cores and Dredges  
Papatua10  PPTU CW ?? 1986    
Pascua04  PASC  R/V T. Washington  1983 Dredges  
Phoenix02  PHNX R/V Melville  1992 Dredges Seabeam experiment.
Pifan PIF, PIFN R/V Horizon 1964 Cores and Dredges See also Montcan expedition. PIF 28G - 85Bx also labeled MTC-1 - MTC 57.
Pioneer (Not an SIO expedition, but samples in Special Collections)   USC&GSS Pioneer  (1920's-1930's)    
Pipedream Pipedream R/V Spencer, R/V S. F. Baird 1963 or 1965    
Piquero  PIQR, PIQ  R/V T. Washington  1968-1969 Cores and Dredges  
Pleiades(01,02,03,04)  PLDS, MN76 (in part), MN7601 (in part) R/V Melville  1976 Cores and Dredges  
Pleiades Test  PLDS, TST R/V Melville  1976 Cores A three-day shakedown expedition to test equipment on Melville and train personnel prior to the major Pleiades expedition. 
Plume05  PLUM  R/V T. Washington  1990 Cores and Dredges  
Pluto(01-04)  PLTO, PLUT R/V Melville  1981 Cores and Dredges  
Pluto07 PLTO, PLUT R/V New Horizon 1982 Dredges  
Point Sur PTSUR, PTSUR 02 R/V New Horizon  1988 Box Core Samples Only  
Pre-Experimental Mohole PRE-EM        
Proa  PROA R/V S. F. Baird  1962 Cores and Dredges (?)  
Protea  PROT R/V Melville  1983-1984 Dredges  
Quebrada  QBRA, QBR, QUEB R/V T. Washington  1969 Dredges  
R (See Vermillion Sea)          
Raitt(02,03)  RAIT R/V T. Washington  1988 Dredges  
Rama(01,03,06,07,08,10)  RAMA R/V T. Washington  1980-1981 Cores and Dredges  
Rapa Nui  RAPA R/V T. Washington  1990-1991 Neither  
Reciprocal Transmission Experiment  RTE, RTE7, RTEX R/V Melville  1987 Dredges  
Recorder (Not an SIO expedition.) RE, REC, REG C/S Recorder (British Ship) 1961 Cores Samples donated to the Geological Collections by William Riedel in October, 1961. C/S means cable ship. Abbreviation "REG" is Recorder Expetition Gravity Core. (See Coral Sea Basin cores for turbidity structures.)
Revillagigedo Expedition REVILL R/V Paolina-T 1953    
RGS0487 RGS0487 R/V R. G. Sproul  1987 Cores Name derived from ship, R. G. Sproul, 4th leg and expedition date of April, 1987.
RGS9913 RGS9913 R/V R. G. Sproul  1999 Cores Name derived from ship, R. G. Sproul, the thirteenth leg of 1999. 
Rifts01 RIFT R/V Melville  1985 Dredges  
Rise Three  RISE3, RIS-III, RSE3, RSTH R/V New Horizon  1979 Dredges  
Risepac  RIS, RISE, RISP, RIS-PAC R/V S. F. Baird  1961-1962 Cores  
Rosa  ROSA R/V New Horizon  1993 Dredges  
Roundabout  RNDB R/V T. Washington  1988-1989 Cores and Dredges  
R/VNH   R/VNH R/V New Horizon      
Sahulsh (See also Naga and Timor Sea expeditions.) SAHU, SAHULSH R/V Stranger 1960   Sahulsh Shelf was apparently an OSU expedition. Only Sahulsh II samples (Timor Sea) are in the SIO Geological Collections.
San Clemente Basin  SCCAB R/V Agassiz/1970 1970    
(San Lucus - See Comments.) SL    1966    
Santa Barbara Basin-79  SABA, SABA79, SBB   1979 Cores  
Santa Barbara Basin-87  SABA87, SBB   1987 Cores No data. 10 - 12 unsplit cores. 
Santa Barbara Basin-88  SABA88, SBB   1988    
Santa Barbara Basin-92 (Not SIO expedition.) SABA92, SBB 1992 One Core Donated to SIO Collections in February, 1992 by David Hollander of Indiana University. 
Scan SCAN R/V Argo  1969-1970 Cores and Dredges  
SCCAB SCCAB R/V Agassiz 1970 Cores Expedition name apparently derived from San Clemente (Baja) California) Basin. 
Seamount01  SMNT R/V T. Washington  1983 Dredges  
Seatomado (Also known as Jasper Seamount) STMO, STOM, JASP, JS, JAS R/V Melville  1986 Dredges  
Seven Tow  SEV, SEV KEN, SEV TOW, 7KEN, 7-TOW, 7TOW R/V T. Washington  1970 Cores and Dredges Work halves of cores marked "KEN" were taken by Kennecott Copper.
Shellback  SLBK R/V Horizon USS EPCE(R)857  1952    
Show-A (Also know as Zetes6.) SHOW-A, SHOW, ZTES6 R/V Argo 1966   Show-A expedition, samples collected by the ship, Argo.
Show-H  SHOW - H, SHOW R/V Horizon  1966 Cores Show-H expedition, samples collected by the ship, Horizon.
Silas Bent - Cruise 930001 (Not SIO expedition)  SB93, SB930001, SB, SIAS  USNS Silas Bent  1969 One Dredge Sample of manganese nodules collected by the U. S. Naval Oceanographic office and donated to SIO.
Siqueiros  SIQR R/V T. Washington  1974 Dredges  
SMARTS (Not SIO expedition.) SMRTS R/V Knorr 1996 Dredges Only Name derived from Southern Mid-Atlantic Temporal Study.
SoCal SOCAL        
Southern Borderland, Legs 2-6  SOB, SOBL  R/V S. F. Baird, R/V Orca 1959-1960 Cores and Dredges  
Southern Borderlands  SOBO R/V Davis  1965-1967 Cores and Dredges  
Solstice  SOLS R/V R. G.Sproul  1986 One Core Only  
South China Sea-(Lusiad)  LSDA-SCS, SCS  R/V Argo  1962    
Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge SMRT, SMRTS+B2 R/V Knorr 1992    
Southtow(05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12)  SOTW R/V T. Washington  1971-1973 Cores and Dredges Leg 10 cores (mostly free-fall) apparently numbered starting again with "1" rather than in continuous sequence with rest of Southtow samples.
SS061799 SS061799 (A small boat) 1999 Cores Push cores collected by Carina Lange in shallow water of the Salton sea from a small boat. 
Student Cruise - 1964 SUC  R/V Argo 1964 Both Cores and Dredges Contact people - Jerry Winterer, Doug Inman. 
Student Cruise - 1975 (See Vizcaino Bay)          
Student Cruise - 1966 (Also known as Agassiz-ES-66-1) ES-66-1, ES66   1966    
Student Cruise - 1976   R/V E. B. Scripps  1976    
Student Cruise - 1981 (Also known as Earth Science 81.) ES-81   1981    
Student Cruise - 1982 (Also known as La Jolla Canyon Student Cruise.) EBS82 R/V E. B. Scripps  1982    
Styx  STYX, MPE68, STYX R/V Agassiz  1968 Cores and Dredges Several legs; core and dredge samples often labeled sequentially beginning with 1 for each leg, rather than one continuous series for the entire leg.
Swansong  SWAN R/V Argo  1961    
Swedish Deep Sea Expedition (Not SIO expedition, Special Collections, only)  SDSE, SWED Albatross  1947-1948    
T. Thompson 37 (Not SIO expedition) TN037 R/V T. Thompson 1994   University of Washington expedition.
T. Washington-65-1  THV, TW65, TWASH 65-1, W651, THV R/V T. Washington  1965 Dredges Maiden voyage of T. Washington. THV designation is for J. van Andel samples. 
Tasaday(03,04,05,06,07,08)  TSDY R/V T. Washington  1973-1974 Cores and Dredges  
Tethys  TETH, TET R/V S. F. Baird  1960 Gravity Cores  
Timor Sea (OSU SAHULSH II expedition).  V R/V Stranger (also Malita ?) 1960-1961 Core Only   
Tiptow  TPTW R/V T. Washington  1968 Dredges Deeptow
Titicaca TITI, TTCA Pacifica 1969 Cores  
TN037 (Not SIO expedition)  TN037 R/V Thompson   Dredges Only Samples in 5-gallon plastic buckets. 
Tomales Bay      1964-1965 Cores
Topo  TOPO R/V New Horizon  1989 Two Dredges  
Toro TORO R/V S. F. Baird 1953 Cores  
Tortuga, Leg 2 TUGA R/V T. Washington 1987 One Dredge Only  
TowMas  TOWM, TOWMAS, TM, TM II, TWMS R V Washington  1967 Cores and Dredges  
TransPac  TP  R/V S. F. Baird 1953 Cores Name derived from Trans-Pacific expedition. Cores designated "N" for Nori. 
Triple Junction (See also OA69)  TRI-JUNCTION TRI-JUNC, OA, OA69 R/V Oconostota  1969    
Tripod  TRIP, TRI R/V Argo  1966 Cores and Dredges  
Tuna Oceanographic Cruise  TO-58-2   1958   Tuna Commission sponsored this expedition.
Tunes04  TUNE04, TUNE R/V T. Washington  1991 Dredges Tunes, Leg 4
Tunes06  TUNE06, TUNE R/V T. Washington  1991 Dredges Tunes, Leg 6. Contact: Hubert Staudigel
Tunes07  TUNE07, TUNE R/V T. Washington  1991 Dredges Tunes, Leg 7
US Coast and Geodetic Survey Operation 476 (or 746) USGCS OPR 476 USC&GSS Oceanographer 1967 Cores Sample given to SIO by Arthur Wardell of the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 
VA-70-1 (Not SIO expedition) VA-70, Van70 R/V Vantuna  1970 Cores and Dredges Name derived from ship, Vantuna, and expedition date. Cores given to SIO in 1970 by George Moore of the U. S. Geological Survey.
(Velero - See Comments)    R/V Velero (U. S. Coast Guard ship?)     A Francis Shepard designation.
Venture02  VNTR, VNTR02 R/V T. Washington  1989 Dredges  
Venure03 VNTR, VNTR03 R/V T. Washington  1989    
Vermillion Sea  VSS, L, L-SERIES, R, V  R/V S. F. Baird & R/V Horizon  1959 Cores and Dredges L- samples = Calvert's, C - samples, Curray, R- samples = Rusnak's. If "V" samples present, they are from van Andel 
Vinogradov -13 (Not SIO expedition.) VNGR, V-13 R/V Vinogradov (A Russian ship?) 1988 Cores Samples labeled with "V." 
Vizcaino Bay  VIZ BAY, VIZ, VIZB, 6508 A, 6508-A, 6508A R/V Argo  1965 Cores  
Vulcan01  VLCN, VULC R/V Melville  1980-1981 Cores and Dredges  
Vulcan08  VLCN08         
Wahine  WAH, WAHI R/V S. F. Baird  1965 Cores  
Weloc 77 (Leg 2)  Weloc-77, W77   1977 Dredges  
Westfall (Leg 1) WSFL R/V T. Washington  1990 Two Dredge Samples   
Westward, Leg 3 WEST03 R/V Melville  1994 Dredges  
Westward, Leg 10 WEST10 R/V Melville  1995 Dredges  
Wigwam  WGWM, WIG R/V S. F. Baird, Paolina-T, Horizon, Army T-441  1955 Cores Atomic test.
Wildcat WILDCAT, OA, OA67, OA-67 R/V Oconostota  1967 Cores  
WOK (See A2-124-6) WOK, A2-124-6 R/V Atlantis II 1987    
Yoyo Mason Core Cruise  YOYO, Y, Yo,  R/V S. F. Baird  1954 Cores All red clay.
Zapotec  ZAP, ZAPR, ZAPT R/V S. F. Baird & Horizon/  1960 Cores Top 30cm of all cores presumed to be disturbed.
Zephyrus (I, II) ZEPH R/V Horizon  1962 Cores Zephyrus I cores are in plastic (freezer ?) boxes.
Zetes  ZETS, ZTES, ZTS, SHOW - A, ZTES6 R/V Argo  1966 Cores  
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