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May 20, 2009


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This every distributed sensor will have its own IP address and will support standard IETF protocols for remote management.

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I think it will demand a more standardized set of technologies, both to ensure that smart grid systems deployed by the nation's hundreds of utilities can be integrated and to open the industry to more open competition and thus lower cost products and services.

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Its true the utility uses three or four different communications technologies for its Smart Grid, it may end up with three or four different management systems that don't talk to each other.

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IP-based management system, utilities can deploy completely different PHY/MAC communication system in different parts of their grid, and still control them with a unified managememt system.

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I think Smart Grid technology is based on open TCP/IP standards, the fragmentation of multiple PHY/MAC technologies will hinder significantly the growth of the Smart Grid industry.

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that don't have a power connection), so many utilities may need to use a combination of multiple technologies to build their Smart Grid.


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