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Arlington House The Robert E Lee Memorial Photo of Arlington House, South Slave Quarters and Flower Garden
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Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial

Arlington House was the home of Robert E. Lee and his family for 30 years and is uniquely associated with the Washington and Custis families. George Washington Parke Custis built the house to be his home and a memorial to George Washington, his step-grandfather. It is now preserved as a memorial to General Lee, who gained the respect of Americans in both the North and the South.

Arlington House

Learn More About Arlington House

You can learn more about Robert E. Lee and Arlington House by visiting the In-Depth web pages. Click here.

Note: Arlington House is currently undergoing a major restoration project, requiring the removal of the furnishings from the house.

Arlington House first floor plan

Arlington House Online Tour

You can take an online tour of Arlington House by clicking here. The floorplan allows you to choose which room you would like to learn more about. Visit as many rooms as you like. Each page has a photo or a Quick-time movie that will provide a 360 degree look inside the room.

Arlington House virtual exhibit icon

Virtual Museum Exhibit

Explore Arlington House and learn more about its most famous resident, Robert E. Lee. This virtual exhibit tells the story of three influential families, the Washington's, the Custis' and the Lee's. It highlights the home as a memorial to George Washington and its importance to the Lee family. Family stories are vividly told through personal belongings that were used and treasured at Arlington House.


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The Lee girls bedchamber at Arlington House

Did You Know?
Robert E. Lee and wife Mary had seven children, three boys and four girls. Six of the seven were born at Arlington House. Only Custis, their oldest son, was born elsewhere, at Fort Monroe, Virginia. All of the Lee children lived to adulthood.

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