Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Network of Cartoons

CN rolls out its slate. Among the newer offerings:

The Problem Solvers

Secret Mountain of Fort Awesom

The Amazing World of Gumball

New Ben 10 Series


How to Train Your Dragon

RedaKai: Conquer the Kairu

Lego Ninjago

Warner Bros. Animation has got a lot of super hero shows coming to CN, among them a Green Lantern series in c.g.i. (Warners' staffers told me Bruce Timm, the DC maestro at WB Animation, has had a long-time preference for hand-drawn animation, but liked what he was seeing with the CG Lantern.)

Cartoon Network and WBA have started to develop some synergy between them, something avoided by the Time-Warner in the past. (I could never quite understand why the two studios didn't work more closely to complement one another, but CN is controlled from Atlanta and Warner Bros. Animation is run out of Burbank, so what can a body do? If the Big Conglomerate doesn't want to maximize its animated assets, you can't stop it.)

Unlike Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network isn't doing the DreamWorks' series spinoff How to Train Your Dragon at its Burbank Studio. Word reaches us that C.G.I. development is being done by Wildbrain in Sherman Oaks. And Sym-Bionic Titan, Genndy Tartakovsky's adventure show that premiered last Fall, is wrapping up its last episodes. As a Cartoon Networker told me:

"Genddy's moved on to Sony Pictures Animation. Titan got competitive ratings with other action shows, but what shut it down was it didn't have enough toys connected to it. If you don't have the, the studios don't want to renew for another season."

But it's good to see Cartoon Network commit to so many cartoon shows. (It was getting depressing with all the live-action flooding onto the network. At least now the flood has diminished.) And even though some of the shows are done in studios far from Burbank, it's nice to see les animations resurge at the production house that's got "cartoon" as part of its name.

(The L.A. Times has a story on Cartoon Network new schedule of shows here.)


Anonymous said...


BlaryPhoto said...

Such shit.
Bring back Titan.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, CN. Just fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Genndy Tartakovsky's been with Cartoon Network for as long as I can recall. Way to waste an asset, CN.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Sym-Bionic Titan was the last shred of hope I had for CN, it was literally the only reason I watched it any more. I've seen Problem Solverz, and it looks worse than a terrible flash video off of Newgrounds. Such an amazing show ended up being replaced by that piece of excrement? I hope Sony gives Genndy the respect that he deserves, what with CN basically throwing their golden calf off a cliff.

Anonymous said...

Not enough toys? Why didn't you MAKE some damn toys, you idiots?!

Wren said...

Ugh, this makes me so mad! Cartoon Network I'm really starting to lose faith you! The live action shows were bad enough, but now you aren't even putting on good cartoons anymore!

Gladu said...

my heart

is broken :(

Why Titan? Why would you cancel something that is so good? If you have a complaint about toys, then make the toys. You can't sell what you don't make.

Anonymous said...

that titan kids cartoon was lame. Badly "written" and DULL. It didn't get cancelled for any other reason than that. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Not to piss all over you TV peeps but the bigger story here is that Genddy is at Sony Pictures Animation on Hotel Transylvania. Hotel Transylvania has had more directors attached to it than I can count - David Fiess, Jill Culton, Chris Jenkins, Tony Stacci, and most recently Todd Wilderman (who walked off the project to head to DWA where he's a story guy). WTF is going on with that project?

Anonymous said...

Man CN has done it again. why not move it to Adult swim ? not sasy enough ? why is it that every show must be either for adults or for 10 years old? there are teens out there you know families and titan was one of those shows you could watch with your children. More toys? there where tons of missed oportunities all the way from the main cast to the titan and the weekly mosnter i just dont see why they never went the power rangers way with that. RIP symbionic titan may your last episodes crush the radar and all its friends.

Anonymous said...

This cartoon is way lame, but to be honest--most of CN is lame.

Anonymous said...

I don' think they're serious, i mean the guy misspelled Genndy's name.

Anonymous said...

genddy iis a pretty awful director---sometimes (not all) style over substance. He's more about "deals" than product. Thankfully producers have caught onto this, and we will be spared more crap like this show.

Anonymous said...

Car5toon Network is one "Cheap ASS", f'in Network, they show, Old re-runs of reject Animea thats no longer in production in Japan, and even more crap like adult swim, But class and quality like Symbionic Titan is cancelled. Ted Turner needs to sell Cartoon Network ro an entity that will have better shows. S.B producers should try NBC,CBS and maybe show it on prime time?? Adults like me love it.

Anonymous said...

I had expected this to happen, Genddy had another show called Samari Jack that received the same treatment from CN. They just do not care about the adult viewers.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get a pentition to have Titan continued? If ones already up spread the word please? Or if not can some please do it while there's still time. I mean they brought Kim Possible back when it was cancelled.So there's still hope.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe they canceled Sym-Bionic Titan. It's one of my favorite shows. The three main characters work so well together despite their different personalties, plus they're all likable. I also like the high-school setting. When I think of all the other crap shows on CN, it really makes me mad they they are tossing out this quality show.

Anonymous said...

Anon said "that titan kids cartoon was lame. Badly "written" and DULL. It didn't get cancelled for any other reason than that. Good riddance. "

You must be a very DULL person yourself. :/

Anonymous said...

I agree, The show IS dull--and lacks wit or imagination. It's being shit-canned because it's not drawing an audience--and it's not drawing an audience because it's immature and DULL.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who said that SBT is dull: Were all of your mothers eating lead paint and drinking wine and being fucked by horses while you little shitstains were in utero?

Anyway, I hope for the best for Genndy.

Anonymous said...

Everyone with a Facebook account, "Like" this page!

We're at 1,300+ likes. Let's get that number even higher!

Anonymous said...

"I agree, The show IS dull--and lacks wit or imagination. It's being shit-canned because it's not drawing an audience--and it's not drawing an audience because it's immature and DULL."

The only thing "DULL" is your comment. The show is immature, and lacks imagination? This show is more serious and action-packed than shows like Generator Rex, Ben 10, and even Young Justice. Not to mention that it doesn't focus on the Titan all the time; The show has a great story, has good character development, and it does well in putting scenes that most US cartoons wouldn't dare to show in fear in getting ridiculed by those paranoid "Grown-ups" out there.

The show draws millions of viewers whenever it's on, I assure you. It's one of the best cartoons of this generation, and it has accomplished far more than that dragged on Star Wars show will ever pull off.

Genndy is a cartoon genius, and unless you, and/or the rest of the trolls who commented here, can make a cartoon worth watching, then your opinions have no value. Do us a favor, and go eat your Wookiee turds somewhere else, you DULL DULL people.

Anonymous said...

too bad, I really liked this show
It was an awesome series to start the decade with. Bold writing and good characterisation.

Still, I won't curse CN, as they are still superior to Nickelodeon and Disney as far as the quality of their programming goes.
I'm loving Adventure Time and Young Justice.
I'm looking forward to Green Lantern and ThunderCats, and I'm willing to give Secret Mountain of Fort Awesome a chance.

For all of those who called Titan "dull" - stop taking so much cocaine, it's bad for you

Anonymous said...

Ah, so it was about the lack of toys.

Consider the following:

If Samurai Jack were a brand new show, with nothing changed, would it be produced today?

Anonymous said...

It sucks that CN ditched 'Titan.' It'll probably get a loyal fanbase like 'Samurai Jack' did though. Just because it's gone, doesn't mean it won't live on through us. :/

Anonymous said...

to all the people out there cursing Cartoon Network, you have NO idea what you're talking about.

CN doesn't care if YOU liked Titan, because the truth is, their target demo DID NOT. I bet that "Cartoon Network Insider" doesn't know the actual ratings, because if he did, he'd know that Titan's ratings were easily the LOWEST out of all the prime time action shows--heck it was BRINGING DOWN ratings for Generator Rex and Clone Wars!

Then, CN moved it to Wednesday nights, and its ratings must have CONTINUED to plummet because now they've moved it to Saturday mornings!

Here's a lesson in TeeVee programming 101: If a show sucks at one time slot, move it. If it still sucks (or gets worse), CAN it!

And don't tell me that CN wasn't promoting it and not telling people when/where it was moved, because Titan got more promotion than Generator Rex and Ben 10!

CN is a business--a Kids TeeVee business. RATINGS are king! Toy sales are just gravy! I guarantee you if Titan was getting huge Kids ratings, it would still be on Friday nights, despite not having a toy line!

All you people cursing CN because of what happened to Titan, you don't know what you're talking about.

Blame the Kids who'd rather watch Zack and Cody or iCarly than animated action!

Even the ANIMATION INDUSTRY didn't give Titan any props--didn't it LOSE the Annie Award for Best Character Design to TUFF Puppy?!?!

Anonymous said...

I'm saddened to see Titan go, but they seem to treat a lot of his work like that. Samurai Jack which was given several awards over its life time was placed on hiatus. And is gone forever.
But with Thunder Cats and the still production of Young Justice they do have hope with maintaining themselves.

But with Problem Solverz coming I'm also scared. But hopefully the show will get cancelled fast.

Anonymous said...

What a disappointment. I'm not one to watch TV much, and CN was one of the few channels I still watch, but all the shows there haven't caught my eye until I saw a single episode of Titan, and I was hooked. Now, they're saying they're wrapping up one of my only interests on that Cartoon Network? Once Titan goes, I might as well lose all faith in them. Toys or no toys, kids, and even teens, want to watch a decent cartoon, and if they can't even continue one as appealing as Sym-Bionic Titan, well, Cartoon Network, words cannot describe the humiliation I feel for actually believing you could keep up something that would interest me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Like this page to help save Titan!

Please do anything you can to show your support for this great show!

Anonymous said...

This is why we can't trust CN any more; they remove the good stuff just because there isn't enough merchandise, and they give us "problem solvers," which probably will suck like heck!!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Now I am bummed. Now Illana, and Lance are never going to fall in love... nor they are going home. Sad

Anonymous said...

I don't like this. I don't like this one bit. I saw this coming a mile away. We need Titan back- hell we need Samurai back!!! Titan is cool and out of the ordinary crud on TV these days!! The youth of today needs quality cartoons instead of video- gamed hormone- induced bubblegum crap programs; apparently they're trendy, like the black plague...

Anonymous said...

It sucks that their canning titan! it was my new favorite show besides adventure time! in addition to a facebook page there is also a online petition!

Sym-Bionic Titan liker said...

Will whiny ass Sym-Bionic Titan fans shut the fuck up and get the hell over that show's cancellation?! Stuff like that had and have to happen some time.

Even though I don't hate Sym-Bionic Titan and never will, I don't think it should be on the Cartoon Network anymore because I'm used to that channel's not airing any TV-PG-rated stuff.

SBT (Sym-Bionic Titan) is O.K. to me. I like more than every other program that I dislike more than it and always will. But I don't believe that it should come back to the CN.

I understand that SBT lovers are upset about that show's cancellation. But you can't make a big deal out of it. If you do, your lives will become worse. Besides, it pisses me off that spoiled brats like you bitch about programs that you like being canceled.

Whether you folks like it not, series cancellations will always happen. And you can't stop every show in the world from being canceled and/or ending.

But if you SBT fanatics refuse to take my advice and would rather type shit especially to me, then do me a favor and shove that crybaby crap up your asses. >:(

Hunter said...

I buy DVDs not toys.

1) Look at the markup on DVDs

2) Look at the markup on toys

3) Ask yourself where your profits are coming from

4) Fire the toy guys.

Ather said...

Sym-Bionic Titan's cancelled because it doesn't have a giant toy line? I hope the world does end in 2012, just to screw these greedy people over. All their precious money will be useless.

Anonymous said...

Umm... if he (genndy) left for sony, does that mean we may see this as an exclusive release onto the PSN, or atleast a movie to wrap everything up?

Anonymous said...

A movie is what I was thinking of as well. They should atleast sum everything up. All I suppose I can do now is make more fanart and fanfictions along with wondering what could've been. I hate to see such a good animator like Genndy go. That would rock if he could somehow continue the show,but with another company like Sony, since he's now with them. Long live titan :(

Anonymous said...

I have been a huge fan of quality cartoons since I was a kid till present (currently 25 and have a son of my own). Although I was never a fan of this directors overly stylized animation (have always been more into the realistic style like x-men, generator rex, young justice), I started to really get into this show.
I found it odd when I went to walmart to go and look for some toys from the show to pick up for my son, that there weren't any. I just cant understand it, so many characters robots and villains that would allow you to cover all of the playable toy scale sizes. I have since begun building my own toys of the shows characters; have the main characters as the same size as generator rex toys, the robots about six inch scale and I one day want to make a custom 12" symboinic titan but so far that is beyond my skills.
I just dont get it, I really dont. This was one of the few shows that I can actually sit down and watch with my son, a show that we both enjoy equally. There are not many TV shows that could claim they are entertaining for the whole family, Symbionic Titan was one of the few and it has a perfect set of characters and villains for various toy lines. I think this was a big mistake but at least HUB is getting some pretty good shows.

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